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    You know what? Some things in China evidently are crap, as well as some things made in Germany, made in the U.S., made in UK.

    The problem is that you generalize in a way that is clearly discriminative because quality is not a matter of origin but of quality control alone.

    And I wonder how many things of your everyday electronics incl. chips for computer processing wouldn’t work anymore if you stopped using them.


    You know what? I am basing my opinion on.... Wait for it.... ---> Actually purchasing things, in specting them, using them ,watching them fail one way or another, and giving my full assessment.

    Now Explain to me where the 'generalization' comes in? hmmm?

    As for USA products, German products, etc., I have used and owned many types of music gear since the early 80's, I THINK I can come up with an accurate viewpoint of them all.

    And please stop going off grid to other products. You want that too? Ok, let's go there. I have many pairs of Oakley Sunglasses. Formerly made in the USA. All the USA made ones are perfect, frames are tight. Then here comes the China ones.. Frames are loose, make noise, lenses not properly fitted. I own 2 pair. So guess what? Just like music gear, in owning and comparing, I can again see how China makes crap. AND THEY STILL CHARGE THE SAME PRICE! Gotta love it...

    You haven't a clue what you are talking about. I've been in the consumer electronics industry for 33 years as a design, manufacturing, and quality engineer. I've worked with China closely for most of it. Been there dozens of times for at least a week each time, sometimes multiple weeks. Spent time in maybe a hundred factories across at least 6 major cities that I can remember right now.

    So let me get this straight, you think your resume and opinion has some merit over my personal experience of China goods I bought and found to be garbage every time? Haha.. Really pal, try harder.

    Attack of the China-bots, eh? So be it...

    Being well aware of quality, and well aware of what I buy and from where, and being a consumer with many purchases that were China made, I can say with conviction there was always something not right. That is how opinions are formed, from experience, you see? And that is why I like many who know better say so.

    Nothing like making money off suckers. I applaud them. Run the product through the slave factories for next to nothing, keep the price low due to the devalued currency and trade deals, and the seller pushes the product on you -at the same cost- as before. Haha. With the sales pitch such as “We have the strictest quality control over there and we can guarantee... “. Sure.

    It got to the point some even try ‘assembled in the USA’ haha... whatever. No discount for you.

    So no biggie, you people sold on crap enjoy it. Revel in your cheap purchase! Don’t be such a snowflake about it and start crying. ;-)

    Because the phone, tablet or computer you're using wasn't made in part or entirely in China. Such garbage, isn't it?


    Yeah, I often compare other crap with crap to give it value somehow. Not. All things China are garbage. And being someone around long enough to remember quality -before- the China push I know the difference.

    I have spent a full day with my kemper and an axeIII. while both sounded good, the KPA was vastly superior in it's ability to get to.a great tone fast.

    This is pretty much the last word in it all IMHO. one thing I and many from the 80’s absolutely grew to hate was ‘tweaking’. In the quest for ultimate tone, we had amps and racks that could do anything and took more time tweaking than playing.

    I remember when everyone just said screw it and we all ditched the monster tech and went back to simple amps and a few pedals. AHHHH.... PLAYING AGAIN....

    The Kemper for me I can pretty much plug in and play. I rarely feel I have to tweak anything. In the old days of pre amps and such, you spend a day tweaking, sounds great, then the next day you hate it and back to tweaking. Kemper doesn’t give that.

    Thinking about tweaking every aspect of an amp, from input to output, every little thing to find a tone makes me think back to my Eventide days and wanting to pull my hair out, haha...

    I don’t want a processor with 1000 gears to shift through, I just want to turn the key and step on the gas and GO —->.

    Meh. I like some pedals on the floor for tube amps, but I hate floor units like this with everything on the floor. If I was on a seriously limited budget, or traveled really light and just plug into a board, this or maybe some other options would be interesting, but a Kemper with foot pedal and the new editor coming would be what I would be going to if I didn’t have it. If there was a Kemper2, I could see where they may want to cover the cheaper floor market I guess. I just look at all these new toys and still don’t have g.a.s. For any of them.

    The Kemper is so dead simple, And the Axe so much more of a tweaking unit, this all seems odd.

    I don’t know why some have to go into such elaborate exits, just go back, unless you are trying to get help with something to fix the problem.

