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    nejo_hh thanks for your thorough coverage of this subject which has interested me for some time.

    I have found the response of the cabinet section different since v5.7 prior to that version i found the cabinet section produced a more faithful representation of the cabinet., after that firmware, kemper implemented some changes (they documented this) and to my ears the cabinet section no longer gave what I thought was a true character . In the grand scheme of things, the full signal chain sounded as good as always, again this is explained by the kemper version notes.

    Please check out my post on this:

    v5.7.x Cabinet sound changed

    The bottom line here being that capturing the cabinet section alone renders a result which i believe is no longer an honest representation of the original cabinet.

    Whether the user likes this or not is subjective.

    If anyone fancies doing some experiments running pre v5.7 firmware and the latest fw to capture the cab IR id be very interested to see/hear the results.

    v5.7.x Cabinet sound changed

    Is there a way to make a setlist of Performances in a different order.
    Say you play in a Cover Band and would like to make different (Multiple) setlists for different gigs and save them.

    Is this possible with the Kemper or am I missing something, thanks.

    I guess I could order my Performances and save it to a USB, but I think the KPA could do this.

    I suspect saving and recalling a backup on usb is a long-winded affair.

    I’ve never done it but, i would guess rig manager is the quickest method.

    If youre the kind of band that chooses/rearranges the setlist upon arriving at the venue it could well be an annoying faff. Depending how many setlists variations you have and how many songs you could, for example, have performamce 1-20 for setlist A , performance 21-40 for setlist B and so on, though updating one song/performance/slot means doing so in multiple locations and leads to further complexity .

    I gather the “kemper” idea of performance mode was designed to have a performance per song but dont know many bands that stick to the same running order for an extensive time.

    I, and dare i say quite a few others, prefer to think of performances as “banks” where each bank suits a “style” and each “bank” gets called upon on demand with the same bank being employed for several songs.

    Certainly, the solution from dmatthews would be worth investigating though would require additional connectivity and hardware.

    I definitely wouldn't want to be rearranging my kemper-performances on the day of a gig!

    Like i said, Its the same os on the usb stick as installed recently. Even tells me, you are running do you want to upgrade to I always keep my curent os on the usb stick, just in case, and i recall the upgrade option is only ever presented when it the usb and installed os differ.

    i have recently installed v using the USB stick.

    A copy of the latest kaos always remains on my USB stick where i make my backups.

    With this version, every time i insert the USB stick it asks "install operating system update, an update has been found...." which is clearly wrong as it is asking me to update to the same version that is installed.

    Never had this before on previous OS versions.

    Is this the new normal or a glitch?

    PS- using KPA rack

    I did pop this in another post but seems fitting to share again here, given the topic in debate;

    A cool little tip:

    is to add the amp/stack of a neutral profile (ie, profile of a completely clean signal path) This gives you, amongst other things, the EQ and compression tools of the amp-section without colouring the tone and a little boost that is otherwise lost when not using the amp stack.

    paults thanks for that.

    the trade-off here, at least for me, is that if i want to tame the highs with a graphic whilst having a compressor, chorus and reverb post acoustic-sim i have to have the acoustic sim "pre-stack" which means it will be rendered mono.

    A cool little tip:

    i found is to add the amp/stack of a neutral profile (ie, profile of a completely clean signal path) This gives you, amongst other things, the EQ and compression tools of the amp-section without colouring the tone and a little boost that is otherwise lost when not using the amp stack.

    New to the acoustic sim, I'm finding it unusable without employing a LP filter and noise gate.

    Theres some extreme HF content which i appreciate adds that “air” to simulate an pseudo-acoustic tone.

    So far requiring;

    noise gate—> LPF—> acoustic sim—>EQ—> compressor

    Still early days and new to this effect. Not sure whether to use a profile of a studio-strip or no amp at all to tame the tone.

    Just made the jump from 7.3.2 to the latest/current 7.5.4

    yes- acoustic sim available.

    interesting find:

    Notice the kaos file is twice the size 15.7MB as opposed to 6.5MB, maybe to accommodate all units?

    Are there two OS combined in this one file and the KPA chooses the one for the hardware?

    Boot time appears a bit longer than before, now 45-50 seconds to making some noise and another 15 for the remote to connect.

    As with the last update i done (USB stick) the first boot after the upgrade (not the one done as part of the upgrade) the loading progress bar stalls around 10%. Second boot up and the progress bar works fine and additionally i see "connecting cache" or similar.

    tec question:

    As the stage has less buttons and full functionality is built into the reduced button interface, do these operations cross-grade to the racks version? (ie, there is no EQ button on the stage so whatever combination of buttons attain the EQ section, will it apply to the rack?)

    Possible answer- if the hardware installs one of two OS contained within the Kaos.bin this may be the answer i seek.

    thoughts and ideas anyone?

    One interesting experiment is to profile an amp/setup that uses an IR as part of its cab section (maybe another modelling system or real amp with some kind of speaker load-box/sim using IRs) and then swap the kemper-cabinet for the actual IR used. This will reveal a bit of how the profiling process guesses the sound of the cab.

    Likewise, you’d think that creating a cab IR from a kemper profile (by isolating just the cab section) should yield similar results but, again, this can lead to some interesting findings.

    Apologies if i’m heading down another path...

    slateboy Are you only looking for SSL 4000E/G series or also the more current lineup of consoles?

    More of that “80s di sound” doesnt matter if new or old. Like when strats were plugged directly into the console. I did read about nile rodgers appearing on some tracks where he would di his amp (bypassing the power-amp and speaker) getting some ultra clean sounds but tamed the highs and harshness through the console strip, probably with the desk eq and dynamics.

    I can emulate similar using daw plugins but there is a character delivered by those high-end desks that adds the x-factor.

    Anyone have or encountered a profile of a 80s studio desk, for guitar use?

    There are numerous recordings from the 80s where the electric guitar was plugged straight into the neve or ssl console with NO amp (check out "Lucky Star" by Madonna)

    The result is a very clean sound but with some character from the desk used. There may be some plugins that emulate these desk-channels and it would be cool to have the sound profiled for live use. No doubt, some compression would be used to tame the transients.

    Any tips or comments welcome. thanks

    My continuing efforts to get to a usable profile with at least the Tele. This is all now entirely in the Kemper. Thoughts welcome on whether this is better or worse than the last attempt. Sounding a bit ‘bronze strings with piezo pickup’ but I quite like it. Or does it just sound like a Tele?

    Sounds nice! I’ve yet to upgrade to get the effect. Thanks for sharing EdwardArnold