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    I have heard you all about recording when it sounds good. I know this . I have planned on it before it was mentioned the first time.

    The god damn thing has not come back.
    Hell it was 2 weeks before.

    You know, I have read a couple other threads with other members who had to deal with support and they said they were fast, courteous and apologetic.

    I have got none of this. For the first couple weeks I was polite, thanked them after each email etc.

    So I don't know what the hell their problem has been with me. Maybe I got the bottom of the barrel pick of help. I have had to go back and forth with this Dinnies character.

    Nobody finds the last email ignorant, condescending and totally avoiding the issue?
    After the first email that is how it has been.

    How many are using the DXR 10s? I know a lot of people are.
    You can't see how he just grabs at anything as an excuse?

    Not doing a damn thing to try and help.

    I am on your side man, there is a problem. But I have to say this, Kemper support has been nothing but good to me (Hans) He is always very thorough and we are only hearing your side of it. Even @ckemper posted here asking questions. If they asked you 3 weeks ago to send them a DI recorded outside of the Kemper, its your fault for not doing so. If they did not ask for a DI, then it is thier fault. Just my opinion. I really hope you get it resolved,.

    Uh.....I did send them what they asked for. Everything they asked for. Right when they asked for it.

    Who is this Hans? Give me his number. :)

    Well, that points to maybe the A/D converter in the Kemper, then...? I'm not sure how the direct out signal flow is, but I assume it hits the converters before being passed through...I had a similar issue with the A/D in my SSL Nucleus; the preamps were fine and I could play back from the computer using the sound card and D/A converters in the Nucleus, but recording through the preamps to disk via the sound card and computer caused horrible distortion and a really weak signal. I had to crank the preamps for there to be anything audible over a whisper.

    You are going a bit over my head. I am a dumb carpenter. Guess I could learn more of the music electronicals but my brain is getting too full. No more room. I already know just about everything else. Or at least that is what everybody tells me.

    If you want to hear my two Fenders directly into my recorder, here it is.
    First little run is my Strat, Second is my Telli.

    Cover your ears, the terrible fret buzz on my poorly setup guitars might hurt a bit. :rolleyes:

    Moderator Notice:

    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    The problem is, OP, that the sound files you post can't identify a problem themselves. It's perfectly easy to make Kemper, or amps, sound bad. I hear nothing in those files that immediately tells me the Kemper is faulty. The last part of the audio I posted sounded just as shitty to me.

    Your saying that things change from one minute to the other, but you're not communicating clearly exactly what's happening. Just that it sounds shitty. The best way for people on here to provide help is to hear the difference. Is it mostly a loss of gain? I've experienced that with my Kemper some times, but only briefly. Is there absolutely no change on clean sounds, level or otherwise?

    Dammit. I am being sucked back into this vortex!

    That is a spinny thing that goes round and round but thats not important right now...

    Clean sounds are very nice, even on my "nasty" DXR 10s no less.

    The other day when it got real bad yes it seemed to be dropping the gain as time went on. That was not so much the issue originally. It has been progressing.

    Stop making me go in circles. I am starting to think you are doing it for fun. Playing me.
    Excuse me while I turn the volume up.


    Besides any guitarist in my book should be able to do a basic setup on their own guitar. It's quite easy.
    At least until you get heavy wear and or improperly treated guitars. Mine are new so it was quite easy.

    Ok. it's enough for me. You don't want to convince Kemper team that there is somenthing wrong with your KPA because you only need to spend 5 minutes to record two direct tracks, one through the KPA and one using only your audio interface. If the second one is ok, your KPA is broken.

    It's half the time you needed to write those long emails.

    I give up. You don't want our help.

    I don't use an audio interface into my PC if that is what you are asking.
    I go directly into my track recorder.

    Some are saying I have glossed over their recommendations. No I have not. I have tried most of this at one time or another but many don't read through the posts. Some are glossing over what I say and have said over and over and over. That is in part why I gave up.

