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    What i would like to have ,for example ,for some 2 channel amp (clean ch +gain ch) is:
    - clean ch: dialed to be as clean as possible , dialed (cranked,pushed..) to to produce some crunch from preamp tubes with power tubes compression
    -gain ch: 3 gain (low,mid,high) sweet spots,with "appropriate" power amp tube sweet spots.

    Of course, i know not all amps have the same construction (more channels,mods...etc.), but that would be my "go to" profiling "template".

    I would definitely like to have profiles with different mike positions (and different cabs), maybe 2 positions(on cloth,2-3 inch) for cap,cap edge,off-axis,cone,cone edge and 1 position 2-3m away from cab.
    It would be MUCH easier for me predict what sound would I get if I chose certain mice+cab combination, and therefore,much quicker to dial in the sound I'm after.

    I would probably left amp EQ in "neutral" 12 o'clock position, since we already have lots of various types of EQs available in the Kemper amp.

    Just thinking out loud, cheers.

    Hi everybody, just got my non powered Kemper amp , used it on the rehearsal through Bugera 333 FX return and in my home studio directly into audio interface.
    I'm really satisfied with the sound, in both FX loop and through studio monitors.

    Thanks Maurizio70 for making your great backup ("Starting Pack" for Beginners) available for everyone to download :thumbup:

    The only thing that is "not good" about Kemper amp is that it has too many different combinations of good sounds , which made me go to bed at 3AM for the past 2 much possibilities little time to play ;)