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    The last part of your last paragraph is what I'm hoping to do. I will hardly ever, if ever, use it for recording (which is a shame because I understand that's where it truly shines). I'm hoping to use it for live purposes and be able to replicate a ton of boutique amp sounds without having to lug them all around with me. I'm tired of carrying my 50 lb. amps around! (c:

    Thanks Dean. I'll definitely check those out. You mentioned that they are new profiles. Do you happen to know if there are a good amount of high quality Direct profiles available for download/purchase? I'm mainly looking for the standards like a Friedman BE, some Fender clean and bluesy stuff, and some Marshalls.

    Also, do you have any opinions on which power amps I might have the best luck with? I'm trying to steer toward tube power amps if possible just to try to help breath as much "tube life" into the Kemper as possible.

    I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the Kemper. My skepticism is just high because I've been playing professionally for 20 years and have never heard a single modeling amp that didn't sound artificial to me. But in Kemper's defense, I've never played a Kemper. (c:

    Hi Guys,
    This post is long and I apologize, but I'd love some guidance here. I've been following this forum for over a year trying to read as much as I can about the Kemper PA. I've been very hesitant about buying one because I've been EXTREMELY skeptical (and still am) that it can actually sound as good as a regular tube amp. I know that's all subjective, and I know that the Kemper is supposed to sound like the final recorded versions of a mic'd up amp, so I won't get too deep into my skepticism in this thread.

    Anyway, I finally decided to take the plunge. I ordered the non-powered Kemper with the controller from Guitar Center and will have it in a few days. Before I ask my questions, here's some basic info. I play in a rock cover band (not metal). We do a lot of the typical top 40 rock stuff (Shinedown, Van Halen, STP, Alice In Chains, Bon Jovi, etc.). So the Kemper appeals to me because if it can do what it claims, I'd be able to start carrying a lot less equipment. Right now, I'm using a Mesa Roadster, two 1x12 Mesa Thiel cabs, a G-System and a PedalTrain Terra pedalboard that literally weighs 60+ lbs (and that's without a carrying case). Here are my questions:

    • Which tube power amp would you recommend buying? I know many on this forum say that you should use SS power amps, but I have NEVER found a SS power amp that I've liked; which is exactly why I chose not to buy the powered version of the Kemper. I was looking at buying a Fryette Power Station, but can't find any available anywhere, new or used. So are there any tube power amps out there that'd you'd recommend, and why?
    • My main use for the Kemper will be live gigs. I hardly ever record anything. So 95% of the time, it'll be for live gigs. And here's where my skepticism comes into play. I simply flat out don't believe that the Kemper can sound like a full kickass tube amp on stage. I know they're supposed to be used with FRFR monitors for ideal sounds. But any time I've ever heard a modeling amp through any kind of monitor (even DXR 10s), they sound so lifeless, harsh, brittle, stale, etc., that I wonder what people are thinking when they say it sounds good. I even went over to a friend's place yesterday and heard his Kemper being run through his Friedman ASM-12 and as soon as he hit one of his crunch rigs, I thought to myself "Yep, there's that classic 'modeler' tone that has no life, way too much low end and reminds me of the old Boss Metal-Zone stomp boxes". He said the patches were from when he profiled his Friedman BE100. So, MAYBE what I didn't like was the sound of his profiles. But the skeptic in me says it's more likely the digital sound of the Kemper. The Friedman ASM-12 had MORE than enough volume and actually did a great job of replicating the "amp in the room" feel. It was the sound I hated.

