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    Hi Guys,

    I wondered if there is any Gate-VST-Plugin that´s so tremendous good like the kemper noise gate (speaking of the input gate with dedicated knob, not the stomps!)? I love that thing and how it is working. Would be so nice on synths. I really don´t get it how the gate is working technically, but it is obviously not a simple cut of below a certain db.

    And no, I don´t wanna play all my hardware synths through a kemper (or better 6 Kempers). :)

    any Ideas?

    For me the general type of the Klon-distortion would be wonderful and enough. I am not in search of a special single sounding device. The Kemper Stomps are often far above what can be done in hardware (think of the ducking etc.). So I hope for a surprise and a very broad usable "Klon"-Type Stomp.

    The main charackteristica of that toy would be cool (no screamer mid hump! Broad sounding overdrive. And this strange mix behavior of the Gain Knob :)). I am not interested in the minimal and partly esotheric differences between some Klons. Take the KTR and clone that Klon into a stomp and I think pleeeeeeenty of people will be happy. The others already have their tubescreamer stomp :)

    CK from above, you gave us the green scream
    now give us the Klon Clone

    and let us teenagers of the 90s shine, too

    pleeeeeeeaaaaaasseeee! :)


    Yah, that´s my plan someday. But for now, I have no idea how to get close to a klon (I asked in another thread if somebody has found a way to get a Klon-like sound out of one of the stomps). But you´re absolutely right (ofc), listening to the raw preamp signal could help a lot, good idea.

    Aaaaaaaand this is more a scientific question on how the Kemper would translate multiple distorsions and gain stages into its serial distorsion programm.

    If I get any experiences during "re-profiling" soon I will share. Hey, maybe the mix of the distorsions glued into one will make some happy accidents :)


    a question runs around my wrinkled brain.

    Basic Information (bevor anybody asks "but why???")
    I have a Klon Klone in front of my KPA (until they make a nice stomp fx of it) which is half or full gain (which is in fact a wet 50% and a wet 100% Setting because they gain is told to be a mixer knob and not a real gain).

    Then I have my high gain Profile and in the cab section I mixed about 1 to 2 of the "clean" Signal into it.

    soooooooo, it is in the best case a 50/50% mix of clean and gain (klon) and then into a high gain amp with clean mixed in. Got it?

    Don´t ask, I like to have about 4 gain stages/types mixed all together. I like the Sound.


    What happens if I Profile this path? To make it a bit better to understand: what happens if I Profile an AMP with a bit of original Signal mixed in?

    The Kemper can Profile Serial paths perfect. But what´s with parralell paths? Does it work as good as profiling with several mics mixed (which is a different thing of course because that is profiling an eq curve roughly said).

    That all is just theory. And I will Profile my set via another profiler just t see what happens. Maybe it will be usabel, even when it is different.

    Remember, I like experiments. There are still my profiles of the Virus TI Distorsions in Rig Manager. hmmm, could do some new btw.


    The bass Players among us use that trick often. Parallel paths for clean and distorted. Did someone try to (re-)Profile such a path?

    Hi Guys,

    for a project I search a nice rig or ideas about a sound like static x guitar sound



    I know a Marshall MG is used. But the amp name is irrelevant for me (as it is for many kempers). I just search for a Rig (commercial is ok too) that has that touch. For me it seems like a very distorted, yet "soft", deepless sound. Hmmm, usually I prefer the other way round. BUT for that project, it shall be sth new.

    For me it sounds a bit like middless terror :). So Screamers are not that good idea for thinning the sound, or?

    I use a framus Idolmaker mainly, that git should be able to get that sound if the AMP or CAB gets in the right direction (pickups can be split).

    blablabla - Ideas?


    I love this forum, and read much but don´t write much. The talks here are so usefull! :*

    PPS: aehm... I hope that is the right place for my question. Please move me, if not. Next time I would do better, promise!

    Tandrin try the additional Compressor for more "soothing" - I know what you're talking 'bout

    yah. I experimented with that. It is like a compressor is one side of the thing. But the other side is missing. And that is clipped sound, not compressed. So a Disto or overdrive must be in parallel. And that is the tricky point. It has to be paralell clean compressed and overdriven and then mixed again, and THEN into the AMP.

