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    This has not been mastered yet but if you guys want to rip on this go for it.8)

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    Cool drive, I go deeper into it and give it a shot over the weekend:thumbup:Sounds like chickenfoot with satch, yammy

    As you know I'm a MOTU fan, Frank.

    In all the years (20) that I've been following it, MOTU has announced products that appear soon-afterwards if hardware, and 2 quarters (6 months) later if software (Digital Performer).

    So, for some companies it's just the way they do it and we get used to it I guess. Better something than nothing...

    But pros release after the fair;);););););):evil:

    I hope kemper has the same strategy like our company. When we present new products at Messe Frankfurt it's a direction from the board that the products must be available directly after the fair.

    Professionals will do it like this ( don't want to increase the pressure to release this big bang;););););)he he...

    I played bass with Paul in 1989 at Fitzgerald's in Houston. We did Red House in B and Fire in A.

    My friend Chris Kelly was the A&R guy for Hoshino/Ibanez.

    Chris would ship me all the signature guitars for Vai, Satch, Gilbert, Beech, and I stashed them for months before their release.

    Let's jam together Muddy, if you have track send it and we see what happens:)

    My core issue with presets is really about how the Kemper manages files. It doesn't behave like a regular computer where you can have one version of a file that can be accessed multiple times, by multiple files. You can't edit a preset and save it - you have to save as new file, and that new file can have the same name. You can have ten different Green Screams tweaked ten different ways, and not know which is the one you are looking for. You can't tweak a file in one place and have it show up in multiple.

    I see no indication that this has been addressed. However, if the editor lets me see what preset a rig is using and gives me an easier and faster way of tweaking, and then copy/pasting it into multiple other places where it may be used, that MAY help make things easier. But, if I don't know everywhere that preset is used, and the system doesn't tell me, then there is a chance I will miss one.

    Thats the core in a nutshell.

    i think when we alk about fx preset management it is obvious that you need the function to show which green screen f.e. is stored as a preset and where you used it, the big thing is that you name it and you can identify the main presettweak by the given name like slight green, heavy green, clean green or whatever. I hope that this is already shon in the first short video of the preset management. Main group is distortion stomps, stomp green srceam, presets a, b, c, and so on.

    I think it's organized like that

    Speechless! Editor, cabs, presetmanagement.........when I see that right.

    What a show!

    This cone thing is very interesting, I thing you can connect a new kemper real cab and it's also something like a cab sim in connection to this cab?

    Hi all,

    new video and new rig for you.

    Tried to recreate a typical Paul Gilbert sound for you. I used the free Guidorist Marshall profile. Guido has done a perfecdt profiling session and the profile is really good. No cab change!!!

    You can download the tweaked version in my dropbox. Use the link under my signature and search for

    GB-Mars CM 800 808.

    Hope you like it



    Sorry, but the old reverb presets were dedicated to the REV module and not compatible with the new flexible structure. If those were/are important to you, you have probably used those in your Rigs and could create new presets from those. You just need to open the module, press STORE, and assign a name. It's probably an excellent opportunity, to check if you can raise these presets to a new level by leveraging one of the new reverb types.

    Thx Burkhard, that clears it up and I think it was same when delays came out. So, little work to do.

    Btw: The old mixed parameter where I could ad the reverb level to guitsr sound or to delay is replaced with??? That was a cool feature. Is it hidden?