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    Maybe I'm hoping a bit much that the equipment providers could supply a KPA. No harm in asking I suppose? There's usually confirmation or conversation if requested gear is unavailable or an alternative needs to be supplied. My last spec'ed rig (before I owned a kpa) was anything marshall with at least 3 channels. Got to one gig and there was a tsl with a duff cable on the foot switch (losing use of the clean channel) and I think a valve had gone as there was very little gain on the dirty channels. (Bad luck)
    My kpa is racked up (with some other kit) and not what I class as hand luggage or something I'd be happy to put on a plane.
    My hope is that with the kpa becoming more widespread we can be guaranteed the same tones wherever one is in use. Then again, there might be other similar "guitar-systems" that others feel should be made more common over the kpa?
    Hmmm, Now where did I put that line6 pod... That'll be hand luggage :S:wacko::whistling:

    Thanks for the tips, agree with everything mentioned here.
    Consider the situation where i am on tour away from civilisation/internet and having to carry all possible backup means with me using a kpa that is not my own.
    It's not so much of an issue for the studio or home users who have instant access to a PC/mac and the internet. I did read somewhere (within the forums) that some users have those tiny usb drives permanently connected for ease or where physical access is restricted.
    Perhaps there are some users out there that travel with nothing but a guitar and usb stick to remote gigs where a kpa is their spec'ed piece of gear?

    As any good scout should know, always be prepared! Same goes for us musicians too.

    So, I'm thinking it might be wise to keep an OS backup on my USB stick besides the backup-data itself.
    My only concern is that will the KPA keep checking or offering to update the OS if if discovers the kaos.bin file on the USB stick.
    Which then raises the question, is it better to only plug in the USB stick when required?

    Be interested to know who keeps OS and backup data on their USB sticks and whether they leave them permanently connected, or not.


    The user-guide (v2.5 addendum) is a bit vague so I'm confident that the "hardcore" kpa gurus out there have a better understanding of the 'new' undo/redo function, (mr K?) and can explain, fully.
    Sometimes, I notice, multiple undo levels are available whereas other times only the last change can be undone, dependant on what parameter has been altered. Occasionally the undo button 'un-does' multiple changes with one press (eg, amp/gain and Eq simultaneously) ok, so, we all managed without this up to now but a good understanding of every corner of the kpa is useful.

    thanks any info

    All joking aside, my conclusion is that, in "human terms" 0-10 or measuring in percentage are nice numbers to deal with whereas computers will work to binary base-2 values, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc etc, so i guess somewhere along the line these "digital" values are scaled to give us "human friendly" values.
    Perhaps 0 to 1 as fraction of the overall range of say 1-128 is rounded to 0 in both cases, hence my original findings. the same with the gain that was mentioned in an earlier thread and the same reason we see -0.0 and 0.0 values.

    anyone agree?

    i think i missed something somewhere- Can i only upload one rig at a time to the rig exchange through the website?
    I was hoping to find some way of "bulk" uploaded several rigs in one go and didn't notice anything in Rig Manager to upload to the online RE.

    can anyone put me right, please?
    (apologies if this has already been covered)

    After nearly 20 years gigging with my Marshall jmp1 midi preamp + 1960a 4x12 cab, I've put them into retirement after getting a kemper.
    Seems only right to profile some of the sounds and offer them to the online community, here.
    The unit has 4 channels, two clean, two dirty. I never really used the clean channels but preferred the dirty channel on a very low gain instead.
    These are low-med gain tones so "metal-heads" look elsewhere. I love the JMP1 but the KPA takes some beating.
    The cab is 20 years old and, consequently, milder-sounding than a modern-day equivalent.

    this is my first attempt at profiling. I don't know how to (or if its possible) to bulk upload KIPR files so i've zipped the lot up and put them here.
    Also done some demo tracks so you can hear those profiles:

    demos here:

    profiles to download (and demos) here:

    ;( I'm aware of the bum-notes so no need to comment on those! :love:

    Not sure if this has been discussed already but I think most users have noticed a significant reduction in the boot up to playability time with the latest firmware. I've noticed mine go from 55 to 45 seconds.
    However, some operations are not responsive during few seconds following boot up, ie rig selection seems to lag for a bit, even though I can start to strum and make some sounds.
    I wondered if the kpa engineers have engaged the sound/playable state during the latter stages of the boot process rather than post-boot. It's definetly an improvement but I'd be curious to know what's going on during this time and whether I should lay off any knob-twiddling during this period to avoid upsetting any system-processes. Anyone shed any light on the matter?

    I noticed that rapid scrolling (by button) of cabinets with autoload engaged can lock up the unit and stall the kpa. Not something I plan to do live.

    Ok, so what I'm saying is that some rig set ups are hiss-free until you turn back that little bit lower than "0"
    Not sure if the default value is therefore "0" or the pseudo "-0.1"

    I like the spinal tap reference. Watching that film should be part of every musicians apprenticeship

    Noticed something a bit weird with the noise gate on my KPA (latest firmware)
    Can anyone else please try this and see if it happens for them too.

    First off, get a med to high gain rig, one that introduces a little bit of hiss/noise.
    Now as you increase the noise gate slowly (0.1 steps at a time) the hiss subsides, as expected.
    Now, Slowly turn down the noise gate by 0.1 steps (the noise increases as expected) until you get to 0.0 then what would be one more turn in an attempt to go lower the 0.0 and (to me) there is another level of noise-reduction, as if the noise gate goes to -0.1 but the display stops at 0.0

    Its not a performance-threatening situation but curious if this is present with any other users.

    I do notice on some other parameter that go to negative values that there are two "zero" values, sometimes shown as <-0.0> and <0.0> (one has the minus sign)
    Might be related to this.

    thanks to anyone that attempts to confirm this for me

    Anyone know if leaving a usb stick always attached to the kpa causes any problems? i.e. slowing down operation maybe as the stick gets scanned during running or boot up. There's some small usb sticks out there with low profiles so lessen the risk of physical damage but I wonder if it's good practice to remove when not required?

    Can anyone clarify if there are any known compatibility issues when restoring a backup that was made under a different firmware,
    ie; restoring an old backup with the latest FW or maybe a trying to restore a recent backup into a KPW running older FW.

    for the sake of this discussion, imagine that we don't have the option to upgrade the KPA FW on this particular occasion.


    Would be interesting to see the comments from the "live" users and the "home" users and know which side they sway towards. Personally the biggest factor I find, and what make the most significant difference, is the venue/stage and acoustics of the space the performance occupies. Certainly the kpa allows for a more consistent sound as there's no mics competing with reflections and bleed from other sources. That's good in my book.