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    Hi all,

    I am considering one day purchasing an Atomic CLR or something of that nature, but how will I be sure my band members will be getting a good representation of my sound through their monitors? Wouldn't their monitor (probably a house wedge) color the sound of the profile, possibly in a negative way?

    In some rooms I'm sure most members would be able to hear my guitar through my FRFR cab (depending on placement, of course. And maybe they'd need to reinforce it a tiny bit in their wedge), but in others they would need to get it mostly from their monitor.

    It's been a mystery to me...any thoughts?

    Thank you.


    Yeah man that Morgan AC20 is really something special. I played that profile all day today. Sounds GREAT with my Strat.
    I even put a Plus DS in stomp slot 2 and it sounds great as a smooth and kind of dark lead sound.

    I have played more in the 1.5 weeks that I've had my Kemper than in the 5 months prior. Loving this amp!

    HAHA I figured it out.

    I swear sometimes I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed...

    This is what clued me in:

    "If you have speaker output on the back – with red ring, and printed 8–16 ohm – you have power amp :-)"

    I had been using the MONITOR OUT into a PASSIVE cabinet!!!

    So...finally taking my head out of my butt, I went from the MAIN OUT into the cabinet and it sounds brilliant!

    I still need to learn a lot about the different output setting to make sure I have it all set correctly, but right now there are no LED's clipping and it's loud and luscious!

    Thanks for your have all been so helpful!

    Silly me....


    Well, if the outputs are set correctly and you're using a decent quality speaker cable that isn't defective, then either there's a fault with the poweramp or connector, or the speakers are faulty. As they haven't been used in 10 years, I'd be looking at the speakers first.


    Two thoughts:

    1. I think the outputs are set correctly but they may not be! I am so new to the digital world that I just may not be doing it correctly. What I am discovering is that there are so many different volume controls that I'm getting a bit confused! The manual doesn't really give a step by step guide to setting input and output levels so I'm really just guessing. Can anyone offer some guidance?

    2. I read in the manual that there is switch available to turn off the power unit does not have this. Is it only on the Head version and not the Rack version? The reason I'm asking is that maybe they sent me the wrong unit and I don't even have a power amp! Now....please excuse my ignorance it possible for the unit to make sound at all through a passive cabinet if there is no power amp?

    Ok I've had a little more luck today but not much.

    I am using the Morgan AC20 profile from (I believe) rmpacheco. Great sounding profile in the headphones!

    -I got the effects to work so there's some progress (Thanks Ingolf)

    -It still is not loud enough, and even when I turn the gain on the profile down to 0.0 I get distortion if I try to bring the volume up. The master V = 5.0, regular V = 0.0...if I try to turn it up any louder the sound gets distorted (keep in mind I'm trying to get a clean sound for now....but it just doesn't seem possible at a decent volume)

    -I tried the Power Amp Boost (it was set to +6 dB already) but I also got distortion if I turned it up. In fact I had to turn it down to 0.0 to get rid of the distorted tone.

    So it seems like I simply have zero clean headroom. At this point I feel that this speaker cabinet just isn't up to the task but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be glad to try them out!

    Thanks for all the help guys.

    It is now too late to try the cab in my apartment, but I will try again tomorrow and follow some of your suggestions.

    To answer your questions:

    -It's hard to describe the sonic characteristics of the speakers themselves, since I haven't used them in 10 years or so. They came with a Reverend Hellhound amp head, and they are made by Joe Naylor. The Hellhound is a switchable 40/60 watt amp. The speakers themselves are 30 watts each. Is it possible they just can't deal with the watts the KPA is putting out? I stopped using the amp years ago because after a couple months I decided I don't really like the sound of 10" speakers. I just figured since it's the only cabinet I have lying around I'd give it a shot.

    - I have been using the KPA with headphones for the past week with great results....everything sounds amazing and as it should.

