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    I think it’s cool for the audience to not see a setlist so it appears the band have a plan. Maybe have it hidden?

    Therefore you need a plan and structure to deliver a show where you don’t get the musicians turning towards each other in between songs saying “so, what’s next?” Is good to know what the next song is before the previous one ends.

    i guess more “casual bands” (and i’ve sent some high quality credible bands do this) may have the ability to communicate discretely. Maybe a musical director instructing the band via iem so, again, the audience are unaware of the plan.

    i got a handful of “generic” sounds that i can tackle most songs with, many songs using the same rigs/ presets/performances/whatever you want to call them

    Can't fault that. :)

    I prefer the way Mute currently happens with a short tap of the switch :)

    agree. Sometimes i need to steal a quick tune up during the mid break of a song- in and out within seconds so i wouldn’t care for a push+hold to obtain mute though i do appreciate how it could help some players.

    However, i do occasionally step on it when i go for my “lead solo” sound, which can be embarrassing!

    I wonder if a solution could be to attach an external button to the remote which has the sole duty of tuner/mute engage.

    Is there another device that offers this functionality? (The boss tu tuner pedal??)

    i guess hitting the wrong button we expect that button to still perform it’s task, even though that is unlucky and unintentional. What i think the OP is referring to is that if you accidentally press multiple buttons you don’t expect some “self-destruct” situation to occur. I sometimes hit the tuner accidentally but realise what i’ve done and can recover within a second.

    If we accidentally hit a combination of buttons you wouldn’t expect to enter a situation that takes longer to recover from than it did to enter. I can neither confirm nor deny this so maybe a video demo from anyone would be of value to the designers.

    think this has already been requested for another effect type.

    As far as i can make out, flanger rate/speed is set based on a division of the current tempo.

    I can understand the need and applications for this but conversely i can see the need for a fixed rate not relative to the tempo.

    Scenario- flanger used as a Chorus- type effect in a rig that is used for a fast and a slow song where the delay fx varies with a tap tempo.

    id like to be able to have a set flanger rate, just as we do for the chorus effect.

    I think it's pretty easy to tell when something is locked now. If you put a lock on, it's there. If you take it off, it's gone. They don't just pop on you have to do it on purpose. Holding lock button shows what's locked.

    true, i'm aware of this, but i consider an edit to be something i have manually applied. the "locked module" that results as an edit is what i consider a stealth/hidden edit done automatically so often the user is deceived- did they make the edit or did the KPA do it?

    This follows on from a recent thread i posted- What does E on the screen mean?

    We get the "E" indicator when an edit has been made. Sometimes this is not obvious, for example if a module or the tempo is "locked" it transpires to show as an edit (owing to a different value being present than that of the saved value)

    What would be useful is an "L" indicator to indicate there is a "edit as a result of a lock" in place as well as or instead of the "E".

    I know there is the "lock" button that illuminates to show similar but perhaps, working on this train of thought, pushing and holding the lock button could reveal the "edit" if there is one?

    This would be more acurate indication than an "edit" as technically nothing has been manually altered (as is the usual case for a typical edit) the edit remains "hidden" whilst the lock is in place.

    I'm sure the KPA technical boffins will have a valid counter-argument for this

    i dont recall if the input section flags the “E”, and if it does, Should the input section be considered a qualifying parameter for an “edit” warning?

    I assume that the input section is designed to be “tailored” to the guitar and more of a constant across rigs.

    seems that is the case the very “first” time you do that action.

    Reload the rig (obviously, dont press save) then the next time you twist the browse knob the correct/current effect should be present, or at least thats how i find it.

    I have not looked but know the manual has a pretty good explanation of each effect. I would start there.

    that was my first port of call. It could be argued that we should rely on our ears rather than eyes but, as with any compressor, it would be helpful to know whats going on with each control.

    Update to the latest Release (8.5.8)

    so i done the upgrade to 8.5.8, as advised, and had the “undo” bug to contend with, again!!

    Not my idea of productive time to have to resave every single rig in my browse pool to clear a phantom edit in apparent in 99% of my rigs. Quite frustrating to say the least!

    The “E” indicator is still present in performance-mode but with the undo button not illuminated it is difficult to trace the source of the alleged “edit” .

    Any tips on how to identify the cause of the “edit” the kpa tells me i have ?

    does anyone know if the battery is a rechargeable one or one that needs replacing every few years? (Like a pc bios battery)

    Therefore, there ought to be some kind of battery warning message ?

    Update to the latest Release (8.5.8)

    I am considering that but not looking forward to having to re-save every single rig in case there's the "undo" problem i had to deal with following the last two updates.

    Can you confirm these problems will vanish in 8.5.8 ?

    Otherwise i can live with it as it is for now. Whilst in the midst of gigging, the current stability outweighs the need for ipad-editing.

    The algorithm doesn't compare parameter by parameter. It's simply: you load a Rig and a locked modules overwrites the original.

    i can’t find anything locked. I’m still getting the “E”. Does a tempo lock count? Does having the input section locked count too?

    Perhaps the E notification is a bit too keen as all my performances as showing E which doesn’t really help track down any meaningful changes.

    I recall on the last two updates that all my rigs showed as edited as the undo light was present even when loading fresh recalls. The only way round this was to manually save every single rig. And had to again with the following os update, which makes me reluctant to upgrade again. I had contacted support for this and the solution was to do as i done and manually save every single rig. A painstaking task to say the least.