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    I would go to the folder and try parts from other compositions and combine them. You have ideas so see what works together.

    Changing keys to combine stuff gives you some wiggle room.

    That’s a good idea. Hadn’t thought of that. My own ‘Day in the Life’!

    But I’d also like some tips on how to write that B section in the moment. I seem to get stuck often.

    Hey all,

    Do you suffer from “Can’t Finish The Song” syndrome like me?

    I am not a songwriter lyrics are terrible so I gave that up decades ago lol. Probably should have just stuck with it for the practice but I didn’t and now....Im old lol.

    So instead I just compose music....or I try to!

    The problem for me is developing ideas after the initial idea. I can usually come up with an intro and 4 or 8 bars that I’m satisfied with, and believe have potential. But then....writers block.

    I have a folder filled with unfinished compositions and I’m guessing a lot of you do as well. The thing is there are cool ideas in there! (That is all a matter of opinion of course....someone who loves black metal probably wouldn’t think there are ANY good ideas in there lol)

    So I’m curious to hear how you guys get past this.

    I need good strategies for coming up with the ‘B section’

    Hit me!

    (figured this was the best place to put this thread but maybe it should go elsewhere 🤷‍♂️)

    Yes I have everything I need and more at this point. I keep looking at plugins but quickly realize that it would be wasted money.

    I absolutely love the Abbey Road stuff I have...the REDD and TG12345 channel strips especially. The Plate Reverb is delicious, but it really puts a strain on my machine so I usually freeze the effect when I get it sounding how I like, and unfreeze if I need to tweak it. I will have to buy the new Abbey Road Mastering plugin I’m sure lol.

    The J37 is great but I haven’t used it much yet. I also have Reelbus from Toneboosters which I got along time ago (as well as their Track Essentials bundle which I think might be the best bargain out there...the Ferox tape simulator works great as a saturation tool, and I have been able to really push it and get some great vintage guitar distortion from it.)

    Have you tried the Scheps Omni Channel? Amazing! But also deep...I haven’t fully come to grips with it yet but I really like it so far.

    But no more plugins for me! I have everything I could ever need. Now I just need to learn to use them better. And before I do that I need to learn to finish my songs!

    But new ideas keep distracting me 😣

    I would agree that most DAW’s have everything you need.

    But I still went out and downloaded a whole bunch of free stuff, and purchased some stuff anyway!

    I use Reaper and it’s amazing. It has everything you’d need, BUT I was finding it hard to EASILY do some of the things I wanted to do.

    For instance, it has a delay or two but setting it up to sound the way I wanted was not working for me. I just don’t have the skills! So I purchased EchoBoy from Soundtoys and eventually got their whole bundle. And it turns out that this was a great use of my money as I find the sounds to be really inspiring and easy to dial in. I usually start with a preset that is close to what I want and then tweak it from there.

    I also purchased a bunch of Abbey Road plugins from Waves and I think they are amazing. There is nothing in Reaper like the AR channel strips or the Plate Reverbs.

    But again, you can make amazing music without buying anything.

    If you still want some freebies because...why not?.....try here:

    If you are using in ear monitors you are out of luck.

    If you’re using a floor monitor then it will need to be loud enough. You can set a volume pedal to control only the monitor volume and then you can turn up the monitor for feedback.

    I get good feedback from my DXR10.

    ...never understood why you buy a £2000 amp and put a £100 pedal in front...BUT that's just me, plenty of people who would disagree.

    people do the same thing with tube amps too.

    It’s just another flavor that the amp cannot provide, even if it’s a two or three channel amp.

    I am satisfied enough with the stomps on the Kemper, although I do look forward to them being improved.

    There is also something to be said for being able to twist a knob and not have to save the profile if you want to switch away and come back later. I often reset the knobs on my OD’s on a song by song basis when using my tube amp.

    Calaban Dungen is my last name ;) Never heard of the band, but I will check them out!

    Great last name! If you like the occasional Pink Floyd or Led Zepp you will like Dungen. They also have a big Hendrix influence, but also a bit of J. Tull, a little jazz, and some Swedish folk music. Really creative band in my opinion, and I don’t even understand the lyrics because they are in Swedish!

    I have a feeling that Hobbits love Dungen :D:thumbup:

    Welcome again!

    I had tix for Hampton but couldn’t go....blah. My GF went and she said first night was amazing. I should listen.

    I’m also happy with where they’re at now. Trey is healthy and alive...that’s what matters most. I don’t know if you were at Coventry but...ouch. He was in rough shape.

    Nice. I prefer his tone from 98-2000. I'm okay with it now, but like you not in love with it. That '89 recording still has the base tone that you hear really up until 2009. I wish he would go back to the Deluxe Reverb and crank up that Ross a bit more.

    Yeah I liked the Deluxe Reverb tone too. But for me the prime years for his tone, and Phish as a whole, were from about 1992 - 1995. But I’m a big fan of the early proggy stuff more than the late 90’s funkier stuff. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that that’s what they were mostly playing when I was at my Peak Phish Fan stage. Don’t get me wrong though...I like 90% of what they do.

    That ‘89 recording is the Boogie that he still has that he also started using again after the “break up”. He’s not using it anymore for some reason.

    Still haven’t truly succeeded in getting his tone with the Kemper. Close, no cigar. It’s mostly the lead tone I struggle with and to be honest, that’s what I struggle with Kemper-wise whether I’m going for a Trey tone or not.

    I’m hoping that the revamped stomps will help, if that’s actually going to happen.

    Hmm....that link isn’t playing on my iPad for some reason. You can hear it on the “Relisten” app if you’re interested.

    I was fortunate to grow up in New England and got to witness Phish go from bar/college band to legendary status. Trey’s tone evolved quite a bit during that time, and it is still changing to this day. I’m not as in love with his tone as I used to be, but he still sounds great. When I first saw them his tone was still quite raw and unrefined. And he played LOUD. He had no effects at all except for a little reverb that he would sometimes crank during the jam in Reba and get really spacey.

    Here’s a link to my first show. It’s not the best Phish show....they still hadn’t quite dialed it in yet, but it blew my mind at the time. I had never heard or seen anything like it. The whole band sounds pretty raw, and apparently they blew one of the PA speakers during the first set which Paul Languedoc fixed at set break.

    I have been seeing them ever since....just went to 3 shows in Denver last August.

    Just found this thread. I'm a big fan of Trey's. Key to Trey's tone is his fingers (obvious) and that Languedoc. But I realized how much it's his fingers when they played this Halloween and he used a Strat. Basically the same tone with a radically different guitar. Unbelievable.

    Yes it was really close. Definitely has a lot to do with his touch.

    But he was also using this guitar which has a sustainer pickup in the neck position.…en-sustainer-stratocaster

    Did the engineer give any clues as to why the tones were unusable?

    I would be interested to hear his reasoning.

    I used my KPA for the majority of the last record my band recorded. Listening back there are certain songs where I can’t tell if it’s the KPA or my tube amp. Other songs I remember which I used.