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    9 minutes to load Rig Manager? That's crazy!! I have WAY more profiles hoarded and RM starts in a few seconds (Win 10).

    Maybe just to little RAM on your computer?

    I would be drunk before hitting the first note, if I had to wait 9 minutes ^^

    Differs from day to day. Yesterday it took prox. 4 minutes. Don’t know why. I have done a video with the 9 minutes but I don’t want to wasteyour time looking that.

    I think about a new all in one computer, win 7 is also out at the end of the year. My fesrs, everything is running with win 7 ( cubase and other stuff), hope I didn’t need new linceses for all the stuff when changing.

    Yeah, I hope that mustn’t the solution ( never touch a running system). Horrible to replace cubase with the licences and other things. But if this is the only way, I have to do that.

    But my thought was that an i5 processor is not so slow and it has to work. 9 minutes are way to for a start procedure imho.



    I recreated my Database and delete some duplicate files and now works all fine

    Interesting, I just posted my whish for the new editor with integrated rig manager to speed up the start up , because it takes 9 minutes to load my 60000 profiles and start the program.

    You have written that you checked your database to find and dekete some duplicates. I think I have also duplicates. Can you describe how you have done that job?

    I am on win 7, 64 bit

    Cheers in advance


    Maybe it's only me, but my old rig manager needs prox. 9 minutes to start up. When I close the program after first time opening, it takes prox. 1,5 minutes to start again. When I shoot down my laptop over night another 9 minutes is needed for a start.

    My laptop is on win 7, intel i5. Not so slow when using other programs like i tunes with over 12000 mp3 or my pictureprogram with loads of pictures.

    My rig manager has to handle the exchange rigs and my private stock is over 60000 profiles ( yes 60000).

    Hope the startup procedure will run faster with the new editor and the integrated rig manager.

    This and a clear identifying of merged profiles are my only requests, because the other functions are obvious and the first pics of the screen look fantastic.

    I think we need this merge identifying because of the upcomming cab. When I will run the cab with cab sim off I think I need a merged or a di profile and when I will parallel use my frfr at monitor out I need to use cab sim on. Best of both worlds like Ingolf have said.



    I run a speaker cable to my recto 4 x 12 cab (Turn cab off for monitor) and main out to my presonus/mac. I play through it quite often for live and recording. I touched nothing, changed nothing...I do not understand what you mean by locked..? I think I will call the customer service #

    Yes, I would also recommend to contact the customer service. What I mean with this "locked" thing: I had an issue with this lock knob in the past. It was on and I wondered why some rigs sound not as I expected because I locked an fx. Otherwise, when you use the locking function right, it is a very helpful tool.

    Maybe you like to check some input and output settings and compare it to your system. Have a look on two videos of my youtube channel. Maybe you find something wrong in your settings.

    First video is the kemper, second my remote



    In my case the 2 stomps are assigned to 1 footswitch and locked. They work fine until I change performance. When I change there are no effcts assined to any FS. If nothing is locked it all seems to work as normal.

    Jepp, you are right. I think it's a bug. I setted one sound in slot one of the performance. Two fx assigned to one switch and both locked. Next slot I placed a "normal" rig with no lock. When I change from sound in slot one to the sound in slot two the assigment of my two fx in slot one is gone. I will report to mothership.

    In my case the 2 stomps are assigned to 1 footswitch and locked. They work fine until I change performance. When I change there are no effcts assined to any FS. If nothing is locked it all seems to work as normal.

    Ok , I ched it in browse mode for one rig. Will check in a performance right now.

    Running Beta

    The ability to assign stomps and FX to the remote and lock these doesn't work when assigning 2 or more effects to a single footswitch. It seems to work fine when only one stomp/FX is assigned to a switch. Am I mistaken in thinking it used to work for 2 assignments or am I mistaken?

    I noticed this when someone else raised the query in the Remote questions sub forum.

    It works also with two assigned fx to one stomp Alan.

    I just checked it.

    F.e. I setted a wah in slot B and a Flanger in slot mod.

    Both are assigned to one switch of the remote. When both are on, I highlighted the flanger and locked it, than I go to the wah and locked, highlight it and locked it too.

    So both have the locking sign and I switch them on and off with one switch.



    Thank you. I'm glad that there are many warm-hearted friends like you in this community.

    Thank you for that mate.

    I recommended Tim's pack here because he's doing a very cool job ( and all his other packs are very cool too) many many updates and no brainers. If you have a special wish for a profile, just ask Tim and I know he do what he can to realize your whish.

    That's my experience with Tim!

    Hi guys, I found a real gem inside the pack.

    Profile is called TMS TREK ZIL MDRN2TS

    The Zilla cab is awesome. I didn't tweaked the main eq, maybe it's a little too bassy, but that's a quick solve.

    I tweaked it like this:

    First: Setting a morph into it.

    So what you hear first is morphpedal closed, rhytm sound with just a little of my pertucci delay and a little of the new natural reverb.

    Morph pedal open is: Delay high and reverb also.

    Signal chain is: A= Gate B=Wah C=Leadbooster X= grafic eq (scooped mids at 650 Hz to minus 5,1 dB, Delay, Reverb

    Last part of the recording shows how dynamic this profile is. I started with the middle singel coil of my white Ibanez Jem and than I go to diffrent pu positions and played with the volume pod.

    Overall, it is a very nice pack and the profiles are very well done.

    Edit: I didn't use a sustainer or the freqout, the sustain comes from the profile and from usind my secrect sauce (the lead booster)

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    Yeah, me too and also

    di / poweramp / 1x 12 with a celestion v30

    and merged or di with the cone v30

    when there are nearly the same results ( also with other loaded cabs), than it is the next level of gear. 16 diffrent cabs by spinning a wheel.