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    Here are my favorites:

    M Britt's Polytone MB3 profile, Vibro-King 4,Voice 15 3(Vox AC15)

    M Britt's CTone SRV 5, Vibro-King 4 (w/Green Screamer)

    M Britt's Dumble ODS N3 & N5, Train wreck 3 & 2-,

    Dorrus2's Fishman Performer 'f' (2 more of his profiles for slight eq tweaks), JoeR's Shorter Unico profile (tweaked)

    If you asked if I had only ONE "for the island" - rather than gun to your head ;) it has to be without a doubt:

    M Britt's Dumble ODS N3

    ... unbelievable how I can get the full range from clean round (even with 'normal' output humbucker) to full Dumble heaven with all shades in between - heard someone doing that with a 'real' ODS :D


    These are Profiles taken from my Fishman Loudbox 180w Performer Acoustic amp., These amps are made for use with acoustic guitars and vocals.
    I use them for live gigs with my Martin Guitars, one has a Fishman Prefix piezo type pickup and the d18 Retro has the Fishman Auro F1 system. also used them with a Taylor ce 814.

    Hi Dorrus, l'm a late adopter to your Fishman profile ... Man, this is absolutely gorgeous sounding - a bit of tweaking with a wee bit of compression and voila, the best sounding profile for acoustic guitar I played & heard - thanks so much.


    Hi ronjazz,

    The best results I had to date & they are my go-to jazz profiles (I play Standards & Lain Jazz with one of my bands) are Michael Britt's profiles of a 'Polytone Minibrute Mk3' from his 'Vintage Pack' ... the 'Jazz Chorus' profiles from the same pack are also great for this, though I prefer the 'Polytone' profiles as they exhibit the same round, fat warmth ^^ as a real Polytone ...


    Many thanks #crgtr & Michael for the excellent Periscope broadcast!

    Informative & enjoyable indeed!

    Looking forward to a continuation of the broadcast ... love your profiles & looking forward to what gets profiled next :D


    Agree - the 2 Trainwreck profiles (especially the Trainwreck 3 profile) is my go to profile for anything Hendrix - very transparent and cleans up wonderfully ... Fantastic job Michael :)


    Line 6 say they did model that behavior and they seem to have nailed down that sound, I honestly haven't heard a univibe sounding this good even comparing with real hardware univibes.


    Before selling it for my beloved KPA I had a HD500X which already had a pretty decent sounding 'Univibe' preset ... I also owned a 'Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe' for many years (after testing several other clones) - so I think I know what a Univibe sounds like ... I have to say Line 6 seem to have nailed the sound behavior of a Shin-ei Uni-Vibe spot-on.

    As I mentioned before ... something for the wishlist :)

    I see, inside RM I managed it by selecting one or more rigs, then - from memory - in the inspector checking the favorite check box and then syncing to the profiler.
    Not near my KPA at the moment, will check later & if the procedure is different I'll let you know.

    So, you're a Wolfman as well :D

    Hi Monkey_Man,
    Sorry, slight error in my earlier explanation I'm afraid :(
    Leave the 'Auto favorite' button checked, select and load a rig in Browse mode, hold the 'Rig' button for 1-2 secs (you will a quick flicker of the screen) and the selected rig appears in your 'Favorite' rigs.
    To unselect from the favorites just select & load the rig, hold for 1-2 secs and the rig is gone from your favorite rigs list.
    Hope that helps.


    For those who are interested - if you want to save favorite rigs individually, just uncheck the 'Auto favorite' checkbox in the system menu and then hold the 'Rig' button a bit longer to select it as a 'favorite' - that's it :)

    'Auto favorite' checked - as the name gives away - will save a rig as favorite as soon as you save it.