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    ... well, interesting - after installing version 4 I thought the wha sweep hasn't been as smooth as it was before (I'm using a Mission EP1-KP for wha/vol)... firstly I thought it had to do with the calibration of the expression pedal, but calibrating it hasn't made a difference ... with that experience (the wha sweep kind of reflects the 'choppy' sweep of you whammy example) & after listening to your comparison I agree something has changed ... hopefully an easy fix ;)


    I do understand what you're talking about - had the same thoughts until yesterday:

    I'm now using the morph to 'solo boost' all my rigs ... though I'm using my performances in 'banks of rigs' rather than in a song based fashion - i.e. banks of <clean - breakup - distortion - distortion alternative> rigs from different amps ... all my rigs can be used self-contained ... a benefit is that this frees up one of the I-II-III-IIII slots :thumbsup: ... downside is: engaging a stomp has to be done as in the olden days :D ...

    Works fine for me so far 8)


    Man ... gotta LOVE that strobe tuner ... tuning up feels like Christmas again with all these LEDs whirling around :D

    ... not to mention the unlimited possibilities opening with the morphing feature 8)

    Super job team Kemper !!

    A (hopefully) simple question:

    Is there a way to just assign the Remote buttons to morph between 2 defined rig states & not the expression pedal (i.e. expression pedal is just used for volume / wha as before) ...

    If yes, how do I assign just the rig button to morph & not the exp pedal.


    Hey @lonestargtr,

    Bought your Diaz mini pack earlier today & have to say - NICE ... excellent profiling job man!

    ... fat, warm cleans, smooth break-up tones & beefy distortion ... just what you'd expect from a Diaz ^^

    I do have a question:
    Are you considering getting your hands on some more Dumble clones in the future (i.e. Bludotone, Van Weelden Twinkleland or even another ODS ...)


    Question to the one's who may in the know - @DonPetersen ? - is it possible to 'morph' a pure booster in order to 'solo' boost the current rig? Thinking that this may save me a stomp button for more flexibility (currently the first stomp is always reserved more solo boosting that rig) ...


    Hey @Monkey_Man, a coincidence indeed, I figured you're from down-under, hence the connection, but the rest is ... I guess one of those things :D

    I'm German living in the UK for close to 18 years now :)


    Rig X-Fade Time is a parameter in the SYSTEM menu, page 4, that makes rig switching super smooth.
    I have it on 10 since it was introduced and never looked back :)

    Hi Don,
    Maybe a bit off-topic ... Like yourself, I had my Rig X-Fade at 10 ever since it was introduced - together with the introduction of Pure Cab - dream features indeed :)

    Out of curiosity, would you care sharing your setting for 'Pure Cab' as well?


    [quote= german text: Darüber hinaus sorgt das Kemper Profiler OS 3.2 mit dem sogenannten Rig X-Fade Time Parameter für nahtloses Umschalten der Presets.bloody translation: Beyond that, the Kemper Profiler OS3.2 provides the so called Rig X-Fade Time Parameter for seamless preset-switching..[/quote]

    ... but this was already part of the OS 3.2 update ... I'm using this very useful feature ever since the release of 3.2 ...

    I think we are talking about the seamless blending of 2 different presets with 1 button switch including seamless blending of other parameters from one preset to the other - which is not the Rig X-Fade as already available in 3.2 ...

    Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be exiting :D