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    Just got my DXR 10 yesterday.

    First of all....I'd like to thank everybody here for sharing their experiences in this fantastic forum. Special tanks to Ingolf for his video comparisons.

    I really wanted to get the passive CLR Cabinet from Atomic but shipment costs (in case I don't like them) and the feeling that I would keep the DXR for uses w/o the Kemper as well made me buy the DRX first. Maybe I'll get a CLR later on.

    I also was not sure if the Kemper Power Amp will be loud enough with a passive cabinet.

    My settings:
    All DSP's off, switch set to line (not mic), I use the line in input.

    I really, really like the sound at different volumes! Clean and crunch sounds work very well. Even high gain sounds (e.g. palm muted power chords) sound very well. Very nice bass as well. can be super loud! SUPER LOUD!

    Absolutely a winner so far.

    The only negative point is the hiss/noise that comes from the DXR itself. I can not recommend this speaker if you only want to use it at low volumes. The noise ist very annoying.

    As soon as you play don't here it at all....most of my tube amp make actually more noise.

    It's probably tube amp noise simulation by Yamaha :P

    Next step: Try it out with band during rehearsal...many great sounding setups have been failing badly in the past when playing live.....



    I had been "testing" in a store the EV ELX-112. Sound was not bad!
    Is anybody using this with the Kemper Power Amp?
    It has only 250W RMS (1000W peak) I wonder if it will be loud enough in the band context!?

    I'll have to disagree on this!
    Your statement is true in the guitar cab world, but not when it comes to FRFR, where the "F" and the "F" factors are measurable.

    This is my understanding as well. With guitar cabinets I had many different sounds (some bad some good) but none of them was close to the sounds I have with studio monitor.
    I want to tweak sounds/settings in the home studio and then bring them to the rehearsal room w/o tweaking again.
    That's why I am looking for the perfect cabinet. Looks like the Atomic CLR is the only good choice out there.
    I did send them an email regarding shipment to Germany...

    I know this has been discussed so many time...but I am still not sure what to get. All my experiments with real guitar cabinets were not satisfying.
    Now I want to get the perfect cabinet/speaker for my Kemper Power Amp.

    I want to leave that speaker in my rehearsal room. The Kemper will travel between Home and Rehearsal room once a week.
    I want to use my Adam AX5 studio speaker to tweak sounds at home and they should sound good in the rehearsal room as well.
    Ideally the speaker is available in Germany (including warranty etc.).

    What would you recommend and why?



    I have searched for the correct setup but I am still confused.
    I tried the Kemper first time during band rehearsal and it sounded aweful!!

    Kemper (the one with power amp) into a 1x12 Vox cabinet.

    What are the correct settings for:
    1) CabMonitorOff: Does is need to be checked? Or not?
    2) Monitor out: Stack or Master Mono ? Or...?



    Since I have to use USB the Focurite 6i6 seems to be a good candidate.

    A few questions to the owners/users using it on a MAC (OS X 10.9.1):
    1) Is the driver stable?
    2) When the MAC enters standby...when waking up...does it recognize the interface? Or do you need to reboot?
    3) Did you connect the Kemper with S/PDIF coax? How exactly? Do you get a stereo track in Logic X?

    Thank you so much!

    I am currently using an Apogee One audio interface for my recordings (Apple Logic X).
    I am looking for a stationary (non mobile) audio interface which supports the digital outputs of the Kemper.
    Should have very stable drivers for MAC, at least 4 analog inputs....

    Who is using an interface that supports the Kemper digital outs?



    Is there a way to use the vinyl stop effect without a pedal?

    I would like to activate the effect with a button and when I play a note it gives me the effect.


    Thanks and merry christmas!


    I personally don't like Wah pedals during gigs...but I do like the Wah sound :-)

    Now...I tried to set up some auto wah sounds using the "Touch Mode"...but I just can't get it to work!
    I am doing something completely wrong I guess.

    What exactly do I need to dial in to get a nice (auto) wah sound?

    Thanks and merry christmas!