    - Unfortunately I don't have any active monitors/PA/bass amp/keyboard amp/acoustic amp to try it with.

    - I tried it with cab on and the results weren't much was slightly muddier but the volume wasn't any louder.

    - I feel that I should not have to use the volume boost function...shouldn't the amp be loud enough? I mean, it's really quiet. My Reverend amp used to rattle the windows.

    The biggest problem that I can see is that it's just not as loud as I think it should be (I couldn't get it past quiet bedroom levels) and the effects don't seem to be working. I will try the suggestions tomorrow.

    Thanks again for the help!


    Viabroce...thanks for your help again!

    Yes, I own the Power Rack.

    So I got it hooked up and I'm getting sound, although it's not good.

    - Monitor Cab turned OFF in Output settings.
    - Stomps are audible when turned on and off, but the Delay and Reverb effects are not. Do I have to route them to the Monitor Out somehow?
    - Volume is set correctly I believe....the Output LED is not hitting the red, but Master Volume is all the way up and it's still rather quiet.

    The overall tone is not good at the moment, but I think that is user error at this point! Maybe it's just a really bad cabinet?

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks've been a great help!


    Hi everyone,

    I have been playing guitar for nearly 30 years so you'd think I know this stuff but here goes....

    I want to try my KPA through a 410 cabinet that I have, but I'm worried about damaging the amp (and speakers, but less so!) so I thought I'd
    check with you pros first.

    The cabinet says "8 ohms total - 120 watts"

    I am tempted to just plug it in and see what happens, but is there a place somewhere in the KPA where I have to set the ohms to match
    the speaker cabinet, or does the KPA somehow know how to do this automatically?

    I have been looking around for a couple hours trying to educate myself about this stuff, and while I think it will be fine I just want to get some
    expert advice before plugging it in. I have always played Fender combo amps so this has never really been something with which I needed to concern myself.

    Thanks so much.


    Input/output levels in your interface are possibly set to zero in software? Have a look at the driver.

    As for the stereo monitor in, the Profiler's monitor out is mono, and you probably used a mono cable as well.


    Thanks viabcroce...I was able to get it working!

    I had to open the PodFarm software and adjust the level of the Line input.

    And now I don't need to buy the special cable for the mp3 player since I can just play music from my computer.

    Thanks again to everyone!


    Thanks for the guidance!

    I tried your suggestions with the Line6:

    - I went from the Main Out of the Kemper into the Line In of the sound
    - I also tried the regular instrument input of the sound.

    -I did get sound when I went from the Main Out to the Monitor In of the Line6, but it was only the left channel. There is only
    one Monitor In (stereo) on the Line6.

    Any suggestions? Do I need a special cable?

    I'm getting closer!

    Thanks again for your help.


    Thanks for the info! Very helpful.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Line6 interface?

    Hi all,

    I am trying to plug my iPhone into the KPA to play along with music and try to match tones. I connected to the "Alternative Input" like it said in the manual, but I'm only getting the right channel in my headphones. I had to purchase an adapter to go from the iPhone cable (3.5 mm) to quarter inch...could this be the cause? I also tried the "Return" input as well, but that only gave me the left channel!
    Am I just using the wrong approach?

    Also, I want to plug the Kemper into my PC for recording in Reaper, but at the moment the only interface I have is a Line6 Toneport UX2. I am not sure how to use it with the Kemper. Using it on it's own was easy - it has USB audio and I just plugged my guitar in and opened Pod Farm and I was good to go. I believe it essentially acts as my soundcard when used in this way, but I'm not sure how to make the Kemper use it.

    Would someone be willing to look at the options and direct me? Thank you!

