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    + 1 to what Booyah said. I cannot imagine the ZLX112P being not loud enough. There must be something else going wrong here.
    As for the DXR15, it has been checked against the 10 and the 12 by several users and the overall estimation is that the 10 is the leader of the gang.

    As I said, the ZLX112P would probably work perfect on stage but we are much louder in rehearsal. I don't know why? Loud drummer perhaps. The sound guys always goes: "Turn down your amps!" when we're soundchecking... I once let a sound guy hear our rehearsal volume and he gets that strange look on his face... ;( Haha.

    We are all using earplugs btw.

    Regarding DXR10, 12 and 15 i've read some great things about them here on the forum. One that said: DXR10 is the winner, but if you like some flapping pants bottom end, go for the DXR15.

    We have been doing this for over 20 years now and I think it take some time to get used to FRFR, and that the other guitarist, using his Randall V2 with Mesa oversized cab maybe should turn down a little or go FRFR as well?

    The problem with the ZLX is that we can't hear it when we rehearse. It will probably work just fine as a wedge on stage for me to hear myself, but will not work for us when we rehearse.
    The reason that i want to go FRFR is that I want to hear what the audience hear. My sound that i have with my stack is awesome, but that's only in the rehearsal studio so the only one to benefit from it is me and my bandmates. I tried to explain that to them when they said: "But, but you have a great sound with your gear!" "Yes." I said, "But we are the only ones hearing it."

    I want some low end to my sound and i think the DXR15 will do the trick.

    BTW, thanks for all the replies! This is a great and a very helpful forum.

    I, at least, have run into some profiles where that high frequency content is on account of strange profiling. It's not on account of your device, in this case, the profiles themselves are "defective".

    Yes. that seems to be the problem! I came back from our rehearsal studio just now and tried different profiles and a few of them had this artifact.

    Hello all! First post here.
    I have the exact same problem. A high frequency noise on high gain profiles when using a power amp and a 412 cab.
    I have the Kemper rack without the power amp. I usually use a 6505 with double 412 cabs ( we rehearse pretty loud ...) but, now I decided to sell the 6505 head and one of the cabs and give the Kemper a try. So, I have a ISP stealth power amp and a 412 Peavey cab with Jensen speakers, disabling the cab in monitor output and get this high frequency hiss on the high gain profiles. Why? I'm on the latest firmware (2.5.0).
    I tried to go FRFR with a EV ZLX112 but none of us could hear it so that one ships back on Monday. I will try a DXR15 instead. But that's another topic!