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    First experience of the new rig manager 3.1.120. (running on Mac)

    I hardly ever used it before and thought i'd check out the editor after (finally) upgrading KPA from v6

    a few quirks i found:

    -First sync halted at half rig sync 104 out of 190ish. had to reboot the app and it appeared to pick up where it stopped.

    -Second attempt, rendered all my browse pool rigs on my KPA with no gain, whether scrolling via RM or locally on the KPA, they all sounded weak with no drive. I had to reboot the KPA with RM shutdown (a bit scary that one for a minute!)

    -Every time i attempt to "rate" a nice rig on the rig exchange it crashes the app.

    -Every time i right-click to rate a "local" rig it works, unless i rate as "unrated" in which case it rates it a 5 stars!! (does work ok if done on the right hand column section)

    -It used to be space-bar to preview. Seems now you have to double click or CMD+ENTER to preview. anyone know why? (one extra keypress slowing me down from playing) Didnt there used to be an option for auto-preview or hit the space bar?

    Sorry if I sound like a right old moaner today but i like to find the cracks in my armour.

    yikes,, Ill stay on 6 ,, but thanks for the heads up on progress,,

    I have been very reluctant to upgrade (and not really sure why i decided to today!!)

    To be fair, i'm loving the effects category selection and that it remembers the last chosen and also goes straight to it when choosing an existing stomp. The fact that when you jump between effect-stomps and you dont have to plough through everything to get where you want is a nice time-saver.

    I think there's one or two other features of benefit but now is a good time for me to "hard test" the OS ready for gigs in a few months, all being well.

    No doubt, i'll be back to resume chat in this thread soon....

    So i finally done it. jumped from my good old reliable v6 to latest v7.3.2 (running Kemper non-powered rack)

    Findings during the first half-hour:

    -First boot all my presets and performances rendered silent. No obvious values changed. Another reboot appeared to sort this.

    -Second boot. my performance corrupted. each slot was the default "crunch" preset

    -Second boot up; the boot-up progress bar only reaches about 10% of the way across the screen (subsequent boots this appeared working again)

    -Power on / boot progress appears at least 5 seconds longer.

    - A few nasty pops and cracks during early boot up stage

    -All performances appear to have the "E"on the far right of the display (thought this meant "edited", in which case it shouldn't be there?) All sections are UNLOCKED.

    -All browser rigs appear to have the "E"on the far right of the display (similar to above but if all modules are unlocked this goes away)

    -When i change any stomp type no "E" appears to let me know i've done an "edit"

    -holding down tap to engage beat-scanner does engage if done too soon after selecting a new slot in browser mode. you have to wait at OVER 3 seconds before engaging it

    -KPA still doesnt remember where it was last time it was powered-up when browsing the rig-pool. (a different rig is found to be current)

    some of these may be intentional but would appreciate clarification or explanation where possible.

    Still yet to try rig manager....

    From memory, enter the cab section (press and hold cab) then press “store” the options presnted are store the whole rig or just the cab section, which then goes to your “cab pool”

    You can also pull up the cab of any other rig when you scroll through the cabs whilst in the cab section, i think you either choose cab from “other profiles” or from you “cab pool”

    Would you be seeking to extract the cabinet as an IR response in order to use outside the kemper? Id imagine a few users would like to see this.

    This is similar to something i have done in the past but of recent the cabinet sound has been affected during a firmware revision. I used to use just the cab section for “reamping” some older di recordings and it worked great. However, after v5.7 firmware the sound of all cabs got changed and kemper confirmed in the firmware relase notes that part of the amp sound was bleeding into the cab module (or the other way round? I forget...) so something (part of the tone) got moved from the cab to the amp section, resulting in a different cab response.

    Whether you like the new result is subjective but my opinion is there has been something good taken away from the cab sound. I can no longer get the sound i had by just employing the cab section. My guess this was in preparation for the “kone” addition that followed shortly afterward.

    Sorry if i babbled on a bit. This may not be relevant to you if you have a different application.

    See this thread

    v5.7.x Cabinet sound changed

    Theres “sofa session” and “jammr”. “Jammr appears in its infancy with no musical controls whereas “sofasession”, although the user experience seems much simpler and streamline, their server seems to struggle with user numbers. In my limited experience, these systems still rely on close-ish proximity, ie jamming with your mate 20 miles away may work but you should expect less than favourable latency when connecting across continents.

    While were on the subject, whats everyones preferred “live streaming” methods, for broadcasting?

    weird, took a look again this morning and its back to how it was. strange.

    instead of the "hamburger" icon for the drop down menu there was a little rectangle which i thought was an icon for tablet or phone.

    The fonts were quite slick. must have been a glitch...

    You got the mic/line switch in the right position?

    Mine can be a little noisy on the jack input as it seems to have a high gain When i run it at home and i find having the line volume set around 1-2 to be adequate loudness without the noise.

    Gig situations, it gets cranked up further any noise negligible in a stage environment.

    If the hiss is masked out when playing i wouldnt worry, unless you think you got a duff unit.

    The new reverbs are way nicer IMO than the legacy. I have pretty much eliminated all my old legacy verbs now. I find that even for higher gain rigs, the new verbs bring new life to the rig giving it a much clearer ring of harmonics. I guess I thought the new verb engine was in 6 already which is why I didn't mention it.

    If you don't have the new reverbs, then you should really update.... no doubt.

    Really? I thought all the new reverb-stuff was already present in v6.

    Have i missed something (i dont recall any seeing any announcement to this effect )?

    thanks for the comments, everyone. I hardly use RM and can manage without it and i have no requirement for the editor in my situation.

    The most recent release version has the Kemper Kone imprints in it as well so there is functionality that you do not have on V6 now.

    I understand the newly-added "kone-imprints" is only applicable if you use the hardware to go with it?

    Or is there something to be had from my regular FRFR monitor setup?

    Ok, we've got some “down time” so Im going to try out the latest OS 7.

    Just before i leave the safety and comfort of v6 os, how do i return to v6os should i not like my trip to os7 county?

    I do make frequent backups but, unless im mistaken, understand that a v7 backup may not go well into v6 os. I guess it makes sense if i do return to v6 fw that i should recall a v6 backup.

    Not KPA related but windows 10/7

    In the wisdom of making good use of the "isolation-time" i replaced my win7 OS harddrive with a new one and installed win10 on a fresh drive.

    I have other drives on the same PC that contain audio files and projects, therefore whichever OS harddrive i use i can still access the same data to the other drives, labelled the same on both OS. That was the logic and thinking, anyhow....

    All seemed well- i could i open and work on a project file in either OS (the same DAW software installed on both OS)

    however, for some bizarre reason, win 10 has corrupted the file (setting permissions and ownership on the common disks?) and returning back to win 7 (because it was running stable) the file appears to have been corrupted. All i done was open it in win10. Didn't even hit save. Frustrating as i've spend the last few weeks editting this particular project.

    Any ideas how i can recover this file, on either OS?