    My problem is, that I like to mix in some Direct Mix (2.0) in the cab section (which sound awesome on highgain and that cheapo Klon Clone). So the parallel path (the bass player thingy) is not suitable for what I want. I just need a parallel compressor/overdrive with mix parameter and without coloration. So I need a Klon Centaur thingy as a Stomp. Hopefully Kemper will add this nice disto technique as a stomp someday.


    just got a Klon Clone and I really like it (far more than any greens or OCDs). But I hate to take Pedals on the stage since I got the Kemper. So I´ll try out the "mouse" workaround mentioned earlier. But yes, a nice Klon stomp is really missing in the Kemper as I see it.

    edit: just tried to get the sound of the pedal (or even in the direction) with one of the earlier mentioned tricks and settings. Nah. Not for me. It is not any near that soothing (hehe, you know that vst plugin?) sound...

    So: Make us a Klon Stomp for the Stomp section! Pleasssssse :)

    That worked! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel so stupid now. Besides that I updated Rig Manager, but never came to the idea to check the installer for a repair option.

    Thanks @Arne

    by the way: thats my name (Arne), too. I was seriously irritated as I saw "Arne answered" :)

    thanks again!


    since some weeks I have a problem with connecting the KPA with RigManager.

    It worked on this system before, with Win10. RigManager now doesn´t find the KPA. To update drivers via Device Manager ("Geräte Manager") does´nt do anything.

    Checked other USB Ports. Nope.
    The USB Cable is the same that´s always on the desk just for the KPA for years. (and as you see on the screenshot: the KPA is recognized, but the driver is not ... active (?))
    The problem was there before the Reverb Beta. I´ve updated to the Reverb Beta via USBStick (before that I´ve updated via Rigmanager).

    hmmm... help?

    Very nice done. Can only get better.

    Vibrato to C, Spring reverb to D (50%). At the end a little Crystal delay and a hint of Hall. My new dreamy preset!

    I dropped dripstone down to -5. Spectral bal to 2 and springsize to 10. Sounds very lush.

    Great. I love drippstone! Up and it sounds very ... wet and drippish, and down, all the nice spring sound WITHOUT dripping. Soooooooo nice! Spectral balance is unbelivable usefull.

    already have a real nice new preset with

    Improvement idea:
    my 1975 Kitty hawk has a tube driven spring which is nice, because the tube brings in some warmth into the reverb trail with a hint of overdrive. BUT I have to say, again, sprectral balance does the trick, too! So maybe you want to give in a little tubeoverdriveoption like in the delays.


    for the tremolo IS my Fav Mod FX.

    Variable Speed. Variable Forms would make it really mighty. Maybe some fancy sideeffects like they put in the delays. Maybe an additional damping option (the louder the FX Signal, the less dampered, the quieter the Signal the more damping).

    ohhhh yessss.


    ich fühl mich grad etwas doof. Irgendwie hab ich doch sowas schonmal hinbekommen vor dem Kemper.

    Also, im Studio benutz ich nach dem Kemper noch ein VST-Plugin auf meinen Gitarrenaufnahmen (Quadrafuzz) um eine spezielle Würznote hinzuzubekommen.

    Jetzt würd ich gerne diesen Gesamtsound (AMP + Plugin) gerne profilen. Mal egal ob das überhaupt was werden kann, hier die technische Frage:
    Wie geht das? Die ganzen Plugins weigern sich völlig bei mir im Input (also Live) zu funktionieren. Wie bekommt man das hin? Die Pluginverzögerung ist dem Kemper ja angeblich recht egal, und das eine Plugin macht auch kaum was.

    Oder mal jaaaaaaaanz kurz:
    Wie profile ich ein Cubase-Plugin? Externe Progs für Live? Welche? Gibt ja nicht ganz uninteressante Distorsion und AMP FX im Plugiversum, der Trick könnte also nochmal interessant werden.

