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    My new Tele sure does sound good with M Britt Profiles
    I prefer the cleaner bright profiles and this Telecaster brings out the bite beautifully. Some of my favorites are....
    Vox A30CC 3
    Quidley 2 (love this one)
    Dumble CLN 5
    Jim Kelley 30 R C4
    VOX AC15 3
    65 Champion 8

    I have my own compressor settings that are more squashed and my own verb delay...

    I just love the bare solid rosewood neck.
    it's a 2017 Fender Telecaster Professional
    I had no intention on buying a new guitar, I was smitten... couldn't resist...

    I used to love my Sennheiser D1000.
    No tone loss, no companding...
    They don't make it anymore.
    But the 9 volt batteries were a pain in the ass.
    I tried the Line 6 but didn't like it...
    I've been using the Shure GLX-D Digital Wireless System - Guitar Pedal System
    It has been fantastic!
    Great tone
    Rechargeable lithium battery lasts forever...

    So,I got the Boss Katana 100 head and all I can say is wow...
    It sounds fantastic and the price is ridiculously cheap.
    I've tried it through a 1X12 cab loaded with a Celestion V70 (very smooth top end), a Celestian C90 and a Wherehouse G12C (A jenson 12c clone)
    All speakers sounded very different of course but all were great.
    I settled on the V70 for now....
    My acoustic Nylon string Godin Grand Concert sounds amazing for not being a full range cabinet.
    Then I tried using it as a power amp for the Kemper running the monitor out (cab off) into the effects return was was blown away.
    Turning the cab off on the Kemper is interesting because you're not coloring the tone with speaker into another speaker.
    The rigs will sound quite different than what you expect.
    Most of the Micheal Britt profiles are just incredible and very different than using the cab on.
    It's just another way to run the Kemper...
    For local gigs I'm using the Katana as a second amp along with my Mesa Lonestar Special running in stereo (ala Andy Timmons)
    Out of the Mesa effects loop into a Eventide/Strymon back into to the Mesa right side, left side into the Katana effects return.
    So, that means I'm using the Mesa Lonestar Special preamp as the tone for both amps.
    It's killer!
    What a great investment.

    btw, the Kemper is my fly rig and studio tool...
    But I wouldn't mind using 2 Katana amps with the Kemper brain for local gigs.
    At this price maybe I'll but another one...

    I almost pulled the trigger on the Katana head a few days ago..
    Before I knew it they were soldout at Sweetwater and GC.
    I'm wondering if I should get the head or the combo.
    It has an acoustic guitar mode that sounds really good.

    here's some of killer demos
    From Andertons...

    killer demo by Tom Quayle!

    Tom Quayle demoing an acoustic

    I got a reply from Kemper
    It's on the way to Dallas for repair.
    Don't know the cost yet....
    I guess I better not check it to baggage anymore.
    Carry on only...
    That means the guitar has to be checked :-(

    That was awesome!
    I'm using the JHS Angry Charlie AT as well as many other great pedals in front of the Kemper.
    Thanks for the killer demo.
    I've got all Michael's profiles, which is this?
    I'm guessing the Cal Texan profile pack 3 ...