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    In hindsight, i now wonder if this was the start of the Kemper kone development.

    It would make sense (to me, anyhow) that some part of the speaker-sound algorithm was altered to make way for the implant o a speaker's response curve. I guess the kone development was underway in the early part of 2019

    Having just watched tonejunkie’s video on the kemper kone, i think back to a flaw i discovered that was, i was told, a correction (i will be slapped for labelling as such) implied by kemper that affects the sound of the cabinet block where the EQ response of all cabinets got changed. I found it odd that it took late v5 firmware before this was picked up and addressed which in my opinion has since delivered sub-standard results only when using the kpa purely for cabinet only. (The regular signal path, amp->cab still renders as expected as if part of the tone processing was moved out of the cab block into the amp block)

    With the arrival of the kone, Im now guessing this modification was in preparation for the kone, which obviously was under develpment at that time. Unless you use just the cab and nothing else you will most likely not even be aware of this change that was introduced in v5.7 firmware. I may be wrong but it bares some logic, in my opinion.

    To explain further, see the post on the issue found;

    v5.7.x Cabinet sound changed

    I don't use the Tone control on my guitar. Its always set on "10", so, would removing the pot from the circuit affect the tone in anyway?

    The pot, i'm certain, is 250k (not sure of the capacitor value) so theoretically there will be less resistance to earth and to the tone-capacitor.

    Will the results be negligible or should i install a 250k resistor and reinstate the tone-capacitor to "simulate" a tone-pot locked off at max?

    thanks for any info

    Could be that when the midi controller powers up it sends out some unusual midi data that either overloads the kempers midi buffer or sends an incomplete midi message leaving it in a state waiting for the concluding data.

    Maybe somekind of midi message monitor would reveal what the controller is spitting out upon power up?

    There is the temptation to want to play in time with the dElay you hear, which obviously defeats the effect. I'd suggest settinG to dotte-8ths, (as paulTs suggests) but "tap tempo" your pulse and play wiTh your pulse. The dotted delays should then magically appeaR.

    Ps, I hAte typing on iPads

    Sounds a bit counterintuitive, but how well can the stage work as a remote for the rack?

    Guessing it would need two way midi to control to provide indicator and possibly display feedback as there is no Ethernet option on the stage. Or might it just require both units to have the same "backup" installed, So they are effectively clones of each other?

    Why? Having a both units offers a back up solution with one floor remote.

    Worse case scenario, could run the rack with no remote.

    Anyone tried this or know if an allowance/function has been implemented for this setup?

    Interesting watching this. It offered another reason why the tap-tempo indicator flashes erratically, which I hadn't thought of before.

    As we can see on the video the indicators are addressed sequentially, a bit like the lines on an old analogue TV which is only noticeable either when you slow down the playback or strobe as the camera in the video effectively does. Therefore the tap indicator only gets updates every cycle of the led indicators update and it's timing may clash with the scan-cycles giving the inconsistency we see.

    Sorry, a bit off topic, I know, but cool video non the less.

    Nice one ddchislop thanks for sharing

    Thanks guys. It was a bit "off the cuff" as the singer was a dep who we only met two days before.

    Other than the singer, the band had never played it before though everyone had heard it.

    It's only 4 chords, can't be too Hard 😎

    At a different perspective;

    If this is not happening in "jamming" like songs, and if you're playing your songs with click, maybe you can make midi files, and write data when pedals will change or etc. No worries which pedal to engage, let midi do its work. Nearly %80 of our playlist we're playing with backing tracks and of course click. I've written my midi files, when backing track plays all changes made by midi. No need to push anything. Just play and enjoy.

    another great suggestion that I had already considered. We're not doing full automation at present and I often pick a different rig/slot depending on my mood that would conflict.

    i'll look into that although ideally I'd like to do it with the hardware I already have, ie, the KPA remote

    This happens to me too many times, i go for my “lead” sound and hit the tuner button. Result=mute. (The tuner button is close to fx button 4 that i use for lead sound)

    What would be useful is a delay before the tuner kicks in, ie push and hold for a second or two.

    Other (competitor) devices may access tuner by push and hold one of the fx buttons or similar. I know that push and hold on the kpa results in the chosen fx being a temporary apply for as long as the button is held so this may not be an option.

    Might not suit everyone but perhaps an option to set the delay time for push and hold to engage the tuner.

    Have tried smaller shoes but not good for the feet-ailments.

    Other than reassign the tuner button, anyone got a solution or experience similar?