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    Sounds a bit counterintuitive, but how well can the stage work as a remote for the rack?

    Guessing it would need two way midi to control to provide indicator and possibly display feedback as there is no Ethernet option on the stage. Or might it just require both units to have the same "backup" installed, So they are effectively clones of each other?

    Why? Having a both units offers a back up solution with one floor remote.

    Worse case scenario, could run the rack with no remote.

    Anyone tried this or know if an allowance/function has been implemented for this setup?

    Interesting watching this. It offered another reason why the tap-tempo indicator flashes erratically, which I hadn't thought of before.

    As we can see on the video the indicators are addressed sequentially, a bit like the lines on an old analogue TV which is only noticeable either when you slow down the playback or strobe as the camera in the video effectively does. Therefore the tap indicator only gets updates every cycle of the led indicators update and it's timing may clash with the scan-cycles giving the inconsistency we see.

    Sorry, a bit off topic, I know, but cool video non the less.

    Nice one ddchislop thanks for sharing

    Thanks guys. It was a bit "off the cuff" as the singer was a dep who we only met two days before.

    Other than the singer, the band had never played it before though everyone had heard it.

    It's only 4 chords, can't be too Hard 😎

    At a different perspective;

    If this is not happening in "jamming" like songs, and if you're playing your songs with click, maybe you can make midi files, and write data when pedals will change or etc. No worries which pedal to engage, let midi do its work. Nearly %80 of our playlist we're playing with backing tracks and of course click. I've written my midi files, when backing track plays all changes made by midi. No need to push anything. Just play and enjoy.

    another great suggestion that I had already considered. We're not doing full automation at present and I often pick a different rig/slot depending on my mood that would conflict.

    i'll look into that although ideally I'd like to do it with the hardware I already have, ie, the KPA remote

    This happens to me too many times, i go for my “lead” sound and hit the tuner button. Result=mute. (The tuner button is close to fx button 4 that i use for lead sound)

    What would be useful is a delay before the tuner kicks in, ie push and hold for a second or two.

    Other (competitor) devices may access tuner by push and hold one of the fx buttons or similar. I know that push and hold on the kpa results in the chosen fx being a temporary apply for as long as the button is held so this may not be an option.

    Might not suit everyone but perhaps an option to set the delay time for push and hold to engage the tuner.

    Have tried smaller shoes but not good for the feet-ailments.

    Other than reassign the tuner button, anyone got a solution or experience similar?

    I know that registering your Kemper gear requires logging of the serial numbers with the mothership but are there any consequences of someone else knowing/using your serial number?

    ie, can they re-register your product as theirs by having your serial number details?

    i'd hope there is some kind of de-register or transfer process, should you wish to sell your gear, or at the very least something that flags up as "this item is already registered to..."

    anyone know?

    I recall one of the admins made a list of "approved" PoE injectors some time ago but i cant find the thread (yes i have used the search but not found the discussion i recall seeing)

    Can someone share a list of Kemper-approved/recommended PoE injectors please?

    many thanks

    I had a similar situation. I took the latest os and my backup on usb stick but also took a second usb stick to backup what was on the kpa given. That way i could restore the kpa to its original state when finished and not “give away” those paid for profiles.

    You need to allow time for the os upgrade and backup procedure. Also the tough bit was restoring the kpa to its original state after the gig (a bit harder to get done during stage clear up)

    Just make sure the stage crew have finalised plugging and unplugging equipment- you dont want that happening during your upgrade or restore session!

    Also there may be some compromise on the monitor, depending on what you're used to,

    so the average thing- the more taps you give the “better” the tempo results from taking an average. That makes sense and sounds like a logical and good idea.

    However could it be that as well as the kpa establishing an average the player also settles into a more regular pulse and also delivers their average as they settle into the groove? Part man part machine effort.

    I thought about this at this weekends gigs and to be honest i don't have much time to balance on one leg and tap out a tempo for much more than 3 or 4 beats. Its just not practical, especially as we, the musicians, move around the stage as part of the act.

    If upon loading a new rig/slot there is some “settling” time required before a steady tempo can be established then i need an alternative more reliable solution. I often need the tempo set immediately following the one bar count in.

    If anyone gets chance, try this, get someone (or something) to tap a new/different regular/stable tempo immediately following a slot change. Tell us how long it takes to follow the “new” tempo.