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    I recently had my video removed and thread closed here:
    The battle between Sinmix and M Britt - two giants meet

    With the motivation "it was brought to our attention that the video contains a crowd of soldiers performing a Hitler salute."

    This is an original music video using non-graphic but real footage from WW2 and the holocaust.

    Do I understand correctly that Kemper wants to censor this type of content? Such actions are typically associated with totalitarian countries and holocaust deniers. It is likely against anything Christoph Kemper stands for.

    I think the community deserves a further explanation as to why this was done. Is Kemper's official stand to censor history and the holocaust? Why would you otherwise remove a music video showcasing the diversity of KPA profiles.

    Very cool Kris,

    I really dig the delays as pad tool, didn't have to use any keyboard or synth since K released this new arsenal of delays.

    Agreed - it is a much more natural sounding tool than you standard synth pads. Thanks!

    Very cool. Will give it a shot this weekend.. Thanks

    Awesome - wish you lots of fun playing. I don't think I have ever played as much over backing track before (without getting tired of it).

    Thanks for the backing. :)
    The first minute I think I will erase - to much frustration to try playing similar ^^

    You don't want to play like me, play like YOU. No one else can do it better than you anyway. Thanks!!

    You're a freak, Kristofer. :D Sounds great man.

    I have the same issue as you. I try to picture what I could do in DP to get the same sounds as the Kemper delays, and, er... I dunno! I won't record with FX as a rule; it's not my thing to do it this way. Same applies to all instruments and voice too.

    Damn the Kemper Team™. Why did it have to go and programme such awesome algorithms? ;(

    Yeah I feel the same - the delays are a little too good for us. Perhaps the Kemper team can downgrade them a little of the next OS upgrade :thumbsup: Thanks man!

    Well it's safe to say the new delays are opening up a new world to me! Now I just have to figure out how to get the same type of delays in post production (using logic).

    Anyway please check out this backing track and do give it a shot - I used one of the new delays presets and it has given me an ambient type of background pad sound which I am not even close to achieving any other way:

    (backing starts at 01:03)

    In these frightening times it is a great relief for the privileged world Kemper has released such amazing new delays.

    I am not using any post effects at all in this vid.


    not sure if I get this right: Sound syphon lets you stream audio from your Mac (via the Duett which receives the KPA signal optically via the Lindy converter) to (say) the www?
    If so, does Sound syphon let you choose which inputs from the Duett shell be used? If not, did you route the digital & analog inputs of the Duett to one bus internally?

    You probably have, but maybe worth a look...

    Yes, sound syphon lets me send all audio (duet and system audio) to the www (here's how it looks: ), and it also lets me send the kemper digital signal. However I cannot figure out how to monitor kemper in real time.

    Hey guys,

    I have a problem I can't get get my head around!

    I connect my Kemper to my computer via a duet usb (2 inputs) and I need to free up some inputs, so that I can run kemper in stereo while recording vocals at the same time. I ordered the Lindy audio converter as described this thread:
    SPDIF and Mac computers

    With Lindy I can successfully use s/pdif in my DAW (logic) without any audible latency. However I need to be able to do it without logic. The reason being that I am sending all audio (system audio, guitar and vocals) through a software called sound syphon - which allows me to livestream a mix of all the audio sources in realtime. If I use logic while livestreaming I get performance problems.

    I tried a free software called "LineIn" but got lots of latency.

    Any help is appreciated! ?(

    Ok awesome, I'll tweak a bit more and then figure out how to upload to RE. Here is a new recording with the same rig btw. I am really digging this one - probably my favorite so far. It's versatile in the sense that it can handle full shred, expressive phrasing, and is really dynamic sensitive in spite of being legato/shred friendly.