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    Im sure lonestargtr must be aware, he has a loyal following. I use nothing but mbritt profiles.

    They suit my needs, tried and tested and created by trustworthy ears. Must admit, i’ve not bought the most recent packs owing to the fact i think i already have what i need from his first half-dozen packs. Certainly if i need a sound i dont have to look beyond the britt-packs. Again, just my opinion, wont be everyones but the length of this thread is an indicator.

    The video is great, sure there are no secrets, but to anyone new to the game its a valuable insight of how to get a good profile to de-mystify. Wish i had seen it when i first got my kpa.

    Look out for the Britt-cult-fan club coming soon... :/

    Cheers for the comments, guys. I’ve never had good “tone” experiences with previously owned line6 gear (pre helix generation) and don't seek nor expect anything to replace my kpa.

    The idea of a rucksack-size flyrig seems attractive. The kpa stage appears a bit large (size and £££ wise) for cabin luggage. Though by the next time i do a fly gig, with the situation of the current world, there might be a pocket kemper :* i do like several footswitches to avoid requiring multiple presses and tap-dancing.

    Who here uses a hx stomp as a backup or secondary device to their kpa?

    Be interested to hear your reviews for sound comparison. I know theres many videos and demos out there but feel most convey the (biased) message of the reviewers.

    Follow up to the above. i've reworked it in a fashion but it currently send the "parallel" signal as outputs from another device in addition to the KPA.

    Can i take a direct out from the KPA, process the signal externally and then mix back into to my signal chain so it appears at on all my outputs (main, monitor, headphone, etc)?

    Great points, everyone. Think this is going to be an interesting read with some very valid comments.

    There always has been self-taught and teacher-taught, whether reading the “play in a day” book or skipping the arm on some vinyl in the 50s/60s or clicking through youtube today.

    Depending on your age you may appreciate the values of the skills required v the technology available at that time, especially if you had personal tuition at some point.

    Does the fact that we (my generation) learnt by skipping back and forth on a cassette player give us an advantage over the kids surfing the net today?

    Being self taught is like making a journey without a map where you get lost and don't know what there is to cover, so, what can we get away with not learning?

    “We dont know what we dont know until we know about it”

    Part of the excitement of life is discovering new things and understanding what we don't know and then tackling it. Its sometimes difficult to explain to someone what they don't know.

    I wonder if a good teacher is as valuable now as it was a few decades ago?

    What i mean here is having a personal tutor one-to-one, be that face to face online verses “learn yourself” (youtube, videos, books, etc) the pros and cons of learning with a personal tutor or how far can you learn without guidance from an expert.

    Would like to hear opinions from players of all ability standards and especially from any teachers.

    Just select all Rigs in the RE window and drag to a folder in the Finder, mate.

    It's currently 285mb, but if you right-click the folder and select "Compress", the resulting .zip file will be only 60mb. Store it anywhere you like.

    I done as you suggested- dragged all the file off to the trash. They still appear as a count on the RE cloud icon (As i'd expect)

    How do i know that they have been removed from my mac? (what is the actual name of the path/directory where cloud rigs are held locally?


    I know this is an older thread but i was looking for info on where mac os RM stores a duplicate of the online rig exchange locally. Its getting very large now and my old macbook is running out of storage.

    Bootup time on my Stage is exactly 18 seconds with OS 8.0.6 ... have you tried to reboot again? Maybe the first reboot after the update takes a bit longer than usual. Just try it ;)

    Yes, this was consecutive bootings. Like others, i’ve discovered the first boot after an os upgrade is subject to a little housekeeping upon first start up.

    Installed latest os 8.0.6 and it seemed very slow installing, chugging away at around 3% per minute. (my previous version was 8.0.2)

    Same usb stick i've always used. I dont recall it taking this long on previous upgrades. Also noticed boot-up time has increased from 50 to 60 seconds

    Anyone else notice this?

    I agree with Wheresthedug . The 425 iem suit guitar nicely.

    I tried our keyboardists expensive iem with ultra highs and lows and they sound great for full range music playback but the narrower response of the 425 suit the guitar sound, in my opinion.

    Also, there is often enough low frequency spilling across the stage that i prefer the “band mix” to have a hpf of 100-150hz and have it compressed so it doesn’t override the guitar sound.

    Use your iem as earplugs to notice what gets blocked out (ie with them unplugged) and what still can be heard, typically low freq stuff, which you then dont need much of feeding to your iem.

    Also transients from kick drum and other louder sounds can suck up your headroom, hence the suggestion to compress or limit the guitar-less-audio coming into your ears.

    If theres anyway you can at least have the kpa stereo sound in your ears it will add a bit more depth and sense of space, as mentioned by DonPetersen

    I think its wise to have a limiter too to avoid damaging your ears, especially if someone else has the ability to (accidentally) feed you excessive levels

    I think those using separate pedals are bent over building their pedal-board, rearranging, patching, power-supplying or continuously twiddling knobs and therefore lacking the want to respond to this thread. The rest of us get the desired result in one or two clicks and have time to reply (and play guitar). Allergy warning: the above may contain traces of sarcasm

    Useful tips, thanks.

    The dual/parallel amp scenario is another realistic option with the same needs.

    I use the monitor out as a monitor (post stack+mod/del) but there is the XLR and jack of which i only use one, so i could steal the other but as i use my monitor sound the same as the main outs it is not a viable solution.

    Thanks for that tip. I have the rack profiler so limited to the one fx loop.

    I attempted similar by putting loop in slot D and slot X but only one loop can work.

    I even tried the direct out and then returning it to the loop at slot X but not an option.

    I can achieve looping and bypass the stack (choose loop or stack) but not sure how to run stack in parallel with the stack.

    To explain why, I'm aiming to run a synth pedal fed with a clean signal and returned after the stack to take advantage of the X,mod,del,rev fx

    I could even split at the input but prefer to keep the guitar connected to the kpa input rather than some add-on splitting device.