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    I'm not sure I agree. I like this forum, but like the Fractal forum, people on here get VERY defensive about Kemper and Kemper practices. I'm just saying it like I see it and the way some individuals react on here irritates me. Sorry if that upsets you. I'm sure the way I act irritates you.

    That's any forum / Any gear. Hell, it's not limited to music, I recently tried to get some quick info on a CNC forum, and got 20 snarky replies of "Did you do a search here?!?" ANY product that has a type of forum its the same thing, over and over and over...

    Anyway, I have a Presonus Quantum 2, never looking back... Everything just freaking works the first time. I can actually do stuff without troubleshooting.

    Yeah man, that was actually pretty useful. I couldn't see the parameter that could change your clothes though, is that something I missed in a recent update?! Somebody jump in with some clarification!

    Why do you still use the knobs/buttons? That's an absurd waste of time. I do my editing with a keyboard, mouse, and a screen with 42" worth of information. Works great!

    42" Screen? How yesterday... I painted the side of my neighbors house white and have a high res projector!

    It's always amusing, the fanboi snobbery that comes along with any and all threads like this. This is not exclusive to KPA by any means, but it always is amusing.

    You don't need it! Gotcha! And the user interface is so perfect, why even discuss anything additional?! Understood! If you ( and you speak for everyone ) find everything you need right at the dials and buttons, you in the best interests of mankind must denounce all discussions of any and all alternatives to knobs and buttons! Mouse clicks and giant screens of information are an abomination! Okey Dokey!

    Of course we enjoy the Kemper as it is. And we can compare it with everything else out there. And we can switch to other things and whatever. Consumers always reach out, that is the whole point. For anyone who chimes the "We all must be so utterly grateful..." You should have to suffer units with no updates. Ever. You should be grateful where you started and accept your lowly status until a full new unit is available, and then you must pay double and be grateful for the opportunity, haha... :-)

    Everything has an editor. from little pedals to major gear, it is just the norm. Stereos, TVs, my freaking central air has an app to control it! Sure I can get up and adjust it down a notch, but I don't have to. Options. Not having an editor in this day and time seems odd. When you exclude it, it's like you are from the stone age. Those that don't want/need it, you don't have to download or use it. Options. So you need not comment further or at all, just exclude yourself. Easy. Go rest your back from bending and tweaking. ;-) This convo is so old, its yawn.... I could care less about reverbs. Most of use is recording, I have plenty of plugins. If I don't have an editor and have to manually adjust things, I might as well use the real thing, my tube amps. Simple. Easy.

    Could be a loose screw or a solder blob or a piece of plastic, etc..etc.. a short would suck, sometimes it gets wedge in somewhere and it starts up again. If you heard it, its still there, so the hunt is on. Unless you don't care and chance it.

    1. Just a fascination with music. I never was star struck by any band or players making me want to do anything. Listening and appreciating vs doing something myself were two different things to me. I played guitar before I even had a radio or stereo, so no 'guitar heros' or 'band worship' or anything like that.

    2. Did fine in sports early on, decided sports was boring, had nothing further to do with it. To this day, don't watch or follow any of it or care. Not sure what 'spotty' means.

    3. Never had a problem with women. I'm not ugly, nor am I shy or boring, or anything else that a guitar may help some with. I delve into art in various ways including music, so it all goes together for me.

    Inspiration comes from everything. Music is just another language to express various moments of feelings or thought. I prefer a blank canvas rather than build on someone else's sketch of ideas.

    I play standard unless for some reason there is a requirement to change it. I’m not a tone chaser, I just pick tones that fit my mood at the moment. When I do want something different, I don’t like to waste endless hours trying to find what I am needing.

    Tone is not in your fingers, your style is. You choose amps and effects that suit or enhance your style. If you play the same stuff over and over, you don’t need much. You pick a limited amount of things to get you there. If you are an endless experimenter you go through everything new that comes along not because you need to but because you like to. If you feel you are always missing something, perhaps you just can’t decide what type of player you are.

    I pick amps that best cover how I like to play. I don’t like distortion pedals so I don’t use them. A good amp usually has all you need. My style and the way I play is the same on anyone’s guitar or amp. I don’t sound any different I always sound like me. Better gear just makes things easy and is more inspiring because I have have more time playing and don’t have to keep a junk guitar in tune or stop a cheapo amp from endless feedback or trying to program the launch of a space shuttle.

    I have several tube amps, and a Kemper. I don’t buy new amps because my current one is missing anything, I buy them because I like amps. Some people have more than one car, not because their old one drives bad, but because they like or need another car. Same idea.

    I have the Kemper simply for convenience. It’s small and light. Easy to carry around and simple to use, great for a daw. It doesn’t replace my desire for tube amps or give a better tone, it’s just a great way to get around without needing a moving truck and a strong back to get somewhere and get playing.

    I have about 13 guitars. I don’t need that many, I just build my own guitars and find it interesting to come up with new designs.

