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    Thanks for all the comment's guys, the KPA is good gear -as stated before..- it's just me and my ears and playing.. lets don't make this a discussion about the KPA being digital or not etc. etc. its just a me telling I'm leaving and giving a reason for it!

    Ps. oyhaa i know that the Roland is no tube amp of course. :rolleyes: . that why i used it with the KPA, for its good clean tone.. I'm know back with a (heavy :/ ) tube amp...not being the Roland ;)

    beside the roland also have two DXR10... same problem.. know the JC40 is coloring the sound.. but thats also the case for the 4x12 cabinets.. for example v30 or greenback very coloring the sound also.. . tried the jc40 with a DXR10..
    but this is a discussion is about taste of sound.. not the quality of the toaster.. happely whe all have different taste! IMHO..

    Yes Ingolf, even bought a Roland JC 40 Jazz chorus.. best stereo clean amp out there.. Better... Have to say..when use it with a big PA or on recordings great sound but when i use in with my band(s) mostly smaller occasions, pubs etc.. hard to hear it in the mix.. as a result putting the volume up, wich results in a big wall of (muddy) sound... Maybe completely my own misuse of the Kemper because most here on the forum don't have that problem..probably spend too much time with tube amps and too hard for me to make the switch.. Will keep monitoring the forum and maybe in the future with new firmware releases it will change. Love the concept, small, many sounds and easy to use!

    Hi All,Wanna say thanks to all, sold my camper two days ago.. (and already the blokt my account to post in the private section, so doing it here.. :rolleyes: ) .Loved my Kemper but in live situations its just not doing it for me.. don't know why or what.. tried it for two years .. im still not able to cut true the mix as with a normal tube amp, like there's something missing made a (difficult) decision and sold the Kemper..As my account is already blokt this will be my last post. So take care, it's a real nice forum! :thumbsup: and the Kemper is good gear!

    personally I use the Behringer B2030A TRUTH. These score very high in the price/value area and have XLR in and a lot of adjustment possibilities, very happy with them. Of course a pair of KRK or Neumann are proberly better but there is a big price difference.. it's all about how much your willing to spend..

    This is sorted for me, I find that a near daily reboot by holding down the rig button when turning on sorts this out.

    I'm so annoyed. Today at rehearsal I make ONE change to one slot in performance bank 2 (little less treble) and stored it. The KPA then decided to overwrite some of my best performances by overwriting its self onto a completely different (bank 1). Frustrated isn't the word.

    know how you feel.. been there got the Tshirt...
    VERRY frustrating when that happens especially before a gig or rehearsal.. the more important to make back ups.. hope 3.30 will sort this out..

    the wait continues...
    This operating system introduces compatibility with future Rig and Preset file formats.
    User Interface
     fixed: resetting pedal parameters if pedals get disconnected
     fixed: crash on loading certain Rigs
     added: Rig Manager is able to adjust real time clock

    a inbetween step to 4.0? there was no explanation why 3.3 first..

    having the same problems and more.. renaming slots in rig manager does not change the name in the kpa.. when i move the performance around sometimes - without any clear reason- the name changed.. so when trying to rename the performance or slots i tent to always move the performance around till it changed the names accordingly with the rig manager..

    GREAT playing Alvaro.. :thumbsup: Been to the SW show last week in 013 Tilburg Holland.. AMAZING!!! Here Dave Kilminster played the lead parts on a Brunetti amp (same one as he used in the Wall shows with Roger Waters) amazing sound and solo's..! Best concert I've went to yet! (and i have seen a few.. :rolleyes: ) Steven played on his Bad Cat.. those two amps together with these amazing :)

    Your KPA sound is close!

    Probably already requested.. but i would love this! although many think its not the right way do i love the thick and "dirty" effect this has on a distorted overdriven tone.. In the prog rock scene this is used by a lot guitarist! Once this is possible i can ditch my reverb and delay pedals..

    all manufacturers of guitar stomps, amps, etc doing the same trick... hiring a great player, making a professional recording ( make t look like a home recording...) and playing on awsome guitar(s)..

    people buying there stuff and at home discover that that awsome sound is down the drain.....

    find something you like and stick with it and improve your playing skills..

    that said... im also a gear junkie and dont always stick with my own advise ;-) lol

    Bough one myself after playing an afternoon in the store with it with a KPA.. :P Have to say..very good! there is only one down side..the price is very steep. It is a small portable amp with awesome cleans. The volume for a 40 watt's true stereo is tremendous! Playing in a prog rock band the volume is more than enough. Even with higher volumes the amp is not distorting. It has a stereo input! and a stereo effects loop. Using the stereo input gives u the opportunity to use the onboard chorus and verb which are very good, a bit different from the KPA ones (also very good but different..). Tried also the Fender mustang.. but there is a big difference in sound..

    For the first time i m able to cut true the mix standing next to the other guitarist with a normal amp! Maybe i will be able to get the Marrilion sound 8o

    to be continued...