    Soundkarte (Steinberg UR824)
    bisher gehe ich analog rein (also nicht SPDIF, hat die Steinberg nich)



    I got a little "error" since several Updates (can´t remember but I think since System 3, I am on 5). So it might be NOT an System error. Maybe something with faulty profiles. Only a Problem with Browser Mode in favourites right after startup. I am on the latest System 5 Beta. Again, the error occurs since system 3-something

    Everytime (!) I start the Kemper (Power on) it shows me the last used profile (as usual). But when I change it via Rigbuttons it switches to the first or second profile in the list. No matter which is the "starting" profile. So after every startup I have to scroll through my favourites (my standard sort) to my profiles.

    I can remember before that the Kemper always started with the right profile (like now) but when I chose the next via rig buttons it goes to the next in the list, not always to the first.

    this "jumping to the first" happens ONLY in favourites list and right after startup.

    whatever profile I had before restart, after restart in favourites and switching rig for the first time it always jumps to the first rig in the list.

    What I do now is (after I backuped my profiles to rigmanager) kill ALL profiles from my kemper and recopy them via rigmanager. I´ll write if this helps.

    I deleted all rigs via rig manager. Restartet Kemper. Next: without doing anything, rig manager synced and copied 599 rigs back to the kemper (whaaaaaaat one?????). Before erasing all (via RM) from Kemper it showed me 673 rigs (count of the backup in RM) and after that automatic sync I have 627 rigs on the kemper (count of RM again). So WHAAAAAAT? Am I not allowed to clean up my kemper? (jump to first rig error is still there)

    I will now shut off RM and restart Kemper. OK. Surprise. I deleted all Rigs but 28 favourites before restart. Guess what: ALL rigs are still on the kemper after restart (WITHOUT RM on). I really start to hesitate with my mind.

    (Kemper remembers all favourite changes I did right before deleting everything)

    NEXT try to delete rigs... ok... ähhhmmm... I don´t know any way to "format" my kemper.
    By the way: Now I cannot navigate to another RIG in "all rigs". It stays in the same. Now it starts to get really funny. BUT in favourites I still can navigate (my heart will go on). Now I realize I CAN select another rig in "all" if they are the favourites I left on the Kemper.

    I start RM. RM syncs. Guess, 626 rigs. But on the Kemper only the 28 favourites work I left on the Kemper before I deleted the NONFavourites.

    OK. This is REALLY weird.

    Oh, I see in RM the names of the 599 other rigs but really nothing in them (no AMP Name, Cabinet Author and so on. I see Name and Date, nothing more. Everything is empty).

    I guess my Kemper Riglist in the Kemper is faulty. What could I do? How to format the Kemper?

    Is there a way to delete ALL Rigs within Kemper? RM doesn´t do it right (as tested).

    I have a Backup of my rigs.


    just discovered the following:

    If I have a longer Delaytail and switch to Tuner (Muted) then the delaytail would be still hearable (so far so good).

    I´ve got ducking on delay. And when I strumm in Tuner Mode with still parts of the delaytail in the background, the delay is muted (but without the muted sound).

    Funny. Fail or feature? :)

    If fail, then deactivate all duckings while in Tuner Mode so the Tails can wear of untouched.

    Thanks @ 'dhodgson' for your investigation.

    You can locate where the dry is when you turn down the "effect" and let "dry" open. It´s always on one (the same) side. And in dub2 it could be so usefull to have dry in the middle...

    I start to get used to the sound. :) I often use Dub3 now. So completly 4 Voices. Start to like it over 2 Voices at highgain. For more clean sounds is Dub1 preferable because it sounds really clean and nice.
    For many recordings I let it just ON. :)
    For more oldschool clean sounds I turn it sometimes of. But as I previously told, together with one of the new delays (IO prefer a dark dual crystal) and a little bit shiny short reverb it is a very nice, lush and big sound.

    Maybe they work on improvements in the phasing problem. But I don´t wait for a kemperish style of support :).

    But in the end, after playing hours and hours with that toy: I will definitly use it in studio and live.
    Mimiq or really doubling or quad guitars sound different. That´s good man! One more available sound! And I think live it will be a nice toy.

    BUT I think it is only realy cool in stereo! For that is doubling made! If I can play mono only at a gig, I would maybe cut the doubler. It is the room and space that is created which is so fascinating (in addition with you know the new delays it´s orgasmic)

    YAH! So true!!!!!!