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    I’ve never seen a simple feature request bring out so many emotionally charged soul searching posts.

    It is such a mighty request, it has its own gravitational pull. It pulls in not only targeted players, but unaffected players, post bombers, and visitors from outer topic!

    The magnitude of this request is so impacting, there is a scientific study in place with devoted experts working 24/7 on the psychological and societal consequences to the music community worldwide!

    The aftershocks of its initial creation has actually driven players who have zero need or interest for such a feature feel absolutely compelled to journey here and announce / remind the whole forum that they personally have no need for this particular feature request.

    The power of this one simple request has even breached the very Kemper forum itself! Traveling far far away into distant alien forums!

    This must be... The Armageddon request...

    Regardless if you feel and editor is needed or not, it is an addition, not a subtraction. Since it is not a subtraction, all the naysayers lose nothing. Since nothing changes for them, why they are here is a mystery in the first place.

    You show up to announce you don’t need one when you lose nothing?? Why else then are you here?

    To defend Kemper? For what reason? They have never announced anything. I’m sure they can decide what they want to do without you distracting their other customers.

    I have found on other places like Axe FX forums and the like, people there do the same thing. What is this forum psychosis?

    To say no to any addition is ridiculous, since all would use it in the end. Why not stop beating a dead horse and let the new people comment as they please?

    @Nemo13 The skulls are dope, do they serve any functional purpose? Which maker?

    No, I just like skulls on there, something different. I just build my own guitars. I call them Phantasmaelectrix. I call that one Demogorgon. Here is another one, this one is called Vampir. It looks like you'd catch your hand, but it is a trick of the eye, there is actually a lot of room because of the back contouring. ;-) Not the best pics, kinda pixiated. The fun thing about making your own is no rules.

    Let see, what was the topic here?

    Feature requests.

    An editor would be a feature most welcome. Once in a while, new people see this topic and agree, thus this topic lives.

    For the static product crowd and topic bombers, I can see them as those back in time, like the owners of the first personal computers, like a Mits Altair 8800.. If there was a forum back then, I can see them arguing with others: "Why would you want a screen?!? You have all the switches right on the front panel, you don't need to look at a screen! You knew what you bought! Just write down the program and hit the right switches! You must not have read the manual... "

    Like it or not, editors are the norm in the world today. it simply makes sense. At the end of the day, the fastest easiest most convenient way to make music wins.

    For the Kemper 3, I want it to have a hologram projector output so I can have a virtual me playing exactly like me and my amp so I can play along. Also, it would be really cool if I could have an accessories section for sunglasses, holding a beer, etc...

    I think this would be really useful if I am jamming with someone or some place I don't like, then I really don't have to be there. :-)

    It is tiresome seeing people on here attack valid topics with fluff to try and get the topic to go away. I can't wait for a new Kemper or finally and editor so I can watch the naysayers to fight to get to the front of the line. ;-)

    Kemper 2? With an editor, the face panel could really be streamlined and not need so many controls. Maybe even a 2U unit? ;-) How about optional color face plates? Aesthetics is always fun to have.

    To compete with AXE? A HUGE LED display, touch sensitive! :-) Why the hell not, that would really be star wars. Dream big.

    "Ya know, I have never once, in my 30 years of playing live, every had a
    single person come up to me on break and complement me on how fast the
    FPGA was in my processor.

    Lets try to keep it real here."

    Ok, let's keep it real. Musicians or regular people? Regular people don't care what you play through. Ever. Don't even know what you are talking about.

    Other musicians ask questions about ----> Everything. That's what we do. You must have had a very isolated 30 years!

    Ok, bypassing all the useless posts...

    So, I watched the video, and I went with what the guy said: "I want to focus today mainly on the amp sounds."

    Ok, after listening to them, the Kemper sounded soft and rounded, like a real tube amp. The Axe 3 to me disappointingly sounded like a solid state amp with a really bad 5 band EQ in front of it. Harsh is the word that came to mind on all of them. Edgy, not ~rounded~ like a tube amp...

