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    The only Pitch parameter that can be controlled over MIDI is the Pedal Pitch by sending CC#1 in Pedal mode.
    The other pitch related parameters are not listed in the MIDI manual as available targets.
    Depending on your needs you are probably better off programming rigs that only differ in the pitch settings and switch between them.
    Or use more than one Pitch shifter in your rig and toggle between them using standard CCs.

    Maybe this is a dumb question, can't remember from the manual and I'm not near my Kemper ATM, but can I save Output EQ settings (to the speaker cab, not the Main Outputs to FOH) per rig? For instance, my cleans may not need that much low end.

    Output settings are global but you can create several Output preset for different venues and applications.

    OK-please open a ticket so you can send me a backup of your Profiler-it is the only way i can recreate your situation. Using the same factory rigs does not work because there are also global settings that are probably different in your profiler compared to my test machine.
    Do you experience the same noise when you use the alternative input on the back of the profiler?
    You will need to select it in the Input menu.

    We have two dedicated service centers in the US so the unit does not have to be send back to germany.
    It should take between 2-3 weeks from Canada to the US service centers and back at most.
    In any case please open a ticket at our support page and our US representative will take care of you.

    You should use the Reamping sens parameter in the input section to adjust the signal that is coming back from the DAW into your Profiler. The recorded track is coming from your DAW with a line level opposed to the guitar signal that you were sending to the Profiler through the front input.. The Reamping sens parameter is there to compensate for this difference.

    The time it takes for the Profiler to switch between rigs is normally between 100 and 200 ms.
    In your youtube video it looks like you are experiencing exactly that.
    If you are experiencing longer delays make sure that the FCB is only sending a single program change (it can send up to 5 at once if it does not have the uno4kempermod)

    Please insert the USB stick with the 2.4.2 KAOS.bin file placed in the root directory of the stick and NOT inside a folder and switch the profiler on while holding down both PAGE buttons until you see the words "Booting and Burning from USB device" in the display. If this does not help please open a support ticket.

    When you say there is no watch in the room that includes no wristwatch too right? These can easily be picked up by the pickups of the guitar and get amplified by the amp if you wear them on the right arm.
    Do you get the click also when you just plug a cable into the input of the Profiler without connecting any guitar?
    Since there are no reports regarding this problem i would like to ask you to open a ticket on our support page and supply a recording of the problem along with a backup of your Profiler so we can try to recreate the situation,

    There are no reports about this type of problems in our ticket system. Which firmware version are you running? Can you please make a recording of the problem and open a support ticket? Please also include a backup of your profiler and name the rigs that you experience the problem with so we can try to replicate the situation.

    Hello, I experienced the phasing issues with 2.4.2 (I think) in last two days at gig volume (Powerhead: power amp boost +4 db, master 5.5) with two different guitar cabs too (4x12 Randall, 2x12 Marshall). The same patches worked in 2.3 well. Also at home volume (power amp boost +0 db, master 0.5) with 1x12 cab I did not heard anything.

    My patches have a reverb on (with 8-10% mix). Yesterday at the sound check I turned reverb off and the issue dissapeared.
    So for my understanding:
    - something in reverb-part changed in FW 2.4.2
    - depends on the venue and the stage reverb could be to much (but I heard the issue also on master at 2, and in the same venue we played a month before and the patches with reverb worked well; but perhaps some monitor/pa bleeding etc. I do not know)

    There have been no changes in the reverb section of 2.4.2. Can you please open a support ticket and send us a backup and name the patches that showed the issue so we can try to recreate the situation?