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    Yes, the comparisons need to be apples and apples (i.e. Clarett headphone out vs. Kemper headphones out and Clarett out to monitors vs. Kemper out to monitors); however, you (and others previously) have been trying to find out what the root cause of the dullness issue is.

    Assuming the Kemper itself is fine via headphones and via monitors, then logically the issue will be when the Clarett and/or the DAW are added to the equation.

    Is it all outputs on the Clarett, or just the headphones out? Hence why I asked about the sound via the headphones and monitors.

    You can also remove the DAW from the equation, by using the Control software to listen to the Kemper via the Clarett only (headphones and then monitors). If it still sounds dull with this arrangement, then you know the Clarett is at least in part to blame - if not wholly.

    Is the interface connected to monitor speakers as well? If so, does the sound from the DAW via the interface monitor outputs sound as dull as via the interface headphones output?

    If not, it might be that the headphone output on the interface is not as high quality as the Kemper headphone output.

    The next check would be to see if the Kemper (SPDIF)/DAW /Interface /Monitors set up sounds as good as Kemper straight to Monitors.

    Also, in the title of this thread you mention ". . . when recording" - does it sound dull whilst you are monitoring during recording and also when you play the recording back, or just when you play the recording back?

    I probably only have questions rather than answers; however, this query crops up a lot and I don't think I've ever read a definitive answer.

    I think it's harder to argue semantics with equations - does the following sum up (at a very high level) the different techniques?


    [Digital version of Amp A, Component 1] + [Digital version of Amp A, Component 2] . . . + . . . [Digital version of Amp A, Component n] = Digital Model of Amp A


    [Generic Digital Base Amp Model] + [Phase 1 Profiling of physical Amp A] + [Phase 2 Profiling of physical Amp A] + [ Phase 3 Profiling of Physical Amp A] = Digital Profiled version of Amp A

    I don't think anyone is claiming that the two systems use the same techniques.

    Whether you prefer one over the other, both the same, or you believe each has its strengths and weaknesses should be informed by your use case and experience of using both.

    However, as not everyone has cash to spend on both, enjoy using the one you've got, but if you are tempted by the fruit of another - don't feel guilty if you end up running off with it . . . unless you were just after something shiny and new.

    (1) With Mics:

    Take 22

    Missuss and kids: "Hi, we're back!!!"

    Me: "F*ck it!!! . . ."

    . . . Take 23

    (2) With Kemper:

    Take 22

    Missus and kids: "Hi, we're back!!!"

    Me "OK . . . er, I'm recording - tell me all about it later"

    Scenario (2) is much more cordial and more likely to lead to a "maybe", when you next suggest buying yet another guitar.

    I record as follows:

    Guitar → Kemper (Studio Profile - Amp & Cab) → Focusrite 6i6 (via SPDIF) → DAW (Pro Tools on Windows 10)

    I have the SPDIF output set to Master Stereo @ 0 dB and use the volume within the Amp block to ensure the signal hitting my DAW input is at -8 dB (peak). I use a metering plug-in to check it's at -8dB.

    I have Pure Cab on between 1.0 and 3.5.

    I then use various plugins when mixing and mastering to produce the final track.

    It's just a hobby (as you'd probably see if you clicked on the link to my YouTube channel below), but that's how I set things up.


    A Kemper profile is the sound of an amp (incl. cab) recorded via a mic; therefore, when you record yourself playing a profile via an audio interface into a DAW you are recording the mic'd sound of an amp.

    This does not sound the same as what you hear when you are plugged into an amp and listening to the 'amp in the room' sound. If you have a Fender Hot Rod profile and want to compare it with your Fender Hot Rod, you should make a profile of your Hot Rod, so that you are comparing like for like, e.g. a mic'd amp with a mic'd amp.

