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    Im having the same issue, it im using my main outs.

    this thread is about the headphone output. If you experience a wet-only signal at the main outs please check your output source settings for the main output in the output menu and make sure it is set to Master stereo and not Delay/Reverb wet.

    I'm currently use the following solution for monitoring my Kemper. With risk of sounding ignorant, I had no idea about the difference between line out and Hi-Z signals. I'm using the monitor out to the mono input of the powered monitor. Are these not compatible or am I thinking too much?…train-powertrain-stage-50

    Hi-Z inputs are for connecting your guitar directly to a device like an audio interface. Powered monitors expect a line-level signal.

    The Profiler delivers a line-level signal while the input of your amp requires a Hi-Z signal. This mismatch will not produce a satisfying sound. You should consider purchasing a proper monitoring solution that can handle line-level signals or use headphones. A Fender Twin57 is completely unsuitable as the monitoring solution for any line-level device.

    the Profiler sends a line-level signal. Do not use the guitar input but one of the line-level inputs. If you want to record the Profiler in stereo and record a vocal signal at the same time you need an interface with 3 inputs-2 line inputs for the stereo signal and a mic input for the vocal.

    If you are a bit careful with your gain you can easily plug your Kemper headphone out into your interface and record that.

    the headphone output delivers the same signal as the main outs when they are set to master stereo. You can even activate the space function for the main outputs too if you want to. Of course, none of this will change the actual sound quality of the headphone amplifier in the audio interface.

    the -12 dB option attenuates the signal by 12 dB after it has passed the D/A converter. The volume level in the output menu attenuates the signal before the DA conversion. It is recommended to use the -12dB option first before attenuating the signal further in the digital domain.

    I tried both the Speaker Out and the Monitor Out, but no volume at all. Checking my cables to be sure they are all good.

    check the output source settings for the monitor output. The factory default value is Master Mono. Also, check the actual level of the monitor output. The factory default value is -12dB. Anything that you set for the monitor output will also affect the speaker output.

    In Browser Mode, you can step or scroll through Rigs in your browse pool according to the selected View and Sort Order criteria. The option “Group of 5/Single Rig” in System Settings determines if the Up/Down Buttons step through the Rigs individually or by groups of five in Browser Mode.

    Well, it was about 5 or 6 years ago and Rigmanager deleted the Performances on its own. I did nothing to do so.
    Got my first Kemper in 2015 and Rigmanager was well known for its errors and mistakes.
    Lot of Kemper players kept and keep their hands from Rigmanager. And so do I.
    The Kemper itself is a well working machine. I do not need more.


    so you ended up with less than 125 performances inside your Profiler when it happened?

    Did you guys use the Rigmanager?
    Because I had the problem that Rigmanager once not only changed Performances numbers, but deleted all my Performances.
    Therefor my stage will never be connected to Rigmanager, which is, in my opinion, a really evil software.

    Actually, performances in the My Profiler location cannot be deleted at all but only initialized and only if you tell RM to do so. If you deleted performances in your local library by accident it was probably a pilot error since we do not have any other reports about such behavior.

    Speaker imprints are not like impulse responses because unlike impulse responses they recreate the sound of the pure speaker and not the sound of the speaker as it was run through a microphone. Speaker imprints only work as intended when they are being monitored through a Kone speaker.

    In other words, sending a speaker imprint signal to a PA speaker will not give you the same sound that you are hearing from the Kemper Kabinet.

    auf einem USB stick darf nur ein einziges kaos.bin drauf sein. Am besten platzierst du das außerhalb der Ordner im Wurzelverzeichnis des Sticks.

    Der Profiler vergleicht die installierte kaos.bin mit der die auf dem Stick ist und verhält sich entsprechend.

    sobald eine kaos.bin Datei auf dem Stick ist die nicht der bereits installierten entspricht fragt der Profiler ab, ob die Version vom Stick installiert werden soll. Wenn die kaos.bin auf dem Stick identisch mit der installierten Version ist erscheint die Abfrage nicht.

    Meine Empfehlung wäre einfach die kaos.bin Version auf dem Stick zu haben, die du auch auf dem Profiler verwendest auf dem du das Backup erstellt hast und dann gegebenenfalls diese Version auf dem Zielgerät zu installieren, bevor man das Backup aufspielt.