      So, after that long-winded story, what would you guys recommend to use for speakers? Ideally, I'd like to play through something that would allow me to hear exactly (or really close) to what is coming through the PA out front. I know in order to do that, I'd have to use FRFR, correct? But that leads me back to the issue above with it sounding so lifeless. And even if I did find a FRFR monitor that I liked the sound of, and I sent the signal direct to FOH, I'm assuming even that setup isn't going to be all that easy to work with because the sound man would then have to constantly be trying to re-work my sound into the mix with each different rig (or amp) that I use. That becomes even more of an issue for the gigs where we run our own sound from the stage. I'm wondering if the better solution and better sound would be if I used a tube power amp (hence question #1 above) and run that through a 2x12 cab. It would be a more traditional route. If I were to go that route, which 2x12 cab would you recommend, or which speakers? I know if I go that route, whatever cab I use would color the sound of the profiles a bit, which kind of stinks. But if I can get a seriously kick-ass handful of basic tones (low gain, high gain, clean, clean Fender-ish tone, and a ripping solo tone) then I'd be happy with that and could adjust from there.

    So that's where I'm at. I want to be able to hit the ground running with this thing as soon as I get it this weekend. I have a few options (buy my friend's Friedman ASM-12 for $650, buy a Yamaha DXR-10 for $600, or buy a tube power amp and use regular guitar cabs. I'll be open to trying the Mesa 1x12 Thiel cabs since I already have them, but I'm not expecting them to sound the way I want. For distorted stuff, they're fine. But I doubt I'd be able to get that really bluesy Fender clean tone from them.

    Yeah, right now I run my Mesa Roadster combo which is more than loud enough for me on stage. I mic it for the FOH. So all I really need is something that'll be plenty loud enough on stage because I'll then be sending the signal for the audience to the FOH to be sent through the main PA speakers.

    I'm also running a G-System right now. I was told I could use that as the footswitch to control the Kemper. But the problem is, I'm a TOTAL newbie when it comes to MIDI and I'd have NO clue how to set it up or program it so that it can control the Kemper and switch between rigs.

    Thanks for the replies. I'm an EXTREME newbie to MIDI. I've always just used standard stomp boxes and plugged right into a tube amp. Never used processors or modelers. I'm using a G-System and a Mesa Roadster combo right now. It sounds really good. But I'm limited to just the Mesa sound. I was told I could use the G-System as the foot controller for my Kemper, but I really have NO idea how to set it up to do that. Again, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to MIDI.

    When I first got the G-System, there was a slight (but noticeable and annoying) delay when switching between presets. But I was told that was due to the Mesa Boogie relays, not the G-System. I've since added a RJM Mini Amp Gizmo, and now the switching is either instant, or at least fast enough where it feels like a typical stompbox. I'm hoping the Kemper can switch that fast too.

    Yeah, for lightweight powerful stereo- 2 DXR are hard to beat.

    What is the best way to run stereo with the Kempers and 2 DXR10s? I don't have one yet and I'm about to buy one. Probably the non-powered version, and then use 2 DXR10s. But if I do that, how would I run in stereo, but also be able to send my signal direct to the front of house?

    Hey guys,
    As I mentioned in another post, I'm about 99% sure that I'm going to buy a Kemper over the Axe FX II. I have a couple of hesitations, and one of them is trying to determine what kind of delay there is when switching between presets (or rigs I guess they're called).

    Could someone out there (preferably someone who is using the Behringer FCB1010 footswitch) possible post a short video of what kind of delay there is when you for example, switch from a heavy rhythm rig/preset that has a high gain amp in it, to a clean tone with a totally different amp?

    This is really one of the main concerns I have with buying this unit because I've heard some say there are annoying delays between switching, and some say there aren't. So I'd really like to see/hear for myself what the delays are like when using the FCB1010 (or other footswitches).

    I'm unfortunately in a place where these units aren't in stock, and I'd have to flat out BUY one to try it. So I'm trying to get as much info from these forums before I drop a couple thousand dollars on one.


    I've been reading as much as I can about the Kemper and the Axe FX II over the last couple of months. I have concerns over both of them, but I think I'm learning toward the Kemper due to the fact that it APPEARS to be easier to use right out of the box.

