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    As far as I see it, Kemper have bent over backwards to keep customers informed and consulted over the new Remote. They are taking the risk of involving users in the development of a new product and making efforts to bring that product to those users first. In my opinion, this is first class customer service and a rarity in this day and age.
    No-one can please all the people all time. Most people agree that the profiler is a top piece of gear. It is well supported, continually developed and regularly updated. The same will be true of the remote.
    It saddens me when I read posts ranting about how unfair it is and having to wait a few days longer.
    It might cause Kemper to reconsider it's customer service approach and reduce the communication and involvement.
    Chill everyone.
    Good things come to those who wait.
    Thanks to the Kemper Team for their top effort.

    Oh I forgot!
    The quality is very good, secure bindings and firm foam. I'd say it could take quite a lot of punishment and protects its contents very well. The base is very flat. No lip whatsoever. All the height is made up by the lid.
    I am hoping to place at least one expression pedal on the board next to the remote. Depends if the board is long enough front to back as Ingolf says.
    It looks from the pics I have seen that the remote should easily fit on the board. I think the dimensions for the Remote are in the Kemper foot controller evolution thread.
    As far as fitting any expression pedal into the case is concerned, I'll probably use Velcro to secure one . If it fits!
    If I end up with two expression pedals in the long run, then one or both will go on the floor!
    Hope this also helps.
    Good luck! :)

    Hi Raoul23
    Swan case internal measurements.

    Base. 64cm x 29cm

    Cover internal measurements are slightly less in length and width
    measuring 61.9cm x 26.9cm
    Internal height = 7cm from the top of the box, to where it will meet the foam on the base.
    There is also an extra piece of foam which reduces the height of the internal measurement. This is laid on the top surface, against the front edge, on the inside, to stop the GT 10 from slipping. It's on the left side as you look into the lid and is 43.2 cm long.
    This leaves 18.7cm at full height to the end of the front edge inside the lid. I think that Ingolf uses foam like this to
    secure his pedal board. He said so in an earlier posting.
    I hope this helps you. :)

    Evening All!
    I expect to be using a Swan flight case which I bought for a Boss GT 10. It will hopefully have enough space to fit an expression pedal or two alongside the Remote.

    I ordered the remote because it's designed specifically to integrate with the profiler. I currently use a Boss GT10 to change slots in performance mode as well as add a few effects. It works well enough but having only four pedals in each bank, matching patches to slots is a pain, especially when organising new set lists.
    I feel the remote will work very intuitively and reduce slot change latency to virtually zero.
    The only decision I have to make now is which expression pedal to complement the remote with.
    As I've always used Boss GT series multi FX before, I've never used a stand alone expression pedal. .Mission pedals look good but seem pricey. I want to have something really solid and reliable that will fit neatly next to the remote, hopefully on myST10 swan case board.
    Any advice would be appreciated, what pedals work well for others on the Forum.

    Hi Everyone.
    Check your junk mail in your inbox. It might be there!
    Once I'd found my e-mail from the Kemper store, it took three attempts to complete the order on three different devices. It finally completed on my PC.
    Now the final phase of waiting begins...
    What will we all talk about when the Remote finally arrives?

    Welcome, Pre-Amp.
    This is the perfect occasion for your first post.
    Merry Christmas!
    P.S.: When are you making the transition from pre-amp to amp?

    Thanks for the warm welcome Ingolf.

    The transition truly depends on the transistors involved! I suppose everything is transitory in one way or another so perhaps I will get there one day. :)

    Hello Everyone,
    this is my first ever post! Been saving it up for this important moment!
    Delighted to have registered for this product.
    I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Chritmas and a highly profiled New Year!