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    Ich bin gerade von DXR-10 (aktiv) auf Matrix Q12 (passiv) gewechselt. Mein Kemper hat den eingebauten Poweramp.
    Die Matrix (ein erstaunlich kleines Ding...15kg) hat enormen Druck. Der 12" Speaker bewegt deutlich mehr Luft als der 10" des Yamaha.
    Ich habe den Speaker zum Spaß mal mit High-Gain Sounds ausgefahren (Matrix empfiehlt solid state amps von 100 bis 520W).....das ist dann extrem laut...selbst Drummer werden dann taub ;-)

    Vertrieben wird die britische Box in Deutschland von G66. Kannst Du also problemlos 30 Tage testen.

    Ansonsten kannst Du natürlich auch meine Yamaha kaufen ;-)

    The Matrix Q12 (passive) arrived and I tested it over the weekend. It is sounding great! There is a huge difference comparing DXR 10 and Matrix especially for distorted sounds.
    The 12" speaker moves more air. Sounds like my good old Tube amps with guitar cabinets.
    And it is sooo convenient to use the built in Kemper Poweramp.

    You might see me DXR-10 for sale soon....

    Here's the answer from the Matrix Amplification Q12 user manual.
    For solid state amps they recommand 200-520W to drive their 260W (RMS!) passive cabinet.
    As I will never go past the 80% with the Kemper should be safe.
    G66 told me they have many Kemper users w/o issues...

    I will get my Matrix test unit today. Hopefully it does not blow up ;)

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thanks! is used in different ways...some (like us who started the project) use it to create music online...track by track.

    Others use it as a scratchpad for bands. Usually you don't see your bandmates every you can record a song idea and share it on trackfight (and add another track to work on a song prior to next rehearsal).
    Bands use private/hidden groups while public projects use public groups.

    @viabcroce: Well it depends...usually one volunteers ;-)

    I want to connect my Kemper Powerhead with a passive FRFR cabinet.

    The Kemper specs. state: 600W at 8 Ohm, 300W at 16 Ohm

    What Watt limit shall a cabinet really have. My gut feeling was "Well...if the cabinet has 8 Ohm it should be able to handle 600W in order to survive peaks from the Kemper".

    Is that true?

    For example:
    The Matrix Q12 (passive) has 8 Ohm and has 260W RMS
    Atomic CLR (passive) has 8 Ohm and has 500W

    So...just looking at the specs there does not seem to be a passive FRFR cabinet that can handle the 600W from the Kemper (all cranked up).

    Or is my assumption totally wrong...?

    I know (really!) this has been discussed a lot...and I read most of it :-)

    I only ask forum members to answer this who actually own and use what they recommend.

    I am using the Kemper (power head) since 2 years with Yamaha DXR-10.
    Like the sound in general. Don't like the form factor, visual appearance on stage. Don't like the additional power cable.

    I am know looking for another (or additional..... we'll see) speaker.

    I want:

    • a "traditional" guitar cabinet form factor (1x12 size)
    • passive FRFR speaker (capable of handling the Kemper power heads 600W)
    • Ability to purchase in Germany (and having a German warranty)

    Atomic, Mission, Matrix all have a weak distribution in Germany (neither local Munich stores nor Thomann carry them).

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!


    I know this has been discussed here when it was just announced. But I'm looking for current experiences.

    The DIY kit looks quite interesting to me. I'm having a powered Kemper anyways and having a guitar cabinet that is a FRFR speaker sounds awesome....if it sounds awsome :-)

    Has anybody build and used this kit together with the Palmer cab?
    How does it sound?

    I'm currently using a Yamaha DXR-10 but don't like the form factor of it.



    Thanks Christoph for the insight! Good German Engineering gets always copied...sad but true.

    Just talked to a friend about the Pure Cabinet feature and he told me that Axe (which he's using) has a new beta firmware as well addressing the very same topic.

    The description is rather short:
    Added “Dephase” control to Cabinet block. This parameter controls a sophisticated process that removes the “phasiness” from IRs and can yield a more “in the room” experience. Note that the processing required is extreme and the control can have some lag and this will also add slightly to preset change time.

    Interesting that the 2 firmware versions show up at the same time...

    Hmmm....I use "the official" cabel at home. Never goes into the bag.
    In the bag for rehearsal/gigs I only use the spare cable (got 2 of them).

    I don't see any problem....