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    I agree. Profiles sound great. I'm not sure if Dave Chamberlin is on this forum, but after hearing his demos, I want both Armin's packs AND Dave's albums =)

    Thanks buddy:-) I’m not on here very often but appreciate the support. I’m a music producer with a nice studio in the LA area and do a lot of singer/songwriter productions (all styles), mixing and my own songwriting for tv and film. I mostly use the Kemper for my guitar sounds these days and have gotten a pretty reliable recall method so that I can recall specific sounds for specific tracks at any time. Love it. I like Armin’s stuff because it feels like a real amp. He’s also super nice. I was lucky to meet him and his wife last year.

    I’m loving this pack! I’m curious; is this the actual “bundle 4” pack with the exact profiles as the one for sale, or a smaller modified pack? I own a lot of AF stuff and this might be my favorite. I love that it’s not processed with extra EQs and FX.

    Here's a new smash using the brand new Kemper Amp Profile from Soundside called "British Winner", profile #78: Seeking recreate the sound of a Victory® Sheriff 44. For this song I did zero tweaking of any of the 5 profiles I used. I used my Carruthers Semi Chambered guitar with Duncan 59s. This is a really cool medium gain EL34 amp and has a really nice grind.

    I wrote a short tune using just one profile from the profile pack #12, "UKRox 30Seeking to re-create the sound of a Vox® AC 30 TB Amplifier." You'll hear an Ebow guitar kick in half way through (same profile).

    Here's a demo I made using just this pack and my new handmade Carruthers CSA guitar!. I really like the clean sounds on this. For the verse lead I used a clean sound with a kemper comp fx and that's it. For the chorus lead I used the same sound I used for the rhythm guitar panned right, which was a little dirty with a compressor in the chain. For the 2nd verse 2nd lead I used a much dirtier profile.

    Another Profile demo. This time it's an older pack, #27; "Seeking to re-create the sound of a Elmwood® Modena M60 Amplifier." I used 3 guitars and 5 profiles for this one to try to show a little range. I used a les paul standard for all rhythms on the left and a tele for the rhythms on the right. I then used a tele for the verse leads and finally a Charvel for the Chorus lead. Lots of sustain with this profile so no need to boost or alter the actual stock profiles (for this demo). I've now done something like 15 of these demos for Armin. What's kind of fun and challenging is coming up with a song that works with the Amp being used. This also allows me to get very familiar with what the profile is good at and helps me "learn" the amp so to speak.

    The Peluso's great from what I've heard. Mark Schmieder over at the MOTU forum raved about it a lot. Said it greatly reduced the need for EQ and even compression post-recording.

    Fantastic setup, Dave. You da man, man! 8o

    Thanks! Yes, the Peluso is good, but, I use the Charteroak 538 all the time and actually prefer that. Seems to work on more voices consistently, including my own). The real killer is the affordable Joly modded mxl 990. Very smooth mic. Good for sibilance problems.

    I made a demo for Armin using this Profile Pack. Very cool. It gets a great clean sound and goes into moderate gain territory. It's not a metal amp for sure but sure covers those Plexi tones. It seems to work well on both humbucker and single coil pups. The song I wrote uses a Strat and a Les Paul and the tracks are notated on the Soundcloud file. This amp takes virtual pedals nicely too (and I'm sure real pedals as well). I choose not to modify the profiles for the demo in any way other than to activate his eq setting on one of them to tame the low end.

    This time I'm tearing it up Southern Rock style using another Soundside profile. This is from Pack 55, "Seeking to re-create the sound of a Suhr® Badger 30 Amplifier". I used my custom Starr Strat (rhythm panned right) and my Fender Tele on this. For leads you'll probably be able to tell which is which. I didn't use the super distorted profiles in this pack but went for more of a glassy lead sound. As always, I wrote and recorded this thing within my 2 hour time limit so take it for what it's worth;-)

    Thanks guys! I met Armin from Soundside a few days ago and he told me this amp is only 1 watts and was a limited run made for Anderton's music. Great guy btw. It was interesting hearing what he goes through to make profiles. I don't have any secrets only that he owns a lot of amps!

    Loved this !!!! What a catchy tune and extremely well executed. Great tones also... Which one did you use for the Lead

    Thanks! Not sure which profile since I'm not in my studio. This pack is pretty small though so there are really only a few options. I like making these pack exclusive demos as it forces me to "learn the pack" and figure out what guitars respond well and what style of music they're suited for. Do you own it as well?