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    Is there any plans on a update that lets you use a looper after the reverb block? I know I can slide each up one but then you lose the dedicated delay and reverb knobs. I tried to add it in the aux which it worked but doesn’t sound great and playback loops are too quiet even with the volume maxed.

    when you connect an external looper to the direct out and select master mono as the output source you can determine the volume of the loop that gets recorded by turning up the volume of the direct out in the output menu. The volume of the signal that is coming in at the return input can be controlled with the Aux in volume in the output menu. This will allow you to loop the complete signal chain in mono. If you want to record a stereo loop you need to connect the monitor out and the direct out to your external looper as a combined "send" by activating the monitor stereo option and use the return and the alternative input as a stereo Aux input pair.

    Bitte überprüf mal im OutputMenü die OutputSource Einstellung für den Ausgang, den du fürs Monitoring verwendest. Nur wenn Master Mono bzw. Master Stereo angewählt ist, hörst du die komplette Signalkette inklusive aller Effekte.

    Today when I played around with the Editor, I just realized that effects post the amp/cab does not work, but if I put the effects pre amp/cab it works. Have anyone experienced this?

    please check your output source settings for the output that you use for monitoring. Only Master Mono and Master Stereo will include the complete signal chain.

    There is no need to change the output source settings when the fx loop is active. When the loop is active the signal that is present at the direct out is determined by the position of the loop. If you want to send just the naked guitar signal after it has passed the AD conversion you should simply place the fx loop in Stomp A. This is exactly what the Git/processing output source delivers. To get the most out of a 4 cable setup stomp D is the perfect spot for the FX loop as I already explained in my previous post.

    You are correct, and I used to run my setup the exact way you're describing, but since the most recent update, when I have an FX loop stomp in a rig, my output menu's direct out/send option is greyed out and says "Direct Output used for Effect Loop." After some experimentation I learned that the greyed Direct Output doesn't function as it did before.

    in which way does it not function anymore? The display only informs you that the direct out is indeed used when a fx loop is active and changing the output source setting is not possible because of that. The signal that is present at the direct out is determined by the position of the fx loop in the signal chain in the rig.

    nothing has changed regarding the functionality of the direct output other than the option to use it as the left output for a second stereo monitoring output pair. You can still set it to the same output sources just like before.

    BTW correct me if I am wrong but to use the 4 cable method you actually need to use the FX loop in the Profiler.

    By placing a mono FX loop in stomp D you can send the signal including the tuner/noisegate and stomps A,B,C to the input of your external amp from the Profilers direct out and then use the return of the Profiler to receive the signal post stack from the send of the external preamp. That signal then gets processed with X,MOD, DELAY and REVERB and send back to the return of the external amp from the monitor out with the master mono setting.

    Love my stage unit so far but was playing this morning in our church and noticed a fast (electrical?) clipping sound while playing through a high gain profile that was audible to the rest of the band as well. The rest of the profiles were fine. I say electrical because it sounded as though one external cord crossing over another has produced a similar sound. Any thoughts?

    which version of the operating system are you running on your STAGE? Please make sure to install the latest release 7.1.5. Your description sounds like an issue that happened in a very early 7.0x version.

    Good morning, no, my FRFR 108 cab has a L/R stereo imputs. I connected the L/R main TRS out of the Kemper to the respective inputs of my cabinet.

    from what I can tell by looking at their website it does have two mono inputs to connect to different instruments or sources at the same time. Have you tried to set the Profilers output source to master mono and only connect a single cable between the devices?

    Danke - die hatte ich schon gefunden. Ich komme aber trotzdem nicht mehr aus dem Edit-Mode raus - d.h. ich kann einmal erstellte Rigs abrufen, aber das Delay wird nicht vom Speicherabruf überschrieben, sondern übernommen

    das klingt als ob du das Delay Modul mit der Lock Funktion verriegelt hast. In dem Fall bleibt der zuletzt eingestellte Zustand des verriegelten Moduls erhalten, wenn man in ein anderes Rig wechselt. Dieser Zustand wird im Display durch ein Vorhängeschloss Icon angezeigt. Um den Lock Zustand wieder aufzuheben,einfach den Locktaster drücken, so dass das Symbol verschwindet.

    when you assign any stomp or effect to a switch it will be assigned in its current state.F.e. If you assign two stomps to the same switch and both were off or on while you assigned them they will both be switched to the same state simultaneously. If you assign one stomp while it is off and the second one while it is on you can toggle between them. You can find this info in the main manual.

    do you have 2 cables connected to the SPDIF I/O?

    I have no experience with the Focusrite software or your DAW but you need to route the recorded DI track to the SPDIF output of your interface.

    Many of our customers use reamping over SPDIF every day. Once you have mastered how to configure your DAW and Interface it is very easy to use.

    did you set your interface to be the clock slave? This is crucial to use the PROFILER Head in a digital environment.

    There are no settings to be made in the Profiler for this because the Head will automatically be the clock master but you need to make these settings in the control software of your audio interface.