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    Good idea to ask Digitech about it Frank I did not think of that.

    I watched Pete Thorn's demo - I love his demos - and he keeps saying "infinite sustain", when it's just not true and it might be the biggest problem of this pedal. Completely misleading and not true, Pete compares it to the eBow and Fernandes Sustainer: awfully wrong!

    I have a stupid idea for the abrupt stop in the sound: you could use an EHX Freeze pedal after the FreqOut, so that would enable the sound to go on infinitely.

    I haven't tried and don't intend to because the FreqOut remains a "gadget" effect so I'm not going to build a pedalboard around this pedal.... but it might just work
    (an infinite delay could also do the trick with the right setting)

    I like this pedal a lot for the sound quality; after half an hour I noticed something kind of not so great: when the string stops vibrating, the feedback sound stops pretty abruptly, which is nothing like the real thing. I don't like the way it stops at all so I have to constantly be careful not to let it ring for too long: that distracts you from the music, especially when feedback is usually used (abused?) with its long-lasting quality. I would like the effect to last as long as you keep your foot on the switch (momentary mode), I'm surprised the manufacturer did not notice or deal with that.
    So there's something to be improved for the integration into the KPA ;)

    Added four profiles: Mesa Express 5:25 with Ze(h)ndrive, Mesa Express 5:25 crunch, Bogner Duende Ze(h)drive, and Bogner Duende with softer setting on the Ze(h)ndrive.

    All these profiles have the BBE Maximizer in the loop of the profiled amp, there is a slight difference with the original profile (Zen Duende 2).

    Edit: these profiles were tailored to a Strat, so I don't know their behaviour with humbuckers (might sound dark)

    I've just uploaded a profile of a rig that I enjoy: CAE MC401 (line driver) -> Zendrive clone called Ze(h)ndrive -> Bogner Duende clean channel.

    Kemper effects: EQ in front of amp, slight delay and reverb. A wah and loop are there but off.

    I like to use a BBE maximizer in the loop, and I wanted to profile that also (in the loop of the amp rather than in the loop o fhte KPA): has anyone ever tried? Was it any good?

    My last profiling session failed because I had ground noise, and I did all sorts of testing but I did not think about using the ground lift buttons on the back of the KPA..... so will have to get back to it!

    edit: the amp is a combo with Celestion G12H30 anniversary speaker and the mic is SM57 straight to the KPA

    Wow crap story.

    Djemass you're not to blame, you were taken advantage of, and you come forward to explain the situation

    Maybe there will be more discoveries thanks to Meambobbo's Kemper Duplicate Finder...

    The Squier 3/4 Strat Mini still exists, that's what I advise for young students because they're cheap, perfect for children who don't really know if they will really apply themselves and actually keep on playing... and they are easy to resell too.
    But intonation problems etc. (still it's ok for the price). I am looking for something a bit more reliable.

    The Hello Kitty Squier is an adult size guitar if I remember correctly, and it's pretty decent quality too.

    The RISA electric ukulele looks nice, I will check into it: I didn't know about that thanks!

    I also looked into the Erlewine Chiquita, the little yellow guitar from the beginning of "Back To The Future" (gigantic speaker that blows him away, literally!). The guitar looks great + legendary status, you just have to add some shipping fees + customs in your country, and the whole package nearly doubles the price for the actual guitar, so you gotta think twice.

    For quite some time, I have been looking for a quality electric guitar, kids size.

    My problem is that all I could find is more like a toy than an actual instrument: bad intonation is the worst issue, and pretty much everything else from playability to tuning is rather awful.

    I was hoping that there would be a market for a quality kids size electric guitar, but I really have a hard time finding one.

    Could anyone help? Have you heard or tried a small guitar that could qualify as a real instrument?

    any idea is welcome!


    I have a profile request for an amp that my grand dad used to have in his bedroom, it's an Italian amp from the brand Sound, model Big 25 RT, presumably from the 70's. I never actually played it because I was too young (scared of it actually because it was so... big :) ), and by the time I was able to enjoy the amp the house was gone.

    It's not an easy amp to find, even for pictures or anything really... I managed to find a demo of a red one on YT:

    What do you think about the tone? I find it interesting, and quite a few of the profiles from the amazing forgotten amps pack by Oraakkeli tap into that ballpark.

    If anyone was able to profile this amp I would be over the moon.

    You see how the KPA can get you emotional!

    excellent playing! The harmonic approach and the groove of the song remind me of the Mayones contest winner Nicholas Llerandi, don't know if there's a connexion?
    The hybrid right hand technique and sweeping is mind blowing, thank you for sharing this!

    Nice to see some new digital amplification device.
    Visuals: amazing, wow!
    Sounds: well... is that it?
    The sound does really not do justice to the visuals of this product, in the videos available right now, maybe different in real life, but big disappointment between all the impressive presentation and the actual tone...

    I have just set up a cab, powered by the EHX Magnum 44. It was an experiment to see if I could have a better amp in the room tone than my studio monitors (M-Audio BX5, then Yamaha HS7).
    The amp in the room is here now, much much more realistic tone, this was my answer for every day playing pleasure.
    The Magnum is loud, I have it set to 9 or 10 o'clock tops, plenty enough even for rehearsal or small gig volume.