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    Am I missing delay presets that are in the tutorial? I don't know if that issue was resolved or not. The guy has groups of numbers for his preset delays.

    Thanks for responding to my weird post about Aussie wildlife. Its all what is projected to U.S. mainstream. Which I actually passionately love wildlife and wildlife preservation. Dangers here are stray bullets and violent crimes etc. Ill take wildlife ( if I could afford to move I would.) Ill keep posts focused on music issues next time.Though its frustrating finding musicians here and not self proclaimed shred masters.

    I just moved north from Florida, I can tell you the term redneck is evolved to a term that does not have a racial undercurrent to it. Back in the day it did, but slang is constantly evolving in the u.s. About 10, 15 years ago a rapper, one day, named "Little Wayne" referred to jewelry as "bling bling" in an interview and years later it has included itself in American everyday language and in the dictionary as well. WEIRD! There are really only one racial term that is truly taboo here and that is the n word. Im sure you all know what that means? I am not a big fan of a lot of the culture in my country. Its shallow and lacking integrity often , its like " here today, gone later today" but its part of the U.S. and its my country, if you wanna know of a place in the U.S that's filled with racial wars on the street and worse its L.A. Califorinia ,known as the mental health mecca of the universe. Sometimes Yanks here is referred to the New York yankees baseball team.
    I wanna go to Australia for surfing, but here on the history channel Australia is shown as DEADLY animals everywhere , Sharks, snakes like the inland taipan, Salt crocodiles, spiders, jelly fish, blue ring octopus, boxing kangaroos (how do you all survive, y'all must be fucking tough.!!!!)ha ha.
    Anyway does anyone know where I could get a used KPA remote.

    When you all say yanks are you referring to people in the more northern states of the U.S. or all of them? To us ,here, yanks mean people who live in the northern states while the southern states are rednecks or hillbillies.

    I am a successful guitarist and teacher in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York area, and before that in L.A. I auditioned for Limp Bizkit in ,'99,and have recorded and sat in, on innumerable projects thru the years but regarding the Kemper and everthing relating to it I am novice. I say this to say that I find the info here in the forum to be very valuable and I would request any conversation or message to me to be related to issues with learning more about the KPA and nothing else .Anythng else is deleted and not even read. , I surely will only post issues with that in mind at this point. The fractal forum is filled with contrary opinions and arguments. And that is what I love about this forum is that in general, I have only experienced positivity.

    Ignore and disregard my post earlier this week, I have no reason to chime in and I shouldn't have. I really don't have enough clout to be posting that subject. I didn't read any of the replies to it and I wont read any of this , just disregard my statements

    Thanks to all of you, again I really like the way all of you are so free and willing to help each other altruistically. I am new to Kemper and new to forums. The Fractal forum often was close minded with new ideas and not quite over interested in helping the new guy. You all seem more like a cool fraternity , thanks Paults, Don P, Monkey, everyone!

    p.s. Feel free to correct me in anything you see wrong , I don't take it personal.

    Its not unclear, it is clear, it is just a matter of me taking the time to learn something new. I was in auto pilot with the Fractal for so long that it carried over to my Kemper journey. I see now what you mean and it is just a matter of having the correct key set.

    I cant figure out how to edit to a pitch I want etc. I know I may be stuck on the way Fractal had it but I have made an effort and cant quite get it . I just want a cool pitch shift like a root/minor third type of deal.
    Does anyone have a cool preset to share? Thanks.

    Ahhhh , yes, logical, I was looking for some hidden, encrypted technical issue that im not privy to. Im used to things going wrong onstage. The latest was, I fell through the stage riser due to a bad set up. One minute I am up there playin the next im under the stage holding my ankle in pain and a broken neck on my les paul. I guess it could look like a cool prop. ha ha
    I didn't know that there is/was any problems with shut downs etc. My KPA is perfect every night. Knock on wood.
    Thanks again to all the expertise advice It is to be appreciated, the level of advice with everything is high level professional and up do date and given freely , soooo rare

    I see this 4.01 and 4.02 OS updates. What is that? What is the difference between the two? I just updated my KPA to 4.0 when it finally came out. Maybe somebody inform me what this 4.01 ,4.02 thing is, and if I am missing out tell me how to go to 4.02 or whatever, I don't know what is what now.