    My house stays at a pretty constant humidity. I don't live in a barn. My house is conditioned all of the time. I have AC and heat. A humidifier for winter built into my main heat system.
    Never a problem before,... ever. I don't even take my guitars outside for a walk. They really don't go out of tune sitting for a long time. Even temperature changes can do that. My house stays even.

    I just set my guitars up.

    Look back at my other threads you will see where I just changed my bridge on my Tele to solid blocks. So I had to set it up. I went through the others at the same time.
    Would you guys like to see my guitar tools? My feeler gauges or my FretGuru 2? Or any of my other tools? You might be surprised.

    I mention those in particular because of my string height. I have a perfect arch with my strings that follows the neck contour. I am a stickler for this kind of shit. I am a carpenter of over 30 some years. A stupidly anal one at that. I am no dummy in this department. Granted I am not a full blown luthier though. Let me clear that up before someone jumps on that.
    There is always..."that guy".

    Do I need to make a video going over my guitars step by step showing how they are set up? Sorry ain't gonna happen. As I said I have a life to live.

    I KNOW WHAT FRET BUZZ IS. There is not one guitar you guys own that is playable that you cant get fret buzz here and there. BS if you like.

    OH my guitars (all of them) are smart just like my speakers, they magically start fret buzzing on command and in the next moment sound great. :wacko:
    If you think my guitar has extreme fret buzz, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. Yes, you can get a slight buzz on occasion but I like my action close to the bottom of the recommended setting.

    It doesn't matter,I haven't changed the action when this problem instantly happens.

    Either way that is just a description I tried to use to compare the sound to. Mistake of course because some jumped all over it. Just like other things I mentioned.

    So try to school me if you like.

    But this is not what I am here for
    What part are some of you guys not understanding?


    So explain to me how my neck is going to warp, bow, shrink and or expand in this time and then go back to sounding beautiful? ON ALL OF MY GUITARS at once? Within minutes!! ?(

    I wasn't born yesterday. I wasn't introduced to guitars yesterday either. Probably 1984. You do the math.

    Now my damn DXR 10s are not good enough for the Kemper team. (Read below) BOTH of them!! That I have been happily using for a long time!! They both must know when the other is going to go out so they do it in unison ! Smart speakers and smart guitars. Huh.

    That or they all of the sudden became sub par !! WTF. How dense can somebody get?! How stupid do you think I am?

    And they picked a couple of you and try to say you all are in agreement now. Really? That is not what I see....nor care about. Its called taking advantage of a few posts to reinforce their ignorant BS !

    Well, todays email from them-

    Dear Joe ######,

    there is obviously a huge gap, between what you describe as a totally unacceptable sound and what we and other users are hearing.

    Just wondering, have you ever changed your monitoring environment as suggested by myself early on? I'm reading, you are using a Yamaha DMX 10? That speaker might have a reasonable price/performance ratio for some users. From my perspective it has a tendency to sound nasty. We are using RCF NX 10 as our stage monitor reference since we had compared those and others, which is obviously a different price range. However, the price difference seemed to be appropriate given the sound difference.

    Before you draw too deep conclusions you might want to check out different monitor speakers.

    Burkhard Dinnies
    Kemper Amps Support Team

    Well I have told you that I tried another monitor. But you don't listen.

    A? Yamaha DMX 10 ? Enlighten me. Never heard of it. I told you I have 2, yes 2 DXR 10s. (That matters because both would have to take a giant steamy dump at the same time) But you don't listen.

    "We are using RCF NX 10 as our stage monitor"

    Well we are all very proud of you. I am sure. But that was not my choice. Maybe I should go out and buy some RCF NX 10s to see if it is my nasty DXR 10s shitting up my sound....all of the sudden. How much are they again? Too lazy to look myself.

    I bought the DXR 10s because they were HIGHLY recommended on your forums ! From some of your more respected members. And I agree, they sound fantastic.....when the KPA allows it.

