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    Yes, same thing for me regarding the profiles I made with my Mesa Tube preamps, but I guess if you're using a full range speaker, you have all the choices of the cabs in the profiler... 8)

    thats why I take a power amp di with a load box and profile my amps without the cab so that I can keep the sound I want when amplifying it through my cab or other guitar cabs

    I understand what your saying but you're really not using the HF driver in your full range speaker because none of those high frequencies are being produced by the profiles of guitar amps anyway. So it's just a flat frequency response within the range of the profile you're after I assume.....

    I think I'd like to try it both ways ( guitar cab and full range) and see which one I like ..... heck, I may do both.. :D :D

    This is a common misunderstanding. A guitar cab doesn't only roll off highs, but also presents a not-flat amplitude response. Reproducing a profile through a guitar cab is like mic'ing a cab and then amplifying the signal with a guitar combo: all the frequencies would be affected by a guitar combo twice.
    This doesn't mean it can't sound good, but it will certainly not be faithful to the original profile, which is the desire most have instead.

    To better explain: if the original rig had -12 dB @ 2500 Hz, I want a flat amplification system able to let me hear those -12 dB, and not a guitar system which does whatever it wants (which could be literally anything) out of them.

    I already have an FCB1010 I use to control some MIDI devices in my studio rack, I believe it has the uno E-prom. I have the free editor software that I run on a laptop that works great.

    I was thinking about getting another FCB1010 to use for my stereo live rig (Kemper - poweramp - guitar cabs). What's the deal with the E-prom that's designed exclusively for the Kemper? Is that plug-n-play to switch rigs? Performance mode?. Does it work with the editor software and where do I get it. If I can get the BIN file, I can program my own E-prom.



    This was posted by someone in another thread........ "A hyperactive programmer with a good dose of Red Bull can knock out a simple editor/librarian in one or two nights so, I think maybe they need to throw some resources in that direction!"

    so yea, it was said. :)

    C'mon guys, get a life. :)
    Nobody said it's possible to create this software over a weekend. You guys are moaning about something that NEVER has been said by anybody. G String, a Kemper employee, said this giving the impression that someone else had said it like this. But this simply never happened.

    I'd like to add a comment to what Problem Sleuth has said....... I've worked in electronic manufacturing for over 30 years. What some folks may not realize is that depending on the size of the company, the person doing the software development may not be doing ONLY software development. It is not uncommon for a software engineer to be wearing many hats. It is also very likely the software engineer is also a hardware engineer. They may be working on issues behind the scenes that users are totally unaware of such as hardware/component changes based on availability, supplier/mfg changes and other compatibility issues, reliability, bug testing and any number of non-software develepoment tasks. I don't know how many employees Kemper has working for them but I don't imagine it's a tremendous amount. Cut them some slack. :rolleyes:

    "The Kemper has a few millisecond delay when switching profiles and is definitely noticeable when playing live."

    Re Really? a few milliseconds? I can't believe that would be a problem...... that's almost instant.


    You won't be sorry with the Mesa 50/50 and since you already have a great guitar cabinet, a power amp is the way to go.

    I don't get the desire that some have for a full range speaker considering most profiled guitar amp cabinets are not full range to begin with and roll off the high freqs anyway.

    holy sh.. this is getting tough :) Well most live shows I am depending on the PA direct, but for stage monitoring/rehearsal I need a power amp to drive my marshall 1960 lead cab. It doesn´t have to be top of the world sound, as I depend on the profile through the PA. I have had so many different solutions given to me like the Rocktron Velocity 300, PA power amp (think it would blow my cab?) and I still have the option of buying the old mesa 50/50… I really really love my profile as it is, but need to hear it clearly at rehearsal standing close to a hard hitting metal drummer, and as a monitor (cab) live. ..most musicians I know do not have any experience with the Kemper..only other pre-amps..but I think the Kemper is anything but the other pre-amps out there..a unique product which not many people have experience with.. thoughts


    My opinion is using a tube amp is a good idea. I'll be using a Mesa 20/20 in my live rig. As viabcroce mentioned, tube power amps can be just a linear as a solid state amp but I like the fact that the 20watt tube power amp I'll be using live can be pushed a bit to get a bit of tube compression (color) and that's a good thing in addition to what the profiler is providing. In my experience, getting that guitar pickup to speaker feedback thing has always been easier and more "musical" with a tube amp which has to do in part with the dynamic response and distortion characteristics of a tube power amp section. I'm sure there will be very many different opinions on this.... just giving mine. 8)

    I was seconds away from buying an old Mesa 50/50, but I will hold my horses and look into solid state. I really like the profile I have, and I would love to have it amplified as it is... thanks ;)

    Used a Les Paul with humbuckers. I am assuming both the preamp and the kemper have similar high impedance inputs and the kemper direct out has an impedance similar to a guitar considering it's designed to go into an amp input, but yes, glad they sound identical. I'm very happy with the profiles I'm getting. :D

    Not really. I was thinking there might have been a difference due to differing input impedances, and the addition of the Kempers buffered output. Them sounding identical is a very good thing :) May of course depend on the amp/guitar though. Did you use an active guitar btw?

    Ok, tried that last night..... preamp output connected directly to the console, compared guitar plugged directly into preamp, to guitar plugged into kemper, kemper direct send to preamp input. They sounded exactly the same but that is what you would expect considering the direct send from the kemper is just a pass through of the guitar signal. The difference I was hearing before was from the kemper main outs during the profiling process. What viabcroce posted might be an explaination of what I was hearing before but it did sound like an EQ boost - a sort of pre-emphasis.

    I spent a few hours profiling a different preamp last night (Triaxis). Taking into consideration what others have said about leaving the cab section on, I created a clean non distorted profile. The results are what you would expect... the profile sounded identical to the original. It was very interesting that after finishing the profile, switching to browse mode and listening to the profile, switching the cab on and off made no difference in the sound....... ok, I'm getting it. Now I'm going to do a little more experimenting with regards to which Triaxis preamp output to use when profiling, the cab sim or direct non-cab output.

    Thanks to everyone who posted for the advise and tips. ;)

    Try with the preamp connected directly to the console, but go through the Kemper on the way in (Kemper in profile mode). Does it sound different? Use the same cable from guitar>Kemper as you use from guitar>preamp when comparing.