    About 99% of what I'd want to use this unit for is for live shows in a modern rock cover band (Shinedown, Papa Roach, Stone Temple Pilots, type of stuff). So with that in mind, knowing what you all know now about your Kemper, if you were in my situation, what would you buy to get the best possible sound out of this unit?

    • Would you go with the powered or un-powered unit?
    • I don't think I can afford the $999 Atomic wedge, plus shipping to the United States, so what would you say is the next best thing to use for speakers to get the most true and transparent sound from the Kemper.
    • Would I need to get 2 monitors in order for it to be loud enough on stage? And be honest here. I'm playing with a drummer who hits VERY hard. I understand that the speakers may not push the air like a 4x12 cab would, but will I be able to crank this thing up loud and still not have it sound all harsh or brittle?
    • If I want to run the unit in stereo, what should I buy for that type of a setup (I find it COMPLETELY RETARDED that there is just a mono out on the back of the powered version).
    • What should I be looking at in terms of a footswitch? What do you all feel is the best one to use, that is also reasonably priced (the Mastermind GT stuff is stupidly expensive). I like the way the MFC controller for the Axe is set up so that you can have banks of presets, but then also be able to assign buttons to turn on and off effects within that preset.

    Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the Kemper. So I just want to make sure I'm buying the best rig possible from the beginning instead of buying a certain monitor for example, only to find that what I should have bought was an unpowered version of another monitor.
    Thanks for all the help guys!


    You already have a MIDI controller for the Kemper. The G-System can be used as a MIDI controller for the Kemper, and you can still use any song-specific G-Sys effects you have already programmed, along with the Kemper's effects. Coincidentally, that's what I do.

    I know, but in order to be able to afford this new setup (the Kemper, and new monitor), I'd need to sell my G-System and Mesa Roadster. Plus, I'm not 100% satisfied with the G-System. It's quite a noisy rig unless you spend a ton of money buying balanced cables, ebtechs and an ISP G-String (all of which I have, and have a quiet rig now). And I feel like having to run so many cables and using the 4 cable method, just deteriorates the sound a little by the time it finally reaches my amp. From what I've read, the effects in the G-System are better than the effects in the Kemper. But I honestly don't use a TON. Reverb, delay, some modulation and pitch/whammy is all I need. And from what I can see, the pitch/whammy of the Kemper totally blows the G-System's pitch/whammy effects out of the water.

    I know I could get the un-powered version of the Kemper, but I've read numerous posts on this forum saying that getting the powered version is the better move in case I want to ever use it with a standard guitar cab, I'd at least have that option available.

    I don't have any YouTube gig clips I'm proud of, but here are a couple of passable rehearsal clips recorded using a Zoom H2 in the middle of the room:

    Pink Floyd - Time solo

    Pink Floyd - Shine On pt3

    Those sounded great! I guess the two issues that I'm most concerned about are:

    1. What kind of delay is there when switching between 1 saved preset to another.
    2. Footswitches. I like the look and layout of the Mastermind GT. But I think paying $1200 for a MIDI foot controller is crazy. I know the Behringer is an option, but I'm wondering how good it is in terms of not causing any delay when switching between presets. Ugh!!!!!!

    Heres a video of my band playing a very small bar. I'm using the KPA but my other guitarist wasn't at the time. I'm the one that starts the song.…=UUVH2xMabPUCcqXlnYN_TgFg

    Thanks. It was hard to distinguish the Kemper in that clip. I guess what I really need is just someone at home toying around with the Kemper without the band surrounding them so I can hear how it sounds going in and out of patches. Looks like your other guitarist is using the G-System, (which is what I have now). I'm pretty happy with the G-System, but I'm wondering if the Kemper would be better. It'd allow me to ditch my 100lb Mesa Roadster, which is one of the biggest reasons I'm considering it.

    If you're not in a very exotic place you should simply order one and experience the profiler yourself.
    Youtube vids often don't do it justice anyway.