    Either way I had this issue come and go briefly before I sold my 2 Adam AX7 monitors to somebody on this forum. They are on this thread too. They can come forward if they like. Or not.

    Do you think they sound "nasty" too? Remember they are German made also I believe. They gotta be good. German engineering and all. ( I did like them just wanted more volume) They were not cheap. I wouldn't call the DXR 10s cheap either but hey, what do I know. You are the experts here.
    I am just the dumb fool that bought your product. Was $2200 enough not to be cheap?

    Or how about $600 for a one trick pony floor pedal with buttons that rolled out with sweet issues. I avoided this one thankfully. It would be useless as a boar with tits when my KPA gets the sledge. Because it don't work with anything else.

    Just waiting for the day it pushes me too far. I may get creative on its destruction. Spiting myself or even childish you wonder? Maybe...but I know what feels good ! :D Hell, if the thing don't work and the warranty isn't for real. ....I sure as hell ain't paying to get it fixed.
    If that happens I will post the video on Youtube for sure. Explaining the virtues of this fantastic company, its arrogant staff and its joke of a support.

    Oh and the warranty. Mine is still active.....well in theory.

    You do realize you are breaching your warranty right

    I told you I have an issue. Ok you are not picking it up by what I send you. That is unfortunate...for me.

    Ok, (should be) next step. Joe send it in we will look at it. Nope never heard that. 3 weeks now. Pure aggravation.

    "Oh, Joe.... he ain't no pro so his money don't count.

    I would have to pay shipping, right?
    Answer me this. Why in the hell would I want to pay to ship it, wait for the whole process of getting it back, risking damage or loss and as a few others have attested to, ending up with other issues after coming back if there was nothing wrong with it in the first place?

    FOR THE FUN OF IT? Yep thats fun alright. Gives me the shits and giggles for sure.

    Where is that damn face palm character again...

    You know, at this point I seriously would NOT trust them to be honest if it was sent in.
    After all of this, saving face would be an absolute.
    How would they look when they plugged it in and heard this shit?

    These are the nonsensical emails and PMs I have gotten through my time here.
    Condescending and even arrogant. Not arrogant? What do you call recommending someone changing a harmless avatar.......

    There is more but I am done here.

    I see myself possibly going to the wild side eventually. Maybe the American brand. At least it is on my continent.
    If it doesn't satisfy me as much as the KPA did BEFORE all of this shit, I DON'T CARE.

    At least I can take a little road trip and throw it through their window if the warranty isn't honored. I hear their service is good but then again, I heard that about Kemper.

    I tried being nice but....I have had enough.

    You win.
    If it makes you feel better.

    For those that truly tried to help, I thank you. There are some cool people on here but there are some.....

    One last thing.

    After all of this time of owning the KPA, happily I might add, why would I suddenly expel this much time, energy and aggravation for some "Perceived Artifact" ?
    I am very sincere when I tell you......this thing is broke!

    Kinda like the boy who cried wolf........ but I don't remember crying wolf before.

    You know, I did not expect this much attention or help and I truly appreciate it. This is not why I started this thread. Hence the title.

    I have just been sitting here working on this and frankly, it is just getting more frustrating.
    I am putting my hands up.

    I took off of my job early today to get home and try to figure this out.

    The more I think about it, I am spending more of my energy on this than my customers. That will not do.

    I had some days off for a bit when this started. So it was no problem. But I have jobs to do and jobs to bid.

    Playing guitar is just a hobby for me. Although I really enjoy it. But I cannot let this take any more of my time. Or yours. 3 weeks is enough.
    I am not sure if you can help or not anyway.

    I would guess it is not a connection or a turn of a knob type of fix.
    I think it is deeper. But, what do I know.

    I sent what I had to support yesterday. If they figure it out.....fantastic. If they don't, well, I will figure what I want to do next.

    Besides I am tired of typing and staring at this screen.

    One thing I have learned in life is sometimes there is a point you just have to walk away.

    I am doing that.

    Now go play or whatever it is you would prefer doing.