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    Hi everybody, the Boss Ds-2 turbo distortion has been around for many years and I'd love to have this pedal included in the toaster!

    I'm especially fond of mode II for solos (mode I is pretty much the same as Ds-1).

    Thank you!8)

    Probably poor wiring and/or shielding of the pickups. I mean, you have definitely pinpointed that it is the specific guitar that is the problem, not your KPA. I would re-solder the pickups. If that doesn't work, I would replace the pickups. At the same time, you should look at shielding the pickup cavity...assuming you want to stick with true single-coil pups. Personally, I would toss them, and go with something like Dimarzio HS-3s.

    Yes, that's what I thought. I'll check the wiring and if it's not the culprit, I'll think about replacing the pickups.

    To test if my KPA is fine, in the first post there's the d.i. track ready to be reamped with another unit. It would help me to isolate the problem. Thanks


    Have you tried a different guitar? When you hook up a different guitar, are you getting the same issue?


    Yes, with other guitars I don't hear this kind of noise. Just a bit with my PRS in single coil split mode, but it's almost imperceptible. It certainly does not annoy me and in the mix you can't hear it.

    This Strat is the most treblish guitar I have though.

    So I finally downloaded and listened to the clips. This is definitely stratitis. I have it to a lesser degree on some profiles with my new Custom Shop strat, mainly the medium gain TopJimi stock profiles. It occurs mainly on the middle and bridge pickups. For some reason, it is only provoked by certain profiles. I can use those same profiles with another of my strat-type guitars with no symptoms whatsoever. A quick Google search will advise you of lowering your pickups, increasing string height and even checking for any shims in the neck joint!

    I thought Stratitis concerns some kind of wobbly sound, like two notes together with one slightly out of tune. I had a Strat that behaved like that above the 12 frets of the g string, but didn't produced the noise described.
    I'll try to lower the three pickups but I'm afraid that I won't solve the problem.
    In the neck joint there's no shim, actually it's very tight to the body.

    Unplugged, I don't hear any strange sound. The ring modulator effect is audible by completely removing the bass frequencies.

    Thank you mightypudge and the other people for your replies.
    I already tried to lower as much as possibile the neck pickup (pickguard level), the signal was weaker but I still could hear the noise.
    I already know the other tips you recommended to me, indeed this and my other guitars are set like that.

    I once had a guitar that would boom and it turned out to be a shielding issue.

    Can you explain what the shielding has to do with this kind of noise? We're not talking about a buzz noise.. maybe you mean a wiring issue?

    I don't hear and low frequency content in the reamped example that wasn't present in the DI track. I checked with a frequency analyser and it confirms that. If anything, the DI track has a lot more very low frequency energy in the attacks.

    DonPetersen, surprisingly I slightly reduced the noise by adding an eq with -7 db on 4347 frequency. The bass reduction seems to be ineffective, indeed if I set a low cut the noise is much more unbearable, like a ring modulator effect as I stated before.

    I strike a blow for SancturSolaris: a profile that sounds dull/harsh or too much bassy/trebly with a different guitar is a matter of settings. Another thing is a profile that produces "booms" or other strange sounds. I don't think that the original tube amplifier can produce that sort of thing (at least, I never heared it in any amp)


    I just bought a used Rocketfire Strat with handwound pickup, the model is 1954 s series. Great bell tone and twang and everything. Tried with Kemper: nice clean and distorted sounds.

    The problem occurs with overdrive sounds: as you can ear in the attached clip, the Kemper makes a horrible clipping noise if I pick just a bit harder. I'd like to know if the problem is related with the vintage pickups, which don't produce a high output but are very sharp and the attack is pronounced. So I attached the unprocessed guitar sound, played with similar dynamic. Can someone be kind enough to reamp the signal through the same rig (Ceriatone SSS SRV by Einar Nysted on rig exchange)? Thank you very very much.

    I tried to lower the clean sens, (though both leds stay green) up to -12 db, no change at all;
    I didn't touch anything on the original profile; some other overdriven profiles have the same behaviour, including commercial profiles;
    Soundcard input is fine and I can hear the noise with the headphone output of the Kemper too;
    With other guitars I own the problem doesn't occour.
    Already tried a system reset;
    Guitar action and pickup height are fine and if I pick open strings the issue is still here. Strings are brand new; I also tried to dampen the tremolo strings. Unplugged, the guitar doesn't make any strange rattle sound. Truss rod is fine too.

    If I fiddle with the low cut on the graphic equalizer, the noise reminds a ring modulator effect.
    With my cheap zoom g2 unit, the guitar seems fine.

    Please help me! Thanks again!


    Playing live I use a pair of IEM via headphone out and the sound coming from the Kemper is fine, and of course I have to hear the band mix as well; that signal is usually mono, so connecting it to one channel of the aux input would make one of my ears bleed after a while. So I have to bring a mini mixer for the additional signal, with an internal brickwall limiter to protect my ears from feedback and eventual transients (I don't have it incorporated).

    My requests are:
    - Could we switch between stereo mode (2 cables) and mono mode (1 cable) on aux input?
    - Could we add a brickwall limiter to the aux input signal (or alternatively headphones out)?
    - A dedicated eq would be appreciated as well, IMHO.


    Yes,that's what my tiny brain figured. Or you go with the kemper memory option. Assign two repeating CCs (of the four the looper appearently needs) to one of the lower row footswitches, which you have to press once to put the 2CCs into kemper memory.

    that's what I do at the moment: on the program change row (the lower), I assign the first half of the message to one switch and the other half to other switches.

    I got a similar sound with a roland jazz chorus, vintage chorus and a touch of delay for clean parts with a strat. For solo part I tried to add the "ds-1" kemper distortion but it sounded harsh

    hint: lower the pick parameter in amp section

    I have a doubt: can I actually program custom stompboxes cc for different pc?

    I programmed my uno chip directly on the fcb1010, assigning the 5 stompboxes to 5 fixed effect slots, no matter what program change I choose.
    If I modify one stombox via the computer editor as you did, shouldn't be reserved for looper function (so I have only 4 stompboxes left for 4 effects)?

    Wow! Really impressed with your execution of that intro. Easily my favorite Howe guitar odyssey :)

    Can I ask which Showman rig you're using, and what, if any effects are part of the chain? It's got that great wild-but-tight sound I love when Steve plays the ES-345... 8o=O

    thank you, your avatar says a lot :) I used the same Top Jimi's Showman profile that I used in Heart of the sunrise video, with less gain (about 3,5 if I remember correctly) and with the treble booster