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    slateboy Are you only looking for SSL 4000E/G series or also the more current lineup of consoles?

    More of that “80s di sound” doesnt matter if new or old. Like when strats were plugged directly into the console. I did read about nile rodgers appearing on some tracks where he would di his amp (bypassing the power-amp and speaker) getting some ultra clean sounds but tamed the highs and harshness through the console strip, probably with the desk eq and dynamics.

    I can emulate similar using daw plugins but there is a character delivered by those high-end desks that adds the x-factor.

    Anyone have or encountered a profile of a 80s studio desk, for guitar use?

    There are numerous recordings from the 80s where the electric guitar was plugged straight into the neve or ssl console with NO amp (check out "Lucky Star" by Madonna)

    The result is a very clean sound but with some character from the desk used. There may be some plugins that emulate these desk-channels and it would be cool to have the sound profiled for live use. No doubt, some compression would be used to tame the transients.

    Any tips or comments welcome. thanks

    My continuing efforts to get to a usable profile with at least the Tele. This is all now entirely in the Kemper. Thoughts welcome on whether this is better or worse than the last attempt. Sounding a bit ‘bronze strings with piezo pickup’ but I quite like it. Or does it just sound like a Tele?

    Sounds nice! I’ve yet to upgrade to get the effect. Thanks for sharing EdwardArnold

    Great tip. Thanks for sharing, greenblob and for the pics too.

    I think anything “pro” designed to be road-worthy should have pots mounted to the chassis. Its too fragile otherwise. Mounting to pcb alone is not man enough, i think, and the remote contrast knob is exposed to knocks. Probably would’ve been better if it finished flush with the chassis so protected and adjusted with a guitar pick.

    Ps- like the box-stickers around the buttons. My kind of thinking too8)

    Be mindful of phasing issues when delaying one side. Further down the signal path (somewhere you may not be aware of) the non-delayed + delayed signals could be summed and introduce some unpleasant side effects. Yes, it does sound big when hard-panned L+R but i believe it’s important to maintain mono compatibility where possible.

    Thank you for chirping in. I think hearing from someone that just “uses” their kpa (for many years) without the need to use the forums is a great sign. (No news is good news?) i often wonder how many other players are out there happily using their kpa without the need or desire to appear in these forums.

    There is much good news in world that we never get to know of.

    Perhaps the k-team could comment here;

    What is the minimum hold time before the scrolling feature engages and what is the debounce time ie, maximum frequency of button-presses accepted if a user was to tap as fast as possible in order to scroll.

    There must be some allowance in the OS for debouce and false triggering as expected from “reading” any momentary switch, whether on the rising or falling edge of the change of logic state. I would assume this would have been considered and implemented from day one. Whether there is a tolerance for a faulty switch with a “dirty” contact we do not know.

    Likewise, I understand the kemper needs no such device as it delivers a balanced output with protection from phantom power.

    Would a guarantee from the manufacturer give you the reassurance you seek?

    There is always a minor risk connecting your gear to other equipment as you can never be 100% certain the external gear is without having fault. Maybe the di box will eliminate this risk or at the very least give you peace of mind.

    Having done such a good job on the last song and thinking his oral (and aural) attributes resembled that of Steven Tyler it seemed fitting to get him to cover an Aerosmith song.

    Going down...

    it does reboot, during this time kpa works, but the Parameter are not changeable

    Thats pretty annoying.

    Have you tried another ethernet cable. If its not to the spec (AWG) Kemper recommend perhaps a standard short ethernet cable to just to eliminate your cable?

    Maybe jiggling the cable near the terminals might reveal a loose connector?

    in Performance mode kemper remote crashes during 1 hour 3 times and booted new

    Wtf in a live Situation ?

    I m on the latest OS7.0.3

    The RM was not connected

    When you say "crash" does it lock up and render useless or does it reboot and still function (albeit after the interruption?)

    in that video it looks more like the wah “delay” is actually related to foot position rather than changing rigs. It appears to cut in and out several times even on the same rig. Do you have the wah set to bypass at toe? I don’t use this mode for that very reason. I am too clumsy to stop before the full toe position so I used to get the wah cutting in and out. It wasn’t the fault of the KPA which was doing what it was designed to do just my use (lack of control) of the expression pedal.

    I have it set to bypass after time. Still doesn't explain the burst coming through as if there is a buffer-backlog of data but that does make sense as there is a short amount of "loading" work done each time a new rig/slot is called into the current/edit/working-buffer, whatever you call it.

    i played with another expression pedal connected directly to the back of the KPA and although there was some improvement (when connected without the remote) there was the occasional lag followed by a burst of expression value changes.

    As quoted, "It has always been that way and practically it is no problem." so i may have to accept it as it is.

    On a more delicate matter, the "less able bodied" player may have to sit and use both feet. I can not imagine Kemper would discriminate against these type of users. Further to that, those who are using it in the studio (as many of us are during the pandemic) the two-feet approach may be quite common.

    At what point did .kpir files get superceeded by .krig files?

    I dont recall reading info or an official announcement anywhere on this. did i miss something?

    a flick through the rig exchange reveals a little more. A few rigs from across the years:

    Year: 2020 Filetype and size: .krig 5,755 bytes

    Year: 2020 Filetype and size: .krig 5,688 bytes

    Year: 2019 Filetype and size: .krig 5,732 bytes

    Year: 2018 Filetype and size: .krig 5,590 bytes

    Year: 2017 Filetype and size: .kipr 5,601 bytes

    Year: 2016 Filetype and size: .krig 5,543 bytes

    Year: 2015 Filetype and size: .kipr 6,404 bytes

    Year: 2014 Filetype and size: .kipr 4,149 bytes

    Year: 2013 Filetype and size: .kipr 3,966 bytes

    Year: 2012 Filetype and size: .kipr 3,827 bytes

    The size increase i expected but as for the change of extension indicating a different file type, i'm not sure.

    Could it be that there is some auto-updating of the rig-exchange presets to ensure compatibility?

    I'm guessing that as you export or load a preset rig-manager updates it to the "new" file format. This would make sense.

    The question still remains, what OS can handle what filetypes and what are the inherent differences between these file types?