    Even though the profile never changes, other factors do. The guitar I'm using that day, the condition of the strings, if on stage how far my IEMs are pushed in both my ears and the volume I happen to be monitoring at when practicing. Finally, perhaps the most important, is that I'm not playing the same songs, notes, chords, ect, every time I play. As mentioned, each weekend I'm playing a different combination of songs and I have a few guitars I use, but only one a weekend, since I can't switch between songs. Sometimes you just had a really good rehearsal with other musicians and everything come together easier than other nights. Even during private practice sessions, some days I bring a lull of creativity and other days I'm in my zone. It's likely that the creative mood I'm in (or lack thereof) drives my perception of my tone more than the tone drives my creativity.
    Quite often though, my "meh" feeling about tone begins to occur after I've been listening to some commercial profile demos or browsing gear websites and practicing less.
    Personally, those are enough variables for me to keep things interesting, to not miss the variables of real tubes amps! And when I do have GAS, I can go profile hunting until I come to my senses, without horse-trading gear.

    Same other factors for tube amps. But since the tube amp does not stay stationary like a digital Kemper or solid state amp, it is even more variable.

    Not to say these small variations matter for most, like many have stated, other factors make it better, such as size and weight, reliability, etc.. You can't be a tube amp (or solid state) for ease of use. There is nothing easier to turn just a few knobs, the limitations are a gift at times, forcing you to be more creative with what little you have to change. But the heavy beasts are a pain to get around. I don't miss my 300 lbs+ rack system! Anyway, my point was just to address the 'what is missing' issue. That one variable, imperfection, is what it is and I can't see it as ever being captured so whatever....

    or a consistently moody tone depending on how your valve amp was feeling when you profiled it ;-)
    To be fair I sometimes think my KPA is SO valve like that the tone even changes from day to day just to mimic the real thing. Either my ears are knackered or the Christoph Kemper is beyond a genius :-)

    Explain how a ‘snapshot’ changes from day to day? Perhaps you mean your ears. ;-)

    Part of the 5% issue (if it exists) is us guitarists' conditioning to solid state and digital marketing for decades promising "just like a tube amp.".

    It does exist, although I think everyone is missing it. It has nothing to do with copying warmth or quality.

    The missing '5%' (or more) is that tube amps are like people ---- > moody. Kemper takes a 'snapshot' of your tone and you stay at that snapshot, a perfect pleasing tone all the time. It may be your best tone, but it is -that- tone all the time. Solid state is similar, but it isn't a copy of your fav tone, its just a tone. But the same where it is like it is ---- > all the time.

    Tube amps change all the time like the weather. They warm up, sound cold, lack something, sometimes sound even beyond what you'd imagine. Then crap again. A constant battle. You try pedals, whatever, to compensate because of the guitar(s) you use, or just to add constant sparkle, etc., then you throw it all out and start from scratch again, fall in love again, a nice clean amp sound playing direct.. Then you have a bad sound day and what to kick that B_tch to the curb, buy a new amp and start again. Sometimes you have many amps, like dating, you just pick one you know will do it for you that day. Unless it sucks and you plug into another. And another. Then try one of them you haven't seen in a while and magic!! Whoa! Why did I want to sell this POS?!?! It's awesome! until tomorrow....

    It is the tube amp's imperfection that we are attracted to. Like a junkie that keeps looking for a repeat of that first high, but never obtaining it. Or a smoker trying to get that first cig buzz, whatever... Sure, you can buy the 'patch' but is it really the same? :-) You can drink diet soda, but is it really like a real soda?!?

    When you have something that never changes on its own, you grow used to it, and naturally, get bored with it. Your ears pick up on the similar details like a chick you get bored with and want to move on. Or maybe try to change her?! ;-O You want the thrill of having to fight something to see how far it will go. You get in your car and exceed the limits, not know if the engine will blow the hell up. That is the fun of tube amps.

    Safe amps seem to give you the deal but you always think something is missing, well there it is. The only way to change digital stuff to that is to come up with some 'humanizer' or 'real world-izer' to simulate the subtle moody tube amp circuit that we constantly try to tame.

    I don't know why the talk of the CE-2. like other older analog choruses, its just a subtle smooth chorus, but not the same as the Dimension effect. The dimension doesn't have that chorus 'swoosh' at all, and sound like you in another dimension if in stereo. ;-) The original Dimension D from the old manual has it on the tail end of all effects, so It was more for studio overall I think, but just happened to sound great with guitar so they made a pedal? When it came out in 1985, I didn't know what the hell it was, so I bought it to find out. It was around $145 back then. Amazing for clean guitar, terrible for distorted guitar. Also really good for keys. Anyway, everybody has chorus, Kemper would be more unique to offer the unusual effects to be different!

    A CE-2 is a chorus is not the dimension effect. The CE-2 does have very subtle modulation, but it just is not the 3D like character of the SDD 320 Dimension D or the little pedal Dimension C. They are way more 'airy' and endless sounding unlike any standard chorus circuit. Great for keyboards and clean guitar, it was used extensively in the 80's studios. Not good at all for distorted guitar.