    If you're not in a very exotic place you should simply order one and experience the profiler yourself.
    Youtube vids often don't do it justice anyway.

    If you're not in a very exotic place you should simply order one and experience the profiler yourself.
    Youtube vids often don't do it justice anyway.

    I live in Portland Maine. So not a huge city, but we do have a Guitar Center. The problem is, aside from the fact that they cost $2,700 new, I'd also have to buy a high end monitor too (another $650-$1,000) along with some sort of footswitch (because apparently, Kemper is the only company stupid enough to not put out an acceptable footswitch with a unit like this). So if I ended up buying all of that and didn't like it, it's going to be a pain to return it all because Guitar Center doesn't carry the Kempers in stock. And I'm not sure if I can return the Kemper to GC if it's a special order. I wish I knew someone in the area that had one. Then I could just see for myself what they're like. But no dice on that.

    Onstage "balls" depends entirely on what you play it through. I use a Bose L1, with one subwoofer. (I sidewash it, so it does not compete with the guitar sound in the Mains.) It easily kicks as hard as my Marshall and 4x12 cabinet, with all the dynamic range, and could provide more low end than the Marshall, if I wanted it to.

    If I bought a Kemper, I'd buy at the very least one Yamaha DX12. I've seen a lot of people say they highly recommend the DX10, so I figure springing for the DX12 might give me a little more low end. I'd probably end up buying 2 of them to run in stereo. Or, instead of buying 2 of those, buying one of the Atomic monitors. But, assuming I do one of those two scenarios, that should be enough to cut through on stage, correct?

    Any chance you could post a video of you using the Kemper? Doesn't have to be during a gig. Even just home stuff would be fine. I'm very close to buying one of these, but almost ALL the videos I can find on YouTube are either demos for studio based work, or the profiling feature of the amp. What I want to see, is how good this thing sounds for musicians who want to use it as their live gigging rig. How does it sound when switching from preset to preset, does it have enough "balls" to sound good both on stage and in the mix, etc.

    Any videos or links to videos you could post would be really appreciated!

    Yeah, I guess instantaneously was a poor choice of wording. I just want to make sure I'm not playing live, go to change presets and find out there is a 1/2 second delay. That sounds small, but it's enough to really throw timing off for certain things.

    As far as finding YouTube videos of people using it live, I've only found ONE video of someone using it live. Nearly every video is showing it in the studio or the profiling part of it.

    Oh, 2 more questions.

    • When changing between presets, is there any delay at all? Or do they change instantly? Since I'd be using this for live situations, I need something that is able to switch between presets that I've created instantly.
    • Is this a generally quiet rig in terms of noise? Not just feedback, but the overall resistance to hum and other kinds of noise? The reason I ask is because right now, I'm running a G-System with my Mesa Roadster. The G-System has been a pain in the *ss to quiet down. It's a VERY noisy system, especially when using the 4-cable method. I've got it quiet now, but I had to go out and spend a lot of money and time accumulating extra gear to get it quiet (like an ISP Decimator G-String, Ebtech Hum Eliminators, balanced cables, etc.). Does the Kemper require particular cables or other non-built-in noise control equipment to get it quiet at high volumes and high gain? Again, I'd be using the version that has the power amp built in and going right in to a high end monitor. No guitar cab or other amp involved.


    Thanks for the answers guys. I'm just struggling because I LOVE the sounds of this thing for studio use. But the main purpose of me wanting one is to be able to take those sounds and effects, to the stage, yet still be able to hear myself with ease (we play at a relatively loud stage volume) and to have a good tone. I like my tone with the Mesa, but I'm tired of lugging everything around. I just worried about expecting this thing to sound really good, spending $2,700 on it, then another $600-$700 on a solid monitor, and then whatever the footswitch costs (if the thing ever comes out), only to find it sounds thin or harsh when played live.