    But then at the end he says: "For me personally, for what I do, I need a box that has everything in it, or I might as well use an amp and pedals."

    ?? What is he talking about? I thought he was just focusing on the sounds! Personal need / hook ups / etc., is irrelevant. So I'm sorry but I will have to give this guy a fail.

    Yeah, it’s always nice to get the latest and greatest, but like cell phones, usually the next version doesn’t really have anything really different. The AX2 to 3, I don’t think the sounds have changed, but the connectivity and brain power is more, if you even need that, and the form factor is better. The Kemper 1 overall is hard to find anything wrong at all, it all works, so I really don’t think you can go wrong with getting what’s out there now. It doesn’t have an editor right now, but if one comes out, even with a Kemper 2, might still be retro. I would just get a Kemper now and not worry about it.

    Sure pal. If anything you are a great product cheerleader regardless, which is useless in any topic of discussion. Amusing though, the title ‘KPA expert’ like this is a hard thing to achieve. That is not the point of conversation at all, which is why you are hopelessly lost in your fawning. It is about control and application, not expertise and familiarity of the unit, we are talking about an editor. I think others have pointed this out also, but you and a few others seem to miss the mark quite often. Perhaps If you reread from the beginning each time before you post that may help you. ;-)

    Nothing easy about legal and new digital stuff. What is it? How is it classified? Is it a complete something or just a partial something that needs something else to work? Anyway, When the Kemper came out, was the plan for everyone to start a side business selling things for the Kemper? A lot of them for sale are no better than the free ones. What is the actual value? With all the supposive work, if no better than free, how do you establish value other than a sales pitch?

    To me it’s all subjective. Anyway, you sell something digital these days (art, programs, music, movies, etc, etc) You will always have the sharks out to take a bite unless there r is some type of actual regulation for protection.

    Don't get any cabs with 'stereo' speakers. i.e. two separate speaker channels right next to each other in one cab, you get all kinds of weird swooshing and stuff if there is any bouncing back and forth the two with chorus or delays.

    I can't believe the continued nit-picking and small talk. The fact remains that editors are -STANDARD- for almost any gear today. Let me repeat: ----> STANDARD.

    Do you have a smart phone or a regular old cell phone? Same thing. Most have a smart phone. I have an old Motorola StarTac than has internet access, email, etc.. The last one made. It does everything a smartphone can do, so why do I need a smart phone?


    If you chose to exclude an editor, you are from the beginning behind the times of ALL other gear, regardless of how good your gear may sound. The other gear will surpass you over time.

    Convenience is just as important as creative. I've seen it all go down since the early 80's, and one thing that has always lagged way behind is the hardware. Always in rack format, the tiny screens and access to the massive information got extremely TIRESOME and is the exact reason why everybody went back to old heads and pedals. WE GOT TIRED OF IT. Way huge software possibilities, but space shuttle monster manuals, hundreds of sub menus, tiresome 3" screens, and hours upon hours of sore back programming. Enough!

    Once the editor made the scene, there was no going back. It's smart. It's relevant. It's what everyone is used to now.

    I can see the idea of trying to make something just like an amp. When I got the Kemper, by all accounts it was still somewhat simple to use, but I like many figured it was new and advancements were coming, like an editor similar to AFX and others.

    Now that we have 1000 amp profiles, many effects, parameters, cabs, etc, etc... it is NO LONGER IN THE SIMPLE AMP REALM. The Kemper is a FULL BLOWN PROCESSOR. PERIOD.

    Besides the hijacking of fluff, the original request remains: Can we get an editor, yes or no?

    It makes zero sense to not say anything unless a) you have nothing to offer at all and no way to get there, so why address it to look bad. or b) You may have something to offer, but it may be left to a Kemper 2 for some kind of marketing thing. or c) You have some specific idea about what you created and simply don't want to offer one, so let everyone talk circles about it, who cares.

    This topic is dead and the question / request has gone unanswered beyond any normal parameters. In my book silence defaults to: NO.