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    To me morphing has been really useful, as you can morph to a full-on lead tone with one footswitch. This means I can use a simple small non-midi dual footswitch and have access to a lead tone plus one stomp, usually for phaser. A very compact setup for jam sessions or gigs where you don't want to bring a large pedalboard!

    Hi Jimi
    The TJ Twreck low 3 and TJ Twreck low 3M profiles sound different when played through studio monitors, which is not the case with the other studio and merged profiles. Could you please check if something went wrong during the merging process?

    I noticed the same thing. The merged version is bad. Something similar happened with the 68 Marshall Merged profiles. Clearly Top Jimi is occasionally doing something wrong when creating merged profiles.


    When done correctly, Merged profiles actually sound exactly the same as the studio profile. This is truly a great feature for anyone who uses a real guitar cab, and anyone who wants to choose their profiled amp and the profiled cab separately.

    However, @ckemper , the problem here seems to be the usability of the feature. As you can see in this and other threads, people are struggling to understand when to merge and when not to merge. It is far too easy to make a mistake in the process, which is clearly one of the reasons people think merged sounds worse. That, combined with the fact that there's no way to know whether a given profile is (correctly) merged or not, creates a lot of confusion. Because of all this, we (the users) can't get the most out of this great feature. Please work on the usability with your team.


    It's great to see merged commercial profiles of good-sounding amps appearing! I will definitely purchase.

    Jimi, as cabs in merged profiles are usable for other profiles as well, it would be great to have a bit more documentation on which cabs were used, and even how they were mic'ed.



    I think Kemper should complete the user experience of the previous new feature before implementing new ones. Specifically, what comes to mind is:
    - Direct profiling: This is a great feature for people who use real guitar cabs, or those who want to experiment with various virtual cabs. However, the fact that Kemper can't tell us which profiles are merged reduces the usefulness by a large degree. A tag for Merged profiles should be added immediately to complete this feature.
    - Pure Cabinet: This is also a great feature, and improves sound quality in many scenarios. However, as this feature changes the tone substantially and it doesn't improve things for all profiles, to be complete this setting clearly should be part of a rig or a cabinet instead of a global one.


    I also went ahead and purchased this pack. I have to say these are excellent profiles - they really nail the Plexi tone!

    However, I also notice a big difference between Merged and Studio profiles. This is really strange, as whenever I create my own Merged profiles, the tone is identical to the Studio profile.

    Studio profile sounds better to me. Also, the monitor out direct sound is not exactly what I would expect - something strange going on in the high frequencies. This is a little disappointing, as I can't confidently use these profiles in my "monitor to real cab + main out to FOH" setup, and it makes me suspect that Top Jimi is doing something wrong when creating Merged profiles.


    Mixohoytian, if you want the tone of your amp, but are not happy with the miced cab sound, why not use merged profiles?

    Create a merged/direct profile for your favourite amp settings, then apply cabs of your choice from other merged profiles or cabmaker. This works very well for me.

    I know this is an old request now but this is a surely a necessity after all the hard work that went into the merging process? I'm very surprised it hasn't come up as a filter in one of the 3.0 onwards updates.

    Absolutely. For users like me who primarily prefer merged profiles, it's really quite a big problem when you don't know which profiles in rig exchange are merged and which are not. I think this is a major oversight from Kemper and should be corrected as son as possible.


    I have uploaded my merged amp profiles of Groove Tubes Soul-O-Single to Rig Exchange.

    There are number of different profiles, with various volume and tone settings. I have attempted to cover much of the range of tones that this amp is capable of creating. I used Behringer ULTRA-DI DI100 between the amp and a Marshall JCM800 1x12 cabinet with a Celestion V30 element. The profiles come with a merged cabinet the of this cabinet mic'ed with SM57 on the center. No external effects, no Kemper effects, just the amp as it is.

    Naming conventions: Profiles are named 'axSoS Gvbdtpm' where

    g: Gain, g=low, G=high
    v: Volume 0-9
    b: Bass 0-9
    d: miDdle 0-9
    t: Treble 0-9
    p: Presence 0-9
    m: Master 0-9