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    What I'm thinking is to buy a small mixer into which I'll run my guitar, sax and flute, then from the mixer into the return input xlr of the Kemper. Does that make sense?

    you have to use either the front input or the alternative input. The Return XLR is only for profiling purposes.

    The rubber feet underneath the Stage guarantee that there is sufficient airflow to cool the unit. If you take them off and place the Profiler flat on the surface you will block the vents on the bottom of the unit and risk to experience issues due to overheating.

    this sounds as if you have an open cable connected to one of the pedal inputs that is configured to work as a volume pedal. The open cable acts like an antenna and produces a cycling volume sweep that sounds like a tremolo.

    Please check your pedal inputs and set all of the ones that you do not use to "off" on the corresponding pages in the system menu.

    analoge Volumenpedale wie das Lehle werden am Stage genauso angeschlossen wie an jedem anderen Gitarrenamp, sprich zwischen Gitarre und Eingang des Amps. Unsere Tutorials beziehen sich auf Expressionpedale. Die haben den Vorteil dass man sie individuell in jedem Rig an einer anderen Stelle im Signalfluss platzieren kann und außer der Lautstärke auch noch Dinge wie Pitch, Morph und Wah kontrollieren kann.

    Cool, how did you fix it ?

    How do you unlock the input section ?

    How can you tell that the input section is locked (visually I mean on the profiler itself) ?

    It may be due to a bad manipulation on my side, I need to read the instruction manual ...

    the locked status is indicated by a lock symbol on the right side of the display. To lock or unlock a section you need to press the lock button while you are in the section you want to lock or unlock. But from your description I really doubt that this is the reason for your issue.

    I have a question: At Kemper's website, there are three LOOP options: mono stereo and distortion. I don't know how to get me to go to send effect loop stereo. I just want to send a stereo signal out through the effect loop. Can you advise me? * * *
    Mám otázku: Na stránke Kemper píšu, že sú tri možnosti LOOP: mono stereo a distortion. Neviam ako dosiahnuť, aby som išiel na send effect loop stereo. Proste chcem von cez effect loop poslať stereo signál. Poradíte mi?

    The Profiler only has a mono send regardless of the loop option that you choose. Only the return is stereo in the Stereo FX loop.

    clean sens only affects clean rigs.

    Changing the DI level using clean sens can be done but there is really no benefit in changing the DI level in the first place. Boosting it by raising the clean sens is more of a cosmetic/visual thing. Reamping will work just fine if you leave the level untouched because the waveform in your DAW represents the signal that your guitar is sending to the input of the PROFILER and if the Master Mono side sounds fine so will anything that you reamp using the DI part as it is.

    Git/Master Mono is a good choice for a setting to record the dry signal on one side of the S/PDIF output and the whole signal chain in mono on the other side. You can control the level of the Git part by changing the clean sens parameter value in the input menu.

    Is there any plans on a update that lets you use a looper after the reverb block? I know I can slide each up one but then you lose the dedicated delay and reverb knobs. I tried to add it in the aux which it worked but doesn’t sound great and playback loops are too quiet even with the volume maxed.

    when you connect an external looper to the direct out and select master mono as the output source you can determine the volume of the loop that gets recorded by turning up the volume of the direct out in the output menu. The volume of the signal that is coming in at the return input can be controlled with the Aux in volume in the output menu. This will allow you to loop the complete signal chain in mono. If you want to record a stereo loop you need to connect the monitor out and the direct out to your external looper as a combined "send" by activating the monitor stereo option and use the return and the alternative input as a stereo Aux input pair.