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    You got the mic/line switch in the right position?

    Mine can be a little noisy on the jack input as it seems to have a high gain When i run it at home and i find having the line volume set around 1-2 to be adequate loudness without the noise.

    Gig situations, it gets cranked up further any noise negligible in a stage environment.

    If the hiss is masked out when playing i wouldnt worry, unless you think you got a duff unit.

    The new reverbs are way nicer IMO than the legacy. I have pretty much eliminated all my old legacy verbs now. I find that even for higher gain rigs, the new verbs bring new life to the rig giving it a much clearer ring of harmonics. I guess I thought the new verb engine was in 6 already which is why I didn't mention it.

    If you don't have the new reverbs, then you should really update.... no doubt.

    Really? I thought all the new reverb-stuff was already present in v6.

    Have i missed something (i dont recall any seeing any announcement to this effect )?

    thanks for the comments, everyone. I hardly use RM and can manage without it and i have no requirement for the editor in my situation.

    The most recent release version has the Kemper Kone imprints in it as well so there is functionality that you do not have on V6 now.

    I understand the newly-added "kone-imprints" is only applicable if you use the hardware to go with it?

    Or is there something to be had from my regular FRFR monitor setup?

    Ok, we've got some “down time” so Im going to try out the latest OS 7.

    Just before i leave the safety and comfort of v6 os, how do i return to v6os should i not like my trip to os7 county?

    I do make frequent backups but, unless im mistaken, understand that a v7 backup may not go well into v6 os. I guess it makes sense if i do return to v6 fw that i should recall a v6 backup.

    Not KPA related but windows 10/7

    In the wisdom of making good use of the "isolation-time" i replaced my win7 OS harddrive with a new one and installed win10 on a fresh drive.

    I have other drives on the same PC that contain audio files and projects, therefore whichever OS harddrive i use i can still access the same data to the other drives, labelled the same on both OS. That was the logic and thinking, anyhow....

    All seemed well- i could i open and work on a project file in either OS (the same DAW software installed on both OS)

    however, for some bizarre reason, win 10 has corrupted the file (setting permissions and ownership on the common disks?) and returning back to win 7 (because it was running stable) the file appears to have been corrupted. All i done was open it in win10. Didn't even hit save. Frustrating as i've spend the last few weeks editting this particular project.

    Any ideas how i can recover this file, on either OS?

    Im happily running v6 firmware and its been serving me well (touch wood)

    In the past i’ve updated with each public release that came along but i get the impression that v7 was a big release with some significant additional functionality mainly to accommodate the stage floor-unit. But, I regularly read of issues and bugs being reported and fixed and wonder if i am as well to continue with my v6. It’s obvious the kpa OS is becoming more and more complex to deal with the new hardware and new software features (rig manager, kone, new menu-sorting etc) Only today, i read of some removed functionality (external switch polarity option) perhaps in a quest to streamline/simplify the OS.

    Kemper are great at dealing with issues and keeping us up to date and I appreciate theres likely to be many silent users (the forum voyeurs) that run the latest firmware without issues and probably never comment on these forums. Perhaps the old adage of “no news is good news” is the case here...

    This is in no way a moan or complaining post. Im just in need of some reassurance, either way.

    I’m telling myself “if its not broke dont fix (upgrade) it.”:/

    Does anyone else feel similar or maybe there’s some v7 users happily gigging and playing with nothing to add to these forums?

    I too was looking for a backup fly rig sized solution a few years ago.

    Guys here on the forums suggested to me the atomic amplifire. This as when the red three button version had just come on the market. At the time it was quite pricey but now they are going cheap second hand.

    Since then they have launched the six and twelve button versions and I cannot recommend these enough for a Kemper alternative. The effects still leave a bit to be desired, in my opinion, but the amp tones are awesome and adding your fave cab IRs does the job very nicely!

    Does anyone else here use one?

    This has been brought up numerous times over the years.

    Just search the thread history.

    Tap Tempo

    Tap button blinking irregularly

    What about this frantic TAP tempo LED?

    How to get the tempo light on the remote to flash in tempo?

    Tap Tempo blinking out of sync

    Tap Tempo not consistent after 5.7.2 update ???

    I think its safe to say if it could be fixed it would have been done by now.

    Unfortunately its something you learn to live with, a bit like hair-loss.

    Yes. The Kemper has an auto-calibration feature, so the short-circuit that briefly appears when you plug it in will tell the Kemper that the pedal is able to deliver a smaller resistance (0 ohms or so) than the toe position is able to once calibrated.

    It would be useful if the auto calibrate feature could be selectively made inactive. With certain pedals it can be a hindrance as much as its a help. (As described by musicmad ).

    pedals that have a sprung limit (perhaps a foam or rubber cushion at toe and heel limits) may also permit a greater minimum and maximum value than when at resting by taking your foot off.

    This tone control and its 1M ohm resistor is only in circuit when using the single coils, neck, neck+mid, mid, mid+bridge.

    Its deffo a 250k pot (its stamped on the casing and measures as such)

    It actually goes to the selector switch which then in turn goes to the volume pot. (i wrote on the image like that for simplicity)

    I've not compared varying the volume with/without this so cant comment on how the audio is affected.

    Follow up to the recent messages, the removal of the pot does have a noticeable affect on the tone.

    There is a 1M ohm resistor across the tone-pot from signal to earth (see image)

    Follow up to I'm not sure of the capacitor value but it's absence seems to have the biggest impact on the tone.
    So, i've had to replace the pot with some resistors in order to mount it inside the body.

    Surprised to discover the 1M ohm resistor connecting the signal to earth, though this is via the 5-way selector switch and only active on positions 1-4 (bridge position is excluded)

    i think the morph doesn't get "reset" when jumping to a new slot. It's as if the morph operates on its last instructions which get carried over into the new slot selection. Maybe its the last bit of data to get loaded and consequently will reference the "old" values until completely loaded into the working buffer?