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    I am having a problem after going through all of the factory rigs and deleting the ones I did not want. I was deleting them through the Rig Manager. Something happened after I was finished and down to about 198 left that I was keeping. Now every time I start up the Kemper and connect to Rig Manager it automatically starts downloading all of the Rigs. They are all already in the Kemper and it does not double them it just goes through the motions for some odd reason. I have to wait a while before I can see the screen on the Kemper to use it. This happens every time.

    Also I have been trying to delete all of the Rigs from the Kemper so I can start fresh by putting back only the ones I saved for backup. I have been doing this directly on the Kemper because I deleted Rig Manager so I can reinstall it fresh too.
    As I have been deleting the rigs directly from the Kemper, a couple times the Kemper just locked up. I had to restart to get it going again. I eventually got all Rigs off.

    At first the software worked fine but now I am seeing there are some issues.
    I am now going to reinstall RM and copy my saves back in and see what happens.

    After deleting everything, reinstalling RM and loading up only my saved Rigs, all is working well again. Not sure what happened.

    Just received mine today after a two week wait. And boy was it worth it! I love this thing! I watched, listened and read everything I could find on the net about it before it came and was soooo hoping it wasn't all hype. It has not been and I am just ecstatic to have this incredible device. I cant seem to get this twisted smile off of my face.

    I splurged a bit, all at once. I got rid of my cheap Ibanez S series, my Fender Twin, and a cheesy ME70 effects board.

    Bought a Music Man Steve Morse, The Kemper and a set of ADAM A7X studios. Running through a Behringer 1622 USB mixer. The tones I am getting now just blows me away. These ADAMS sound so good with the Kemper. I am far from a pro but I have finally found my rig I have been looking for since I started playing in the mid 80s.

    Anybody got a pointer on how to route my Digitech JamMan Stereo looper through my setup?

    Got the two XLRs out to mixing board and two XLRs out to the studio speakers.