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    Thank you

    Yes, I know that and what I was trying to descripe, is this little (tiny) over and then in to the tune of the string, that is the only move of the bubble, while I always had a need to estimate the real position of the bubble with my old guitars (okay, this sounds a lot more dramatic then it is^^)

    I´ve always thought this is the normally behavior of the bubble and was so much impressed with this new FGN, that I just could not believe it and firstly plugged my old guitars in, to prove if the Kemper tuner has changed with a firmware update^^

    Hey thank you for your fast answer.

    You misunderstood my description for the tuning, I never had such a wonderful experience^^ before this guitar(it seems my english is much worse than I thought:D).

    I`ve changed from 10 to 09 on my other guitars as well, without a doubt at all. But while tuning those, the bubble is constantly running up and down in a specific "scale", while with the FGN it is a "steady moving of the bubble without this "permanent seesaw"(I never knew that tuning a guitar could be so easy) and I refer this to the setup.

    I also tried to improve my other guitars over the years, but I feel my skills very limited. I was quite satisfied with my "oldies" BEFORE I bought this new one, and now I fear to downgrade this guitar by just changing the string gauge.

    I appreciate your help very much if there is no risk to harm the saddle notches, I will just try it.


    I need some advice from some more skilled guitarists related to my new guitar.

    I´m playing guitar for many years now, but always used very cheap guitars (Squier Strat and Harley Benton LP). Now I´ve bought a (for my circumstances) more expensive guitar,

    it`s a FGN JIL-ASH-M and I am more than overwhelmed from this guitar.

    This simply starts by the tuning experience, where the Tuner bubble got a very short spike upturned and then swings in a position and stays.

    My cheapies got permanent seesaw changes of the tuner bubble, and I think it is the overall setup of the strings and specially the octave purity (or am I wrong?).

    That leads me to my question, and the only downside of my new guitar: it came with a 010 - 046 string setup, that has a lot more tension on this guitar as on my LP and stratocaster (which is related to the shorter scale (LP) and the vibrato (strat), so I want to change to a 009 string set, but I fear to loose that perfect guitar setup (no money left for a Luthier).

    Usually I would just try it, but I´ve read a change of the string strength could damage the saddle notches, what makes sense for me when changing to a bigger string gauge, but otherwise?

    And another string gauge could cause a new setup of octave purity, or not?

    I hope you understand my little skilled english and also my shakiness...

    I realy like the big cents display, but I find it sometimes a little confusing, since it shows a - sign on both sides from center, unlike the little cents display beneath the bubble shows a + and a - dependend on which direction to tune...

    I - IIII switches are the switches upwards of the 3, 4, 5 and tap switch ON the remote dedicated to the stomps and FX.

    As I understand you right, you want to know if a 2switch pedal can be dedicated to different stomps or FX performance -wise.

    This is not the case, any controller (besides the I_IIII switches on the remote- as Ingolf wrote) can only be dedicated to stomps or FX globaly.

    Hi , just downloaded your Megapack and imported the profiles, but import of the Mesa- profiles could not be imported, "Import has failed ... RM didn´t find any suitable files ....this happens when the items are damaged or unknown..." -message appears.

    Tried the good old USB stick, but Profiler does not recognise them as well:(;(

    has someone an idea what to do?