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    Yes, it sounds different and I agree that this should be added in a (near) future firmware. However, I don't get the reason why you can't play the song you linked with a delay after the stack. I'm pretty sure this song sounds good for live use with a post amp delay as well. The audience propably won't hear any difference.
    BTW: I like the song, nice one!

    I totally agree that the audience won`t hear any difference...
    I guess it`s more of a personal taste and about how different the delay accents work when having it pre - stack.
    And besides that i thing it`s the only basic effect that you don`t have the choice to place it wherever you want (Reverb too but it`s really rare having it up front)

    I`m glad you liked the song by the way :)

    I totally i agree with both of you guys...
    I mean our kemper now has pitch shifter, harmonizers and all these weird stuff just to balance the effect "lack" in comparison with the Axe FX, BUT we all choose kemper
    for it`s tone quality and simplicity!!!

    Come on Christopher we`ve been waited for so long and it really gonna takes you 5 minutes really :)

    if not just give me a good reason for not having it before the amp!!!

    I know, i already do that when practicing but when you are on tour most of the times you really don`t have the time to set this up...
    Don`t you agree that you achieve so different sounds when having the delay pre amp that would make a reason for it`s existence there?