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    Bei meinem Rack nutze ich Klinke/Klinke/Alternativ-Input. Scheinbar sind meine Ohren schon von zu viel lauter Musik kaputt, aber ich höre keine störenden Geräusche beim Alternativ-Input gegenüber dem Front-Input... :) Ich finde, es sieht besser aus wenn ich kein Kabel im Rack von hinten nach vorne führen muss. Ich würde es erstmal so probieren und wenn Du doch feststellst, dass der Alternative-Input rauscht oder was auch immer, dann kannst Du ja auf den Front-Input wechseln.

    Sharry schreibt doch, daß es bei ihm unter 4.0.6 funktioniert. Bei mir übrigens auch. Was sollen wir da dann "beheben"????

    Eine Software Revision 4.x gibt es nicht. Ist dieses Problem denn nun wirklich unter 4.0.6 Release reproduzierbar?
    Gibt es Abhängigkeiten z. B. dazu wie Performance Load eingestellt ist?

    Das Problem ist bei mir reproduzierbar: unter 4.0.6 Release passiert folgendes, wenn ich mit der Remote durch die Performances scrollen will: ich halte den Taster Performance up gedrückt, er geht eine Performance hoch, dann bleibt die Anzeige ein paar Sekunden hängen, und fängt dann bei ungefähr vier bis fünf späteren Nummern wieder weiter an durch zu scrollen, dann allerdings richtig. Ich habe es so eingestellt, dass beim Wechsel der Performance Rig 1 geladen werden soll. Ein Test mit dem Modus "pending" hat ergeben, dass hier gleich richtig gescrollt wird.

    I am using the alternative input with my rack for the same reason (wireless) and I don't have any problems with it. Some people say that it is a bit more noisy, but I didn't notice that.

    Bei mir ist das bei der Remote genauso. Das war auch am Anfang, als die Remote neu erschienen ist, auch so, wurde dann mit einem Update verbessert. Seit den 4er Beta-OS ist es leider wieder so, dass man das Scrollen nicht mehr verfolgen kann. Hoffentlich wird es in einem zukünftigen Update behoben.
    Am Profiler selbst kann ich mit dem Type-Regler eine Performance-Nummer auswählen, allerdings sehe ich dabei den Namen nicht. Wenn ich die passende Nummer ausgewählt habe, kann ich die Performance mit dem Load-Softbutton laden.

    Maybe we're on the right track (RigManager connection, laptop hibernation and so on). Right now I'm tweaking a little and unplugged the USB. After over an hour still no problems at all.

    I had the same problem last rehearsal: FW 4.0.5, Performance Mode, Remote, MacBook and Rigmanager connected. I'm not sure if the MacBook went into energy safe modus in the moment the Kemper crashed...

    Happens to me every time when I select Performance mode for the first time since power on. It happened also in 4.0.2.
    ATM, to get rid of this, just switch banks a couple of times, then reload performance and slot and this weird behaviour is gone.

    Have you already opened a support ticket about this issue? If not, I will do it in the next few days...

    I'm not sure if somebody mentioned this before, but I noticed a strange behavior in FW 4.0.3: I start my Kemper by switching the chicken head direct to performance mode and wait until the performance is loaded and slot 1 is active. When I then press the switch number 4 on the remote, it doesn't change to slot number 4, it changes to the morphed state in number 1 (and back again if I press switch number 4 again). This only happens with switch number 4. If I press number three it reacts as expected and after that I can use switch number 4 and it changes to slot number 4. The strange behavior is there only after the starting of the Kemper.
    Has anybody else experienced this issue?

    I think it has to do with the actual activity of the person in this forum. As I got my first star I wrote a few posts in different threads in one day. After a day of not writing anything the star was gone.
    This leads me to the question if the persons with five stars are doing anything else than writing in this forum ;)

    From which output did you get your signal from in the band context? When you use the monitor out have a look if the cab is enabled. If the cab is switched off, the distorted sounds will sound as you described...

    I use it almost every time. One thing I sometimes do, for instance, is to send a MIDI sysex to the KPA to change the input to switch between using the digital input and the front panel input.

    Can you tell me how you are doing this? We are using mainstage for the clicktrack and playbacks and it would be nice if we could use it for changing the performance slots in synchronisation to the backingtracks,for example from verse to chorus and to solo... Thank you.

    The above options you guys listed would render this feature unneeded except in one circumstance:
    You have a fairly complex morph saved with several morphed parameters. After using for a while you decide that it would suit your purposes better to have them reversed. Hit a button and done. Otherwise you'd have to write down the morphs or copy the rig to an adjacent slot and go back and forth and reprogram the morphs.

    That's right. I just wanted to suggest a workaround for sambrox problem.

    This is true. However if you wanted to have the clean sound as the base Rig, the only to currently do it would be to note down all the default values of the "gained" Rig, tweak it 'til you're happy with the clean sound, engage morphing, move parameters back to their previous state in the default "gained" Rig. It's a bit cumbersome.

    I don't think you have to note everything. I would do it like this: take your solo sound as base sound. Change to morphed state and make a small change like reducing volume 1 db (maybe even this is not necessary but I can't try it at the moment) Then change to base again and edit it to your like. Then go back to morphed state and raise the gain back 1 dB. Done.