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    This is the reason because I want to change.
    NiHM Accus Typ AA are a little bit thicker than AA batterie. So it's not so easy to close the cover. (I do not like to use batteries if accus are available)
    The battery cover closure is rather a bad design. I always use a tape for safety.

    I use Eneloops with my Line6XD belt pack. Unlike most other rechargeables they fit like normal batteries.

    [quote='waraba','']another killer vid, he shows much more mature style as a santanish bluesman on the telecaster in this vid, as well as the art to set a stage on fire ,/quote]

    Very nice vid! So does anybody know how to get that sound on the Kemper? I heard he played Mesa Boogie Lonestar, but none of the profiles I tried really sound like this.

    The Jubilee profiles are pretty darn nice, fast becoming my go to Marshall sound, I got caught up playing the Jubilee profiles for a couple hours alone last night to be honest. This set of heavy profiles seem to have a brighter edge to them vs some of the previous Mbritt packs with "heavier type profiles". I am really liking what I am hearing and feeling. I was getting some great sustain out of these.

    The Jubilee samples seem to be mostly humbucker/higher-gain, do these profiles work for/cover John Frusciante / RHCP sounds?

    Pretty sure the video says the morphing can be done via momentary or latch. Meaning you won't have to hold the button down to morph. I could be wrong but that's how latch works, no?

    Press release has this:

    "Now either by switching or holding the current Rig switch (momentary or latch mode supported) the sound is morphed from the basic setting to the upper level setting. Releasing the switch after holding it initially or hitting the switch again takes the sound back to its original state. "

    Cool. Really close to something I request last year in March under "An-idea-for-a-boost-function-with-the-Remote":

    Well, it did not have the "seamless expression pedal" part, but I think I should get a T-Shirt from Kemper ;-)

    I have connected a Chromcast Audio to my Kemper Aux inputs. It has line level output. You will have to use the Google music iPhone app to stream to it. It works really well for me and it is <40€.

    Interestingly, 2016 models do not have GForce tuners anymore and they have a lubricated graphtech (classic) nut.

    I think 2015 was a bad year for Gibson, a lot of poor marketing decisions. It seems that they will undo a lot of it in 2016.

    Thanks for the replies. A cable would definitely be cheaper but I like to move around and it would feel silly to play wireless guitar with wired headphones :) .

    I do not need real flat FRFR, but something that sounds good to me.

    I found a local dealer who will allow me to test Ultimate Ears and I want to get a good noise isolating set for air travel so this would not just be for my guitar.

    I have to get a wireless in-ear monitoring solution to not disturb the wife and kid at night. What will get me in the ballpark of a FRFR solution like my CLR cab?

    I am considering "Sennheiser EW 300 IEM" or "Shure PSM 300" as transmitter (unfortunately there don't seem to be any digital Wifi based solutions).

    I have Shure SE210 headphones which I do like that much over the KPA headphones. So I will probably have to get a higher-end Shure model or Ultimate ears. Are the Ultimates worth > $/€1000?

    Auf jeden fall war die Us$ Endsumme in der Bestellbestätigung und ich habe mit Paypal bezahlt, von daher hatte ich die endgültige Summe in Euro wohl schon vorab.

    Ich habe Anfang 2014 das Active CAB (non-NEO) für $999 + 20% VAT (kam aus Irland und war somit schon verzollt) gekauft. Mit Shipping wurde meine Kreditkarte dann mit $1231 belastet. Durch den günstigeren Dollarkurs waren das damals knapp 900€.

    Das Teil war dann nach 11 Monaten kaputt, mit viel Geduld und noch mehr Emails, Telefonanrufen und einem Forumsbeitrag habe ich dann nach einigen Wochen ein Ersatzteil bekommen. So erging es auch anderen Leuten hier im Forum. Naja, Tom hat ja gerade besseren Support versprochen...

    The trs cable for the pedal will work on the remote, the mono cable for the switch will not work with the remote, it will have to be connected to the KPA until the Kemper team adds "switches on Remote " support in future Firmware drop.

    It is one of the longest delays between firmware updates , which increases speculation.

    Bear in mind also that Kemper have released the Remote which probably has taken up a lot of resources so maybe huge additions aren't in the pipeline with the next upgrade.....
    ( I do still expect them though :) )

    Summer break in Germany, I doubt we will see a new Fw soon. Although I am still hoping that they add the promised "switch support for the Remote" in a smaller patch...