    TonePort UX2 Ins and Outs:

    • Inputs:
    • 2x XLR mic preamp inputs with +48V phantom power and trim knobs
    • 2x 1/4-inch instrument inputs, including a -10 dB pad input for instruments with high gain output
    • 2x 1/4-inch stereo line inputs
    • 1/4-inch stereo monitor input
    • 2x 1/4-inch footswitch jacks for sending MIDI commands to recording programs (start/stop, punch in/out, etc.)
    • S/PDIF stereo output (RCA-type)
    • 1/4-inch balanced line outputs with master volume knob
    • 1/4-inch headphones output with independent volume knob


    I just got my KPA yesterday and I'm loving it so far!

    I want to upgrade to the latest firmware, so I just purchased an empty USB flash drive, inserted it into the USB port on the front of my Kemper rack and....nothing happened.

    I can't find any information about how to do this correctly. The manual just says the Kemper will format the USB stick when inserted.

    Do I have to insert the USB stick prior to powering up the unit?



    Thanks again for all the tips everyone!

    My KPA is arriving tomorrow. Unfortunately I probably won't have any time to play with it until Monday night! I might go insane knowing that it's sitting on my desk waiting for me.

    I'm going to follow all your advice, but I'm sure I'll have a million more questions in the weeks and months to come.


    Thanks for all the great advice folks. I will certainly read the manual, and I have been reading the Wiki for a while now.

    I will need to invest in a decent pair of headphones. At the moment I'm stuck with a very basic set of computer/gaming headphones. I know these will not suffice in the long run, but for the next few weeks at the very least they will have to do. Any suggestions on good studio headphones? I know next to nothing about what makes a set a headphones good or bad.

    I am planning on purchasing some Amp Factory profiles eventually...but doesn't the KPA already come with some?
    I am looking mainly for clean to mid-gain. I'm a Fender guy mostly, but now with the KPA I'm excited to experiment with different amps.

    I'm planning on spending a good bit of time just getting to know the amp and practicing with the parameters and workflow before trying to use it at rehearsal or live. Plus, it will be some time before I can
    even purchase a FRFR monitor or standard guitar cabinet (probably a 212)

    This is so exciting....can't wait!

    Thanks again

    I ordered a powered rack last night!

    I'm super excited since I've been gassing for a Kemper for years, but I'm also a bit nervous that it won't be what I expect it to be.

    But mostly I'm just psyched!!

    I don't have the other gear required for live use at the moment, so it's going to be an expensive headphone practice rig and recording solution for the time being. I may end up using it on wedding gigs and possibly with my two original rock bands at some point! I'm just nervous about it sounding alive enough on stage - all this 'amp in the room' talk has me a bit concerned. But who knows...that might all melt away as soon as I plug it into a cabinet or FRFR wedge.

    It's all brand new to me....been playing tube amps for 20+ years and I'm taking the plunge into the future (present?).

    So if anyone feels like listing their 'Top 3 Things Every New Kemper Owner Should Know' have at it!


    Thanks for the responses guys.

    After browsing some other similar threads (should have done that before creating this one!) I am leaning toward the powered version. I believe this will give me access to the most options - guitar cab, active FRFR, Passive FRFR. This is all new to me so please tell me if I'm missing something.


    -Assuming I eventually decide to use my KPA live, if I went straight to FOH can I still make use of the options I listed above? I'm assuming it's possible (but maybe not?), but is it desirable?
    -How can I be sure that the signal going to FOH matches what I'm hearing on stage?

    -Slightly off topic...I have watched a lot of videos and listened to many samples online, but most of them are very pristine quality using much more distortion than I would use (I don't play metal). I am curious how well I'd be able to get very classic, psychedelic late 60's early 70's guitar sounds...without the modern pristine "sheen". I like those sounds as well, but the project I'm most interested in using the KPA with is really trying to dial in vintage sounds - warts and all. I want it to be dark and much less "shiny" than modern guitar sounds. Less hi-fi. Hendrix, early Gilmour, Cream etc. I know the KPA is capable of doing very high quality stuff, but can it go really vintage?

    Really starting to get excited about this...I've been wanting a KPA for years and it's finally coming within reach.

    Thanks again!