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    It had been a while since I bought a pack since I'm simply drowning in profiles (over 3,000 of them). Got these on impulse though and wow, one of the best packs I've tried. Like others said, very dynamic, warm, fat... They remind me of another favorite pack of mine, the Lazy-J one, in that they have this spongy attack and crunch. I'll be using these a lot.

    Re the low interest in the Bogner pack, I can only speak for myself, but I have more than 3,000 commercial profiles already and hundreds of amps. Just not enough time in the day. I've even bought packs that afterwards I never got around to installing. I've fed and gorged myself, and spending more is just money down the drain. In the end, it's about 10 profiles I use all the time. Now, which 10... The only way I could have done that is by wading through hundreds more.

    Evrything you need for acoustics :thumbup:
    Some Rigs are also excellent for my Strat with Fishman Power Bridge (Piezo) in Mix with PU-4nd Position.

    The Lowden with LR.Baggs is now a dream :rolleyes:

    Good idea. Will try it with my Strat with piezo bridge tonight. The guy who made it for me gave me a tip it would sound even more realistic with acoustic guitar strings on it. Anyone ever tried that?

    Bought already. The demos sound great. I appreciate it also that you always put some thought and creativity in your demos. If you have to create tens of sound samples, the temptation is to revert to some standards riffs, but it's nice to have demos one can listen to repeatedly and enjoy them.

    I guess it's just the nature of the beast. We all hear things a different way. For me, diversity (in offerings) is good. My keeper ratio of this pack is extremely high, much better than with the one you mention. There's another profiler who gets rave reviews and after I bought maybe 10 packs years ago, I no longer use any of them. Too strident to my ears, but then I have very sensitive ears and even wear ear plugs often in daily life (but then, Bangkok is very noisy). To others who've spent 10 years in front of a Marshall stack on 11, those same profiles might be by far the best. My personal favorites are TAF, BM, and Soundside. It's always nice when now top pros get into this game because each has their own way of doing things.

    I got this pack in the recent sale and there's some great tones in there. I wasn't sure at first as there weren't any demos and I wasn't clear what's inside (1950s rock and roll?). It turns out to be a fun pack covering the gamut of rock tones. It's not the usual 10-20 profiles of one amp, but more a diverse collection of unique tones, so the keeper ratio is higher than usual. It's always hard to guess what others will like, but to anyone who's on the fence, I can't imagine someone buying this pack and not finding anything in this pack.

    So many nice ones, but some I'd check out in addition to what you have: modded Marshall 800 (hotmod), 1968 Matamp, Selmer T&B 1964, Vox AC30 TopBoost 66, Bogner Goldfinger. If I could name only one, the Matamp is it.

    They're all good, not least the final pack, but pack 4 has several of my favorite profiles. Amazing vintage amps in there: Fender tweed deluxe, Twin, Bandmaster, the Selmer, Vox, Matamp, David Gilmour's Hiwatt, JTM 45...

    I gorged myself on the sale too: Grande Finale, Rockpack (very nice, diverse collection), Fentastic pack, and Fender Toolkit. It'll take me months to give them all their due.

    I just spent a couple of hours with it and wow! I loved pack 1 and was almost expecting pack 2 to be nice but not as good (maybe a bunch of loaned amps not as carefully selected as Bert's own collection), but my hit rate is even higher here. It's hard to name favorites but the pack was already worth it for the Marshalls and Fenders alone. I'm also impressed with the wide range of useful tones and nice effects. Whatever comes out next from Bert, I'll definitely grab it.

    Picked up the grande finale pack while on a trip last week. Looking forward to some amps in particular like the Matamp and the Vox, but I bet there'll be some good surprises among the ones I'd normally overlook as well.