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    I'm curious where some of you get 'serious tweeking' only with and editor? I can just 'push a button' on an editor too, just from a farther location, or even right on top of my rack. Choices are great. You people keep talking like it's one or the other. Did I miss something or do I lose the option of 'quick adjust' on the Kemper if I have an editor?

    If I use an editor, is the face of the Kemper just going to suddenly disappear?!

    An editor is an --------> ADDITION. If I care to make a quick adjustment from the Kemper, or a quick adjustment from the editor, I get BOTH not one or the other. I can use BOTH for studio or live, depending on whatever comes up.

    I have a sunroof on my car. Who needs a hole in their car roof? I don't need it all the time, but when I do, I push the button and enjoy! If I don't have a need I simply ignore it for now.

    why stop there, you could have the toilet built into your chair and a fridge within arms reach. Use the iPad to flush and order more food.What's seen as progress is not always necessary or warranted.

    Instead of retort, just review what I have posted and ponder: why are you on the topic ‘Kemper 2 Expectations’? To make Snyde comments? If you have everything you need there are ample topics to praise your final destination.

    I guess we'll both be dependent on what Kemper define as progress. Whatever they decide, I won't be disappointed.

    Customers that are never disappointed are the best! I love customers like that, it takes all the pressure off... ;-) The topic is 'Kemper 2 Expectations' which should really not interest you, yes? Technology is a fast market that is ever-changing. 6 months old is outdated. New is just a day away. The biggest ever is next week and when it gets here even bigger has a silhouette in the doorway. Usb... Firewire! Thunderbolt!! Thunderbolt 2! ...No... 3!! I just bought a AD/DA converter and it was outdated before the charge hit my credit card! When I bought an ADA preamp in the 80's, we all were sure that was it! Hey, a processor that has 7 effects in one box?! Unheard of! Well, I might as well put away my Musicians Friend catalog, perfection achieved! Wait a minute... What THIS?!?

    This is the daily life of tech. We are here to have fun, give ideas, and howl at the moon on new things. Anyone camped on Kemper's doorstep rioting? No. So I do not understand these retorts of ultimate loyalty. Did we all threaten to sell?? Run screaming to the exit? No. If someone says 100 times "Editor!" ok, so what. It's all good.

    Yes, but would you like the heating to be more efficient or be able to control it from a distance? I guess Kemper have limited resources and have so far focussed on features that would contribute to better sound.
    For me it would have to be worth more than increased sofa time.

    ? Perhaps you missed it. I could either adjust manually or simply adjust where I am at. I like having both options. More is better. The more I use my iPad, the less I find the need to do things manually. Progress. Progress always wins.

    Extensive tweaking (I mean like editor tweaking)is most of all something you need very much time for..something I never had in any studio nor on any stage of course.
    In the end..nice to see that we slowly all agree that an editor is most of all a "Home-Tool" and rather not a daily tool for live or pro-studio where each minute costs money nobody has anymore in a broken buisness..exceptions surely exist and a future editor would something all would like to have.

    That’s just your opinion. Another expectation could be added for Kemper marketing to show the benefits for an editor in all situations. It is simply outdated in every fashion to think an editor will not be the focal point eventually.

    I mean seriously, as I type this I just adjusted my thermostat in my house from this iPad. Did I really need this in a live situation? Could I have just gotten up, went to the hallway and just adjusted it on the screen. Yes I could. But I didn’t. Class dismissed.

    Looks nice Nemo, albeit a litte crammed here and there. I like an interface that 'breaths'. But nice work on the knobs!

    That was just an example of skin ease. It's crammed because that was the request, but in that limited space. ;-) If you don't have a need for much control, you can have a cleaner design. But if you need control and don't want it to take up your whole screen, then that is when good design work comes in handy. Here is a simple design I made for some other stuff, my little amp head. Most people could do this with a little skill in vector graphics.

    Graphics is easy stuff. You just have to size it up to the pixel for what ever you are using it for. I used to make all kinds of designs for things like the Windows Media Player for S&G. Here is a quick example:You can get real 3D and have the buttons push in/out visually, knobs rotate, etc..etc.. All depends on how many images and maps you use.

    You think that my soundguy's remark is the only thing I made my decission upon? Serious?I guess I hope you see you're doing the same thing: checked out the DD500, didn't like it so the rest must be "meh" as well.
    Don't care if you put the Boss stuff at the range of something like the 1101 (you know every guitarist, all over the world, pro or amateur has got at least one Boss pedal on their boards......), in the end, I'm happy with it and that's all that counts, doesn't it?
    And yes, sooner or later I will be back on a full tube amp, a Kemper did not change that idea anyway :D

    Go play your KPA and have lots of fun with it. I know I did!!

    Old Boss is not the new Boss. Sorry man, seen your story since the late 80's. Just another rerun. Good luck and see you soon. ;-)

    Oh no, another ‘Boss Believer’. :-). Yeah, I checked out their new pedal line, like the DD-500, and that was just meh. I like the idea just not the end result. I would have no higher expectations of this item. So a sound guy goes ‘Hey, I thought it was a Kemper’ and you sell? Haha.. Can’t take that tone experience seriously. Usually this type of thing you are shortly back to real amps, then start looking at Axs and Kempers again. I would put the Boss stuff at the range of something like the Digitech 1101. Really cool and fun, but in the end no.

    And "uber fan boys" and "stagnant mind" is not a demeaning insult?

    No. There is a difference between assuming and classification. Let me help: I would never assume someone is immature or naive for having foresight or humor regarding a product.

    I would though make a classification on someone based on their continued comments. Would you prefer overly fond of over Uber? Fanboy? Stagnant is a correct term for non moving, yes?

    You can’t please everyone. ;-)

    Wow, I didn’t think a little forum for a product was some serious academic discussion. It can be fun too. No need for uber-fanboys to ruin it with demeaning insults such as ‘immature and naive’. I would think those with such a stagnant mind for a product would do well to simply avoid topics such as this one.

    You guys are off topic. How about a Kemper helmet? It should have a mind reading device that sucks my tone thoughts through my skull and immediately creates a profile. And mental switching to eliminate the foot pedal. Maybe that could be Kemper 4? 4.5 should have and upgrade to not mess up my hair.

    I think the line 6 stuff sounds kinda weak, They are like all the other 2nd rung items out there really... But anyway, we are talking about a Kemper 2.0 here.

    1u, same depth form factor, editor, done! Separate power amp option or a 2u for that if need for live. I don’t like floor units because I kick stuff around or other careless people step on things.