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    I don't care what rotates, I'm just glad to be getting an editor. a NICE BIG DISPLAY. :-) I am glad it merges with the Rig Manager, one program.

    Now if studio, you can just have your Kemper way over with your other stuff and just sit at your desk and control everything from easy reach and view, or if you are playing out, you have your lap top or whatever to get a large view of live.

    I kinda dig this rack, kinda bulky, but it has a nice lap top mount on it. 4U and wheels. :-)

    Say what you will, but it is being made by a third party. That can be good or bad, but it is not the craftsmanship work of the actual creator. If that is how you want to look at it. Will Pablo do a better job than Mike Soldano? Who knows. I love my Diezel Herbert, hopefully they wont go that route. I know they make the cabs with that company.

    Point is, should the cost be the same if it is not truly 'boutique'? Can you classify a third party a boutique? I despise anything China and avoid if at all possible. At least this is in the USA. For now.

    He said himself on the vid it has nothing to do with the cab/speaker but the changes in the Kemper itself. So the ‘special speaker’ should be one that can simply handle the full spectrum of all options. The cab doesn’t matter obviously, since he said they will be offer to have where you can buy the speaker as a replacement. That is a cool idea. So best of both worlds, a hybrid speaker design. I don’t think it would be a dual speaker, who knows. Probably will be a 200 - 300 watt speaker which is typical.

    I wouldn't care about a speaker too fancy, remember complex stuff only works really well in a studio, playing live the variables change in the room every time people come in or leave, etc..

    I'm just gonna get me some of the new Celestion f12-x200's and load up some cabs. If you can't make that work, stop playing guitar and pick up the tuba, haha...

    I have some Slate stuff, I like their drums. I can’t see the point in It, who wants more stuff to load down your system? Especially since Kemper and others are available in hardware format? Too much crap on the computer gets lame after a while.

    I sure hope all those guys who said they don’t need an editor will chime in and announce they will refuse to use it. :-)

    ...Or a blog I said. A simple website can be thrown up in 15 minutes. Point is, there really is no exact need to post here. A simple email list can be setup for update reminders. One click, everyone gets the notice. Its all pretty elementary... The guy is blocked here or something, right? If it was me I wouldn't care where I was updating to, it all gets out...

    I wonder if they got the idea from me? :-) I posted on here how I took one of their 112's and put a full range speaker in it. Except they added a power amp. I think it would have made sense to have a non-powered version like I made for us who already have a powered Kemper.

    My god... Reading most of this is exactly like when someone running Windows has a simple problem and 100 people jump on board to explain 1000 things that will not solve the simple problem and actually create new problems.

    1. If you bought a new speaker setup and it doesn't sound right and you cannot resolve it simply and your ears haven't changed, ditch it an get something else.

    2. If you are thinking you have to add some new external hardware to your system to achieve something you already had previous, that is a fail.

    3. If you get advice that is not simple and obvious, that is a fail.

    4. Follow your ears. Accept less than perfection and make up the difference with your playing. Unless you want to do like we all did in the 80's and end up with $10k rack monsters that weigh 400lbs and have manuals with more pages of info than it takes to launch a rocket into orbit.

    The ultimate goal of any setup is to turn it on, start playing, and enjoy what you hear. If you get too deep into gear nonsense, you are a tweeker not a player.

    Bonus: If all else fails, buy a pro tube amp / speaker setup and enjoy. If that fails, quit guitar and play drums. If that doesn't work and you can't sing, sell all of your gear, move out to the country and become a farmer. :-)

    Thin picks are too floppy for me. If playing very fast, they don't work well. Kinda thin I use for acoustic, the jazz 3 pics for electric that are thicker but not super thick, or I just use my fingernail which really does just as well as a pick. I couldn't imagine using .007, man, how would you keep the stings in tune? haha.. I like .10's.

    In case you didn't know, Chris:

    Any mention of commercial Profilers will likely see a thread moved to the Third party Rigs discussion subforum, so don't fret(!) if your baby gets relocated.

    That would be beyond silly since the topic is not about 3 party rigs. Mentioning something in passing to enhance your story is not focusing specifically to warrant that. A company would have to be really spooked or worried about something to be that micromanaged.