    I won't be able to use my Mesa cab with it because I'll need to sell the Roadster combo to put funds toward this new setup. So that's the issue. I'd feel a lot better if I could find some YouTube videos of people using this thing in a LIVE situation with a band. But it seems like 99% of what is out there is all based on the profiling of amps. That's a cool feature, but not what I'd mainly be using it for.

    Hi Everyone,
    This past week, I stumbled upon the Kemper Profiler PowerRack and it's certainly got my attention. But I have a few questions and I'm hoping you guys can help me with some info.

    Here's some very brief info about what kind of stuff I play, because I know it usually helps to provide better answers if you know what the user is trying to accomplish. I've NEVER used an amp modeler (or in this case, profiler) or anything along those lines. I do understand the concept though, so I'm not confused there. I've ALWAYS used tube amps. For the last 10 years I've used Mesa Triple Rectifiers along with a Mesa 2x12 cab or 4x12 cab and I Iike to play quite loud on stage (usually have those Mesas up to around a 5, and if you've played one, you know that is loud enough to where you can feel the volume). I play in a working cover band (which is why I'm hoping a Kemper would be a great fit for me). Right now, I'm using a PRS 513 guitar, Mesa Roadster 2x12 combo amp and a G-System for all my effects and channel switching.

    What I'd like to accomplish is to have great tone (duh, who doesn't), make my setup easier to lug around (the Mesa weighs just under 100lbs by itself), and be able to reproduce many of the sounds that a modern rock cover band needs.

    So here are my questions:

    1. From what I've read, the best way to reproduce the most accurate sounds using a Kemper would be to send the direct signal to the front of house, and then also to get a very high quality FRFR monitor to use to hear myself on stage. Assuming I get one of the really nice monitors (Atomic, or Matrix, etc.), will the sound be harsh and ear piercing? I know that all depends on what I dial in to the Kemper. But I'm just wondering if it'll lack the "balls" of a tube amp when cranked; which leads me to my 2nd question . . .

    2. Can this version (the one with the power amp built in) crank? I mean, will I have to lean down toward my monitor to hear my guitar signal coming through? I'm worried that it'll be so thin, that it'll just get washed out by the drummer's cymbals.

    3. I know these things are AWESOME for recording and studio use. It seems like 95% of the videos I see on YouTube are all recording/studio based. But how do they sound and perform in a gigging situation? I love the concept of hearing exactly what the audience is hearing in terms of my tone/sound. But I'm just worried that it'll sound so weak on stage if I'm using a monitor as opposed to a guitar cab. I know I can use a guitar cab for me on stage and get that real guitar "feel" of the volume, and then send the direct signal to the front of house. But then, I won't be hearing what the audience is hearing. So I'm just wondering, is there any setup out there that will result in me hearing what the audience is hearing (for the most part) while still maintaining the "balls" of the sound on stage?

    4. Effects. How do you all like the effects? I'm currently using a G-System and I'm very happy with that. I generally don't need a huge variety of effects. As long as I can control the parameters of some reverb, delay, chorus, flange, tremolo and whammy, along with a good wah sound, I'm happy.

    5. Here's a BIG one . What is the best way to control this thing from a floorboard? I'm using the G-System now and I love how that is laid out. But, in order to afford the Kemper, I'd need to sell the G-System. So I couldn't use the G-System to control it. Plus, I couldn't justify using the G-System just as a $1,400 foot controller.

    I'd really like to be able to try this kind of setup, but unfortunately, nobody carries these things in stock in the stores (not even Guitar Center). So I'd have to order one, plus order a high end monitor and just HOPE it all works out to be as good as I'm hoping. And to spend nearly $3,000 on a hope, is not what I'd prefer to do. Especially since I'm not sure about the return policies of the Kemper from Guitar Center or whatever monitor I buy.

    I realize much of this was probably of the "newb" variety in terms of questions. But in regards to running this kind of setup, I'm a newb. Any help would be appreciated!