    I think a lot of people that are used to playing via an amp in their room find it hard to adjust to listening to the sound of a profile; however, a mic'd amp is usually the sound that we all hear on the records we all love (although even The Beatles sometimes recorded their guitars direct into the mixing desk) and if you drop a recorded clip of a profile into the full mix, you'll find it works perfectly well (although most recordings usually include a bit of post recording mixing magic).

    Having said that, a lot of people might not intend to record anything and just want to jam using the Kemper and therefore to try and help produce a more 'amp in the room' sound, the Kemper Team implemented Pure Cab - you should experiment with this.

    Having said all that, it's not clear to me what you are actually recording. If you are recording direct from Kemper to your audio interface with the cab section of the profile switched off (because you usually play your powered Kemper via your Hot Rod cab), then it's definitely going to sound different to your amp.

    If you are recording a Profile with both amp and cab sections on then, as mentioned above, your recording should sound like a mic'd amp and hours of tweaking should not be necessary - just try another profile until you find one that works.

    Well it's still the Xmas hols and the good vibe I've picked up from my tradition of watching a different version of "A Christmas Carol' each year is still flowing through me and I hope amongst you guys/gals also and I put the recent bout of venting down to cabin fever getting the better of us.

    Terence- I think there might be some confusion re: the help being offered - some of it are tweaks you could make , whilst the rest are methods to try and identify the root cause.

    For example - does the Kemper actually "do what it says on the tin" (an advert us Brits will know)? If you have an amp and like what it sounds like recorded via a mic via an audio interface into a DAW, then profile it with same settings and see if it sounds the same.

    Now I completely agree with you, as I also didn't buy the Kemper to profile my Vox AC15 and/or my Fender Princeton, but instead to have access to all the other myriad of amps out there profiled by others; however, this is a way of checking if the Kemper works by comparing apples with apples.

    The other thing to remember is that the sound of the Kemper is the sound of a mic'd amp, not the sound of an amp/cab as heard by the player stood near it Does the Kemper sound bad whilst you are playing, or just when you play back what you've recorded?

    Damian has provided some useful clips (via the Sinmix website) to show how a single recorded mono guitar track could sound a bit 'meh', but when multi-tracked and added to the mix of the full song it can sound OK.

    I think ultimately people are trying to see if:

    1. They can help you with a few tweaks and the magic of the Kemper will be revealed;
    2. There is something wrong with your Kemper (and if so, you should send it in to be looked at); or
    3. There is nothing fundamentally wrong, but you just don't like it

    If you go through stages 1 and 2 and you end up at 3, then I ain't gonna get butt hurt if you sell up - in the end playing guitar is meant to be fun, not more hassle than the day job.

    Happy New Year to you all - especially to all those helping fine tune the public beta, whilst I just sit and wait for the first full release!

    And to think I received a 1 day ban for off-topic posts, which were about the editor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think the day you get banned for posting on this thread, is the day you look thrice before crossing the road and don't bother buying a lottery ticket.

    To keep onside - once the Editor arrives it'll feel like we've all hit the jackpot . . .er, unless the Performance Management options don't live up to some people's expectations, or the cocked-wah removal button proves to be just a placebo (after Dimi gets his charts out again), or . . .

    I think the mods are hoping that this thread goes more and more off topic - at which point a surreptitious change of the title will be made and everyone will forget the idea of an Editor being produced was ever considered.

    However, their off topic preference might not be poetry from guitarists, so bans could still happen (I hope).

    My man on the inside was telling me to sell all my guitars and nip down William Hill and stick it all on a tomorrow midday release, but just as I was checking where the nearest Cash Converters store is, I got a text telling me they're now working on a Fractal skin for the Editor and that I should hang fire on placing that bet . . . bugger!

    I think they're nearly there now - just adding some final functionality:

    • For those still looking for a versatile clean-ish sound, after having spent hours using the Editor to tweak the proverbial out of dozens of profiles to try and get what they hear in their head, there's going to be an escape button that takes you straight to the rmpacheco Morgan AC20 profile.

