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    My Kemper now collects dust. Fractal has not only caught up, they have surpassed.

    I own both and feel that the Axe-Fx is superior. They are both good though. The difference is that I'm not a distributor for either product and don't have a financial interest in promoting one over the other.

    Maybe I'm old-fashioned but it just seems wrong to be promoting one product and bashing another if your a distributor for the former.

    First of all, I'm not a Kemper fanboy who is blind and closed for other solutions. Kemper is a great tool but again despite the fact that his main task is to copy the sound of a particular set, it still sounds like "Kemper" with own character in gain structure, I'm not saying whether it is good or bad - just not the same. I often hear a specific Kemper sound in many recordings, even those well-known.

    Yes, after awhile if you have discriminating ears you start to notice a sameness in all profiles. That sameness does not sound like real amps either. Its especially noticeable when rolling off volume knob. Sound becomes more boxy and thin where real amps stay full. Still like my Kemper but those who claim its indistinguishable from a real amp are are kidding themselves. Its a good tool but its not a replacement for real amps.

    Another thing is that the real amps sound different when monitored through the Kemper. When profiling amps they sound close using the A/B function on the Kemper but if you use an outboard A/B box and compare the differences are greater. The Kemper does something to the signal from the real amp making it sound more like the Kemper than it really is. Sounds like it rolls off the highs and the lows.

    All I care about is how it sounds. And to me Axe-FX II sounds better than the Kemper.

    Agreed. Before Quantum they were close but now the Axe-Fx sounds better. But they both sound great. All this bickering is rediculous. If you can't get good sounds with either you need to practice more. So I'm going to go practice. Maybe even use the Kemper. Or my AmpliFire (nah, doesn't sound that good).

    Tested the new firmware. Sounds good. Very good. KPA sounds good too. Rather disappointing that a Kemper beta tester would behave like Gianfranco has been lately with his constant attacks on Fractal. Both products are very good and I own and use both. Right now I would say the Fractal gets more of my playing time. The new firmware has really improved the sound and feel and the effects are better than the Kemper so I use the Fractal more. Maybe next month that will change.

    Option 3: This is a fix for all the dead LEDs issue. Im on my third KPA and every one has developed dead LEDs and I don't have them very bright. This new one now has five dead LEDs. :cursing: All the dead LEDs are on the knob rings.

    I own both so I have no dog in this fight and I'll just say this. They are both excellent. With Axe firmware 15 I would say the raw amp tones were equal in both units. With firmware 16 I would say that the Axe is now actually slightly better. More natural lows and clearer highs. However I use the Kemper more because I enjoy the ease of use. The difference is small though and anyone claiming that one unit is vastly superior to the other is delusional and should spend more time practicing and less time worrying about their gear purchases.