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    Certainly in the environments i work in, the sound of clicks is negligible compared to on-stage noise.

    Maybe in a studio its different in which case you could consider automating the switching via midi or record your parts separately for each rig. Having said that, with di recording parts the ambient noise is irrelevant.

    Can you clarify why this annoys you?

    Is is really worth voiding a warranty for the sake of a little click?

    Just as a process of elimination, try a “good” short cat5 cable between kpa and remote to check if there is insufficient power at the remote. The idea being a short cable will have less resistance .

    Had a similar issue and the (non official) cable was to blame.

    Has anyone played with the yamaha DZR series as a KPA monitor?

    The DXR10 appears to have been a players' favourite over the years and i understand they recently upgraded this model with some new components and a slightly higher power capability. Not sure how these sound either.

    Be interested to hear feedback from users especially those who use the DXR10 as their main KPA FRFR unit.

    In my experience this is exactly what would happen if the string slot was too narrow on the nut.

    if the pitch goes high, by applying more tension behind the nut the pitch goes even higher. Yet when i release this tension (behind the nut) the pitch is restored to its proper (lower) pitch. If it was sticky my thoughts are that it would remain sharp/high. My logic deducts the nut therefore free. I might be wrong...

    PS thanks everyone for all the ideas and comments :)

    A photo of the affected bridge / saddles would be helpful.

    I barely dare to say, but usually the problem still is the nut slot and not the bridge saddle

    Im pretty sure its not the nut, though i understand that is quite often a common problem.

    When the string goes "high" i can apply tension behind the nut and it returns the pitch. if the nut was sticky this wouldnt be the case, i think.

    ps- i have locking tuners and no string-tree.

    Hi guys,

    any one replaced their guitar saddles with more "slippery" ones, ie graphite/graphtech/etc. or maybe even roller-type ones?

    Reasons why and noticeable improvement?

    I got a sticky G-string where the string is going out of tune when using whammy bar and it appears to be the saddle that is the point of fault.

    thanks all

    For me, the first form of contact with the producer is always an e-mail directly to the producer or in this case a support ticket. I do not see the point of extending the procedure and debating something obvious within the forum.

    By sending a ticket you can be sure that the information about the bug has reached the producer.
    The sooner you send a ticket, the greater the chance that the bug will be fixed even a few days later (I have seen such cases with KPA team ;) )

    Ticket sent(with this topic link).

    I think it is just a small mistake and it will be refined in the next FW(or another one later) .

    It's very good that you noticed it.

    I agree, but its nice to hear from other users first just to see if its me or a common issue. Besides, this one is not a major issue.

    After all, thats a great use of the forum and partly what they are here for.

    I wonder how many false claims the support get when its a case of "user error" or "not reading the manual properly" so, thank you for confirming what i have found.

    FW 5.4.7

    Noticed something unusual today-

    when adjusting a parameter the current/varying value is temporarily shown on the display (as expected)

    Next to this is the "saved" value in brackets so, i assume, the user can see how much difference they have applied or wish to revert to the previous/saved value, i guess.

    However, certainly in the legacy and natural reverbs the decay-time, room-size and predelay values show as "0.0" in the brackets or have a value of no relevant or meaningful value.

    I've not (yet) noticed it in any of the other FX. Not a massive problem but if it was working before it would be nice to have it working again or, at the very least, working as intended.

    maybe someone else can confirm on their KPA what they see in their "bracket values" and if the values make sense.