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    Tanks for the XLR cable recommendations. I wrote...the main out is used to run the kemper into the mixer with XLR. I have no issues here.

    The DXR 10 is connected to "monitor out". I use it as a stage monitor.

    If you are using your DXR 10 connected to "monitor out" what cable are you using to minimize hizz?
    Instrument cable? Special PA cable?

    I spend quite some time to chase down the DXR noise issue.
    Under ideal circumstances a little hiss can be heard. This is so subtle that it does not disturb me at all. Not a bedroom level and for sure not during rehearsal or live use.
    Any louder hiss/noise is coming from the cables...don't blame Yamaha nor Kemper.

    I got really annoyed one day when suddenly I was hearing radio noise ?( ....but no radio was connected...just the Kemper. By touching the cable plug I could influence the radio signal :-)

    I then connected the Kemper main out with XLR to the DXR: Very low noise!

    But normally I do run main out into the mixing console and have to use the Kemper monitor out. No XLR there! Just a normal mono plug.

    I tested all my cables (appr. 30) to connect the Kemper to the DXR. DXR level was set to -3db

    Best result was using a speaker cable which is normally used to connect my tube amps with a guitar cabinet.

    But all cables were noisier than the XLR connection.....

    Before I get on a shopping spree and order a variety of shielded mono cables....

    .....What cable are you using? Instrument cable? PA cable? Shielded? What brand? Length? Are they quiet? Has anybody tried a XLR converter plug?

    Would be great if we could find the ideal cable for the Kemper-DXR connection together!!


    P.S. The ground lift switch was just changing the noise type...not make it quieter.

    We had been struggling with dropbox and others as well so we thought we'd try to come up with a solution ourselves.
    We are 3 musicians from 3 countries (USA, France and Germany) working on the site.
    Just leave your email address at and you'll be added to the list.
    The closed beta is planned for April. Everybody on the list will get an invitation by email.

    I will keep you posted. This is a hobby programming project. We have no commercial interest (except for some ads placed to hopefully cover the cost of our servers).

    We just want to write songs together.


    Just came back from the first rehearsal with the Kemper + DXR10. It rocks!
    I was really happy and my band mates as well.
    Good sound, fits perfectly in the mix.

    We're recording all of our this was a home run for the Kemper.

    I just wonder how many Percent a CLR would be better....

    I want to have the same setup at home (just schlepping the Kemper back and forth).
    So I either buy a second DXR for my house or....try a CLR first.

    Will the CLR be 1% better? 5%? 50% ????

    True. A good tube amp in a perfect setup can sound better than the Kemper with a good speaker. many cases it doesn't. I had many, many occasions when I was not happy with my tube amps. Or not happy with my pedal board or not happy with the miked amp sound going to the audience. Or not happy with the miked sound of the tube amp on recordings.

    I guess this is the cause of all the innovations in the amp space: Not so happy guitar players :-)

    You have to sum up al the Pro/cons in all categories that are important to you!

    That's why some people only use Kemper for recording while other use it for everything.

    My goal is to completely switch to using the Kemper for all interesting journey :-)

    The built in DAW is very simple. In no means it should replace a real DAW like Logic or Protools.
    You have to use your home DAW to record your track.
    Once uploaded members of your project can listen to it and add additional tracks.
    It features solo/mute of tracks as well as volume per track.

    Once happy with the mix you can export your song.

    The idea is not studio quality productions but a tool for easy collaboration with real friends or musicians you meet online.

    That's why we started this. Our band played for years but then the singer was moving to a nother town (well...another country actually) and we still wanted to work on songs together.
    Using different DAWs and dropbox was really painful.

    With trackfight you can use your DAW of choice, bounce your track (mp3 or wav) and upload it to the online DAW.
    Every member of your project gets informed and can contribute his/her tracks.

    You can post public projects as well and other trackfight members can apply to join the project (e.g. "looking for a trumpet player to finish my song").
    Finished songs can be uploaded to trackfight to get feedback from the community.

    We'll start the exclusive beta in April this year.

    Gruß aus München,


    I am working with friends on a free new web service for musicians that are interested in recording, home recording etc.
    The site includes an online digital audio workstation. So you can upload and share your tracks with your bandmates etc.

    Ideal for band member that live further apart or for home recording projects looking for contribution from other musicians they find on the webpage.
    We'll start an exclusive Beta release soon.

    If you're interested please leave us your email and I'll get you on the list!