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    I took them down as many others because of tagging issues I faced some months ago.

    Will repost them soon with correct tagging, but as I am lazy, it would take time...

    Well I really appreciate them a lot. Thanks.

    As I said I have been using them for as long as I can remember. Never had a Boogie but after hearing yours I would get one if the KPA gets to be too much for me.
    You got some Commercial ones? Never thought of looking because I was so happy with these.
    I would show my appreciation by looking them over and maybe picking some up.

    Well it is still dead today.

    Anybody want to recommend a rig off of the exchange that they are familiar with?

    Must have a reasonable amount of gain though.

    Please record something when the problem appears to have fixed itself and then record the same thing through the same rig when you percieve the problem to be.
    I think that's the best way to determine what could be happening to your KPA.

    Definitely. Just have to wait for it to come back. will try turning on and off and unplugging for a bit.

    Them goats can be hilarious. Want to get one just to goof with it.

    Ok, Here is a list of what is fact. So please go through it first if you are interested in this discussion because this repeating is killing me. :)

    It is at random. Never know when or how long. Lately it is very persistent.

    It does it with ALL of my guitars.

    I have physically disconnected all unnecessary hardware, pedals mixer etc.

    I have set the globals to default.

    I have replaced all cables even though they were all within a year old. Decent Fender cords before and after.

    I have tried at least 100 rigs with gain. Some I am familiar with, others I am not. ALL sound very bad.

    Totally clean rigs sound very good for now.

    It is NOT fret buzz. It is a sound of fret buzz on steroids though. With other peculiarities. Fret buzz does not come and go from one moment to the next. I am pretty good at setting up my guitars. Yes I keep a low action but in specs with Fender.

    The guitars usually sound downright awesome.

    It is NOT a simple or minor unpleasant sound. It sounds like total shit for sure. Absolutely unplayable.

    Yesterday it got extremely bad. Worst ever the longer I left it on. Almost like turning down the volume on the guitar with a gain rig mixed with an extreme sound of fret buzz. Got real week sounding.

    There is more I am sure but I am going to turn everything on now that I am home and see what today brings.


    Ok sorry guys. Apparently he took them down.
    Didn't know they would do that. Good thing I got them because they are my favorites.
    Sound awesome to me.

    Once again I apologize to @Trazan for my remark about not being able to find it.
    I did not know that people would take them down once they put them on the exchange.

    Oh please?

    What is wrong with some of you?
    If you come on here like you got it all figured out and then you cant even find a simple rig on the exchange, how can you know what you are talking about?

    Type in the rig name I said in the search and it will be right in your face. It comes right up for me.

    If you are going to act like an ass towards me, i have no interest in conversing with you.

    Thanks anyways

    Once this is figured out, some of you will end up silent fast.

    Thanks but you are not understanding what is happening if you think it is my wiring.
    I have unhooked and bypassed everything except the KPA and my DXR 10s. Bare bones.
    ALL cables are new and have been swapped.
    I hit init. Globals so there should be no wild config changes.

    There is not much more I can do to eliminate anything else. There is nothing else I can change.

    Common sense dictates that if I change absolutely nothing in between it sounding good and then it going straight to hell that there is something deeper.

    I wish it was a simple thing like my wiring. We wouldnt be having this conversation.

    You also need to understand that I dont change ANYTHING when this happens.

    I do not unplug my guitars unless I was playing the Schecter. That is rare.

    Unless you guys are here to hear this you cant seem to understand it is not just when I pluck a string. This terrible sound rings on through. The whole rig just changes to a totally foreign sound that sounds like a childs toy guitar.

    I truly appreciate any help but please, if you want to post a possible fix please read what I have stated through this thread. Going over the same thing over and over is so tiring and achieves nothing.

    Because if I dont clarify things then many others jump on the bandwaggon. "Its for sure your wiring". Been there, done that.

    Once again thanks.

    Excuse me, Sire.
    If your guitars DI signal is fed into a real tube amp and this tube amp produces then a similar and odd sounding result then the cause is *your* guitar signal and not the amp, be it a Kemper or a real tube. In earlier posts people pointed you *carefully* to the fact that your guitar signal is noisy and sub par.

    It is not now. Did you hear a lot of noise on this last batch? But that has nothing to do with this anyway. This is not just an odd sound.
    Sire? Really?

    Of course I was, mate.
    You loved your Kemper, then something went wrong. If that didn't work out you said you were willing to sell it. It's logical to ask if you'd be prepared to buy a new one, in full knowledge that the odds of receiving a unit with that rare (almost-unheard-of) issue would be very-low indeed.

    If mine blew up / played up inexplicably and I couldn't get it replaced or repaired, I'd start saving my pennies right away. I wouldn't care if it took years (which it would) to replace it; I just love this thing too much!

    Sorry if you thought I was joking, mate.

    Let me get this straight. You spend $2200.
    It has a warranty and is still under that warranty.
    You can not get them to fix or replace it.....under that warranty.

    You would go out and buy another one.....from the company.....that would not stand behind their product?
    (That is just assuming that they don't. I am still working on this.)

    Wow. You would have to be the worlds greatest door mat. I mean customer.

    There are companies through the years that I simply will never deal with until the day I die. Would never recommend and would put their name/ brand into the dirt any chance I could get. I don't ever forget.

    You know I am playing with you but in a very serious way.