    As far as editor, the new one that is coming looks really well laid out and with the new speaker and all, it just seems like a better all around solution.

    There is nothing like the dimension effect, not even Rocktron gear, had all of that years ago when it all first came out. It's subtle effect is great for clean, great if you don't like the swoosh of a chorus.

    There is no comparison between a Kemper and a tube amp, a Kemper is simply a snapshot. It’s like the difference between a video and a picture. A video is pictures moving, and snapshot is a frozen picture.

    When you take that snapshot of an amp, it is that sound and that second only, the character and everything is there, but always at that second, never changing.

    A tube amp is more human like, it is ever changing.

    Recording with a tube amp is like recording with a moody person, you get one take out of a hundred that might be awesome. But what an awesome! Never again to be recaptured.

    Kemper on the other hand is a frozen snapshot, so if you capture magic, it will always be ready for you.

    But is that better? Sometimes not. Sometimes the imperfections make it better.

    Hard to explain, it’s like watching a sunset, and all the colors and changes into night, compared to a sunset frozen and always retaining the same colors. Oh, you can mess with the tint controls, but it is not the same thing.

    There was this problem with digital gear from the beginning. Amazing sounding, until your ears finally started picking up the fact that this creeping sterile aspect never leaves. It’s always the same. That is why we always went back to tube amps.

    Even the ax fx cannot do this. It can digitally create an amp, but can’t fluctuate from changes in the real world.

    Until that happens, nothing digital will ever capture things like tube amps 100%

    On the other side, tube amps have a fail rate. They are heavy and bulky. They are limited in function. You have a lot of other gear needed with it, you got to get tune ups, etc...etc... There is a lot of aggravation with those things.

    So, Kemper solves A LOT of problems in the daily activity of playing electric guitar. The ability to have this little tiny box or rack that does so many things makes up for a lot. As far as tone, screw it, close enough, haha...

    I loved all my rack gear of the past. Like many I owned almost everything new coming out, all the pre amps, power amps, etc.. always trying to fix the connection issues that big amps couldn’t solve, but then always ending up with a 400 lb giant crate that needs wheels. What did I solve?

    Pluses and minuses, I still have fun with my Kemper and that is a good sign.

    ‘Upgraded power cord’? That is a new one. There is no benefit whatsoever electronically, a cord simply supplies power. There are different gauges depending on power needs, like the difference between a toaster and a table saw motor, or better connector ends if for some reason the cable is expected to have a lot of abuse. Other than that, a power cable is a power cable.

    You need a video for this? Haha... Heavier gauge = more tension = tightening springs to compensate for the larger guage to level the Floyd base. Also resetting intonation. I have guitars with Floyd’s I have 9’s, 10’s, and 11’s.

    Bigger strings and more tension = harder to bend, but a little bigger sound and stays in tune a lot better. 9’s I’m always tweaking, 10’s hardly ever. If you play a lot, even 12’s are easy to bend. Stronger hands. Play just every so often, 9’s ar better.

    Win7 is nice..but win10 is the same..only more things.

    I have win10 in my PC i have no internet connection in home..autoupdates\spy issue solved. Works fine.

    If you have a pc for audio i think its better not use it for internet.

    Well, keep in mind, most everything you have on your computer has updates done by the program. That is the only connection I have for my music system. Just long enough to check for updates, update them, then disconnect.

    I have windows 7 on my other computers. There is absolutely no Need to update for me. There will be no foreseeable changes I need to update for. Not worried about security updates ending, I had an older system still running on XP without many security updates and never had a problem with anything.

    Windows 10 is spyware, and a lot is deeply embedded. They just made an attempt again to force people to move from windows 7, called it an ‘accident’.

    Who puts so much effort like that if they didn’t benefit from it. ;-)

    This as mod suggested, is a continuation here re Windows 7 / editor. I personally have no intention to ever go to spyware Windows 10, so hopefully I won't have any issues with Windows 7 and the editor. I also have Windows 7 on another machine that hasn't had a 'Windows update' since the first service pack, and everything runs fine on it, so I am not worried for the next 5 years or more.

    I haven't used other platforms, such as Linux or MAC, so no real experience other than an Ipad Air 2, but if necessary, I may move to something like that. It just seems with crap like Windows 10, Microsoft is on its way out or will morph into something completely different in the next few years.