    • There's going to be an optional reporting tool that shows you how long you've spent faffing with the Editor and also translates this into a 'What Mozart would have achieved in the same time as you've spent playing with the Editor' metric. To avoid delaying the launch of the Editor any further though, they are going to provide the alternative 'How many songs Jimmy Page would have plagiarized in the same time as you've spent playing with the Editor' metric at a later date - post release - perhaps subject to demand.

    To help you get through these last few* days of waiting , try singing the Coca Cola 'Holidays are Coming' song but swap the words 'Holidays are' with 'Editor/Rig Manager 3 is' to keep your spirits up.

    *I'll leave it to others to define 'few'.

    Picture the Russian Roulette scene from 'The Deer Hunter', but slightly altered so that it is the Kemper Team holding Sinmix prisoner with the promise of allowing him back into the forum if he does the following:

    Every time a post within this thread covers any of the following:

    • "Why didn't they produce one years ago?"
    • "What's taking them so long?"
    • "You don't really need an Editor"
    • "You do need an Editor"
    • Two grown men arguing the toss about nothing of any importance at all

    Sinmix has to roll a dice (I believe the plural form is used for singular also nowadays, before I start getting letters). But no ordinary dice - this one is numbered 1 to 5, with the 6th side altered to say "add an extra day's delay to the Editor Release date" (in small font obviously).

    I guess old Sinmix must have rolled a few sixes recently.

    Apparently though, he gets fed if a post includes poetry, or a dinosaur.

    In his autumn before the winter, comes man's last mad surge of youth - usually in the form of one or more of the following:

    ·Buying a blouson leather jacket

    ·Buying a fast car that is too small for the whole family to fit in

    ·Buying a load of guitars to finally be Keef Richards, rather than ‘Keith from Accounts’, but then not playing them because there is no Editor.

    How soon is now?

    Whilst taking a brisk walk along the Scarborough seafront back in Jan this year, I was beckoned into a booth by a mysterious lady who offered to tell me my fortune, but she'd have to be quick, as she had to pack up and nip to Aldi for the weekly shop.

    She began looking into her crystal ball and exclaimed "Beware getting your hopes up for the Ides of October!" Although I could see she was in a rush to go, I asked what she meant and what exactly could she see when she looked into the crystal ball.

    After a bit more peering, she added "I see nobs falling off the stage and snapchat disappearing", or at least that's what I thought she said. Before I could ask any more she'd packed up the SUV and drove off into the gloom.

    I thought nothing more of it until now - mid October. "Nobs falling off the stage"? Now, Lady Gaga is not my cup of tea, but I'm not going to call her a nob. "Snapchat disappearing"? I don't use it myself, but I believe it's still going strong.

    Now, if she had said "Knobs falling off the Stage and Snapshots disappearing", then it would have made more sense - perhaps her ball needed a wipe.

    Sorry, just putting off doing the ironing.

    I treat this thread like Shrodinger’s Editor.

    If I don’t open it, it might be available.

    Oh, bugger.

    Comfort yourself with the knowledge that in a parallel world you are currently now merrily scrolling through delay after delay and tweaking the sh*t out of everything and anything that moves when the cursor lands upon it - whilst your guitar looks back at you forlornly wondering when you will next give it a proper stroke (the guitar that is, not the cat you've locked in a box).

    "But also, we sincerely believe that it's better to invest a couple of additional days."

    Now, I'm proud of my O' Levels in French and German, but somewhat less proud of the extent to which I have made use of this skill set since taking the exams. I am therefore more than happy that we have so many contributors to this forum, from places far and wide, who choose to communicate in English (so at least I can join in occasionally) and I would never nit pick people's spelling, grammar or phrasing . . .

    However, perhaps (and I mean perhaps) the above quote does include a small but important typo:

    "But also, we sincerely believe that it's better to invest a couple of additional delays."

    Did you spot it too?

    I think " a couple of additional delays" takes us to Xmas, but if anyone moans, we might all end up on the naughty step.