    You are still using real tube amps?!? :D (I couldnt resist, forgive me, actually I am glad that this problem is solved now)
    I was following these "my Kemper suddenly sounds strange" for some weeks now. Because twice I had a similar effect. Suddenly my trusted profiles with my trusted Gretsch sounded weak, digitally distorted, awful. I changed cables, front rear input and after a while it was gone. And then came back. Now my particular Gretsch is known for its shitty Volume potis. They started with that scratchy sound after only one year. I lived with that for some months. Just dont touch it while playing... But: last week I got the "sudden odd profile sound" again and found out that the pot now is dropping output by several dB when at 100% open and even worse: it permanently add the oddest artifacts to the sound. So I swapped guitars and those where fine. Again back to the Gretsch and voila: odd sounding Kemper. So *my* "Kemper-problem" is finally also solved.

    Solved? Not by a long shot.
    I believe you guys are mistaking my issue with another.

    Yours may be solved but mine is far from it.

    I think I know what artefacts you mean. It is that rough and grumbling burst right after the pick attack.
    I plugged your DI clip into my marshall and heard the same thing.
    Everyone with a tube amp can try it out.
    However, the outcome is very sensitive to the gain, so try different gain settings.

    Mr Kemper,
    Thank you for replying.
    My problem is not an artifact. I do not understand why you are putting it through an amp.
    What I am experiencing is a total breakdown of the gain profiles.

    Regardless of what you think I am talking about, I have been using your KPA for years with the same few rigs and this is the main one I use. This has not been an issue in general. It normally sounds awesome.
    Never tweeked it, never had a need to. This is not a minor "well it doesn't sound just right" kind of thing.
    It sounds like total shit.

    The way you and your crew keep referring to my problem is as if you have extreme tunnel vision and are just going by what you perceive is happening. You are telling me to change the gain, which does nothing.
    I have been using this unmodified rig all this time and now you say I need to adjust the gain? This rig comes at around 3/4 gain.

    This is not a minor sound change. It is a TOTAL breakdown of gain profiles.
    For the life of me I cannot understand why you can't hear this. I am dumbfounded.

    Please listen to what I sent. It sounds like a child's toy. Just play track 1.
    It is so blatantly obvious.

    If you were here you would instantly say Oh your right something is very wrong. Without a doubt.

    I so wish somebody was close enough where they could come by and hear this.

    I have another option. That being if/ when this thing corrects itself again I will record it and put them right next to each other. There will be no mistaking it. But for the life of me I don't see why it needs to go any farther than you or your staff simply listening to track one.
    If for some crazy reason you don't hear it, just play the profile from the exchange yourself and compare. They will sound NOTHING alike. Like I said it sounds like a child's toy.

    If there ever was a need for a face palm, it would be now.

    Thank you for replying but please look past what you have been thinking I am talking about and just listen to what I sent. Track 1.


    You are right, I am getting too stressed now.
    I just sent them my new recordings. The direct and main out channels.

    See what they do with them.

    My frustration comes on so strong because this issue is way more extreme than people are giving it credit for.
    If it wasn't I wouldn't be so hyped up and adamant about it.
    I would be cheerful, continuing to praise the Kemper and playing every day after work like always.

    If they don't see anything with what I have sent them now. Something is very wrong up top.

    Gotta go to work in the morning so I have had enough of this. Going to bed.

    Why bother trying to fix it ? It's defective
    Wait for the kemper team @ckemper to request you send it back .

    I am not trying to fix it. I am trying to get some more tools for them to work with.
    Well, CK went on @Dimi84 thread and said it was not an issue. Now that is if they are lumping these things together. I don't know if we have the same issue or not.

    They asked that I not do that so I stopped comparing them until they could tell me something.
    When mine wasn't as bad as it is now I thought it was the same thing.

    I am not so sure although he says his is much worse now.

    But now mine is really showing its ass.

    Either way I have much better "evidence" now.

    My hands are up. I don't know what else to do.

    This is just regoddamndiculous !

    The ONLY reason I came on to the forum with this was because I wasn't getting any help from the Kemper team. I did what they asked for 2 weeks. No help.
    I would have preferred to have just dealt with them because I am being run in circles on here.

    But what the hell am I to do when they don't take this shit seriously.

    With what my KPA is doing today and the recordings I have given, you would have to be dense not to hear it !

    Now it has gotten way worse.

    I ask the Kemper team to please look at what I have now. This is NOT the simple issue you may have thought it was.

    Ok, granted. I now see what I sent them was not as bad as it has been before but now the full extent of it is unmistakable.
    The whole problem with this issue is it is very unstable. Changes from time to time.

    Hell, just play with the rig you will see they are no where near close.

    If it will correct itself again I will save it too.

    Ok after saving everything I needed I shut it off and restarted it.
    Still no good.

    For those of you who find this a joke, enjoy yourselves.
    I could only wish it on you.

    For all others Thanks.

    I get off of my job and spend another whole evening screwing with this thing just to be run around in circles.

    One note should say it all.

    This WHOLE experience in the last couple weeks up to now has been the WORST experience I have EVER had with musical gear and with a company and its support.

    At one time I said this was the best piece of gear I have ever purchased.

    Without a doubt it is becoming the worst piece of gear ever.

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    Moderator Notice:

    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    That is two channels.
    One direct
    One Main

    There is no more drive. It has been fading away.