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    die Anzahl der Rigs im Browse Modus hat nur dann eine Auswirkung auf die Dauer der Startzeit wenn der Profiler nach einem Stromausfall die Datenbank neu aufbauen muss. Die Startzeit des Profiler Head und Rack beträgt seit vielen Jahren 1 Minute und 15 Sekunden wenn er zuvor normal ausgeschaltet wurde.

    the two outputs on the Mission pedal are for the toe switch and the actual pedal. The pedal output needs to be connected with a TRS cable to one of the pedal inputs of the Profiler and the toe switch output can be connected with a regular TS cable to a second pedal input on the Profiler. Configure the first input as a volume, wah, pitch, or morph pedal and configure the second input as a mono switch that controls things like the on/off state of stomps or effects or other available functions on the corresponding pedal settings page for that input.

    There is no ticket in our system from the email address that you used to create your account. That would explain why you have not received any response. Our support team normally responds within 24 hours to tickets that come in between Monday and Thursday. Please try again to contact us.

    did you compare the reamped recordings that our support team sent to you to your own ones?

    I actually use two audio splitters so i can have the Kemper run through my monitors as well as use them with my interface simultaneously. It does sound best direct to monitors which sucks when I record... doesn't sound nearly as good. I'm thinking about just trying to mic the sound from a set of monitors and see if it sounds better than direct.

    sounds like you are clipping the inputs of your audio interface. Make sure to use line-level inputs and set the output level of the Profiler to something around -12 dB to have enough headroom.

    ok, let's first tackle part one, where my controls from the reaper in windows don't appear to work on the reaper on mac.. it should be very basic, just a control to switch some rig in a performance. THIS currently fails on a macbook to kemper with a midi to usb. What midi control , program change or whatever, should be assigned and what values?

    I cannot help you with Reaper but the Profiler responds to any MIDI program change that is sent on the same MIDI channel that the Profiler is receiving regardless if the DAW is running on Windows or OSX.

    Now this looks pretty simple, and almost to good to be true :) but clearly will check it. Does it also work when the "middle" - pass through - midi is from a Quad Cortex (our lead guitarist) his amp?

    if you use a QC as your MIDI interface and it follows the MIDI standard you should check if the output is set to thru in the system settings of the QC.

    our support team has reamped the DI recordings that you kindly provided and could not detect any differences between your reference recordings and our reamped recordings. The good news is that there is nothing wrong with your Profiler.