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    Digitised things should have some store of value in the same way physical items do. It's like my CD collection. I should be able to sell them if I want to, as long as I am not indulging in unauthorised reproduction.

    Yup, that's exactly my feeling about this. And the reason why I would like to sell my MW über pak to someone. Meaning ONE person and surrendering the product completely.

    By the way - Lasse's profiles are my absolute favorites! I love them. I thing they are the best metal profiles out there to date.
    ...and they were free.

    Still I respect the copyright. Just because they were given to me doesn't mean that I am entitled to distribute them in any way. (KB comes to mind). I have the greatest respect for those creative people sharing there knowledge and talent with us. One should cherish that.

    Well, that was in the old days... Nowadays most mp3 Versions are from a distributer like iTunes and there is no CD...

    The whole problem came with piracy. A long time ago you couldn't just copy CDs to a 100 thousand people. Maybe your friends would rip it for themselves and that's it. With high speed internet that became a whole new story and distributers had to fear for there income.

    Since then, there is a general distrust which is sad. There shouldn't be a difference between a CD and a MP3. When I bought it I should be able to sell it. Hypothetically when everybody was honest and deleted their copy of the mp3 when sold, that wouldn't bother anyone. Since content creators constantly live in shivering fear of someone breaking the copyright agreement and assume that there is no such thing like an honest consumer, that is not the case. A bit sad actually.

    I'm with Lasse on that. In my opinion it is pretty much the same than music. That is basically only a sound as well (also by using registered trademark amps and mics and console, ...) Nevertheless you pay for the work that went into the creative process of making and it is protected by copyright. And so should any kemper profile.

    But also: when I bought a CD and don't like it anymore - I can sell it!

    ...also the problem is the definition of the data. For example reselling software is allowed by law in germany. If the company selling the software has registration based copy protection in place, they have to delete the registration for you to sell it. And the have to by law. The

    Amp Factory's terms might not even be valid in germany and other EU states that fall under the Schengen agreement... ?

    I bought the MW über pack (around 200 profiles) and I find myself using my own profiles and a handfull established ones all the time.
    The MW stuff is great but I defenitively don't need it nor use it. I was curious.
    I know this is based on trust and the idea is to make me an offer (only one person can have it) and after the deal is done, I will delete them!

    This is a very interesting topic. And light has been shed from a lot of directions here.

    Myself, I don't like copy protection. It goes so far, that I have more unprotected self-payed-for software than cheaper protected software.
    If it wouldn't bother the user, it was a whole different story. Most of the time it is a hustle.

    And a little off topic: What if I noticed that I bought, let's say the MW mega super duper pack for a lot of money, and noticed that I don't need it. I don't want to sound arrogant, so I blame it on taste. I like my profiles and a lot of Andys and Armins stuff way more.
    It is impossible without a protection or registration mechanism to return it. What about reselling? I mean once and then delete.
    Is that different from selling e.g. Logic Pro?

    The seller needs to trust me with his profiles for the leck of copy protection. So buying a rig pack, the seller assumes I won't share it with anybody. Isn't that the same trust that would come to play when I resell profiles I don't need? To sell it once and delete...

    Share your thoughts on that. I would like to hear your thoughts.


    New scooped high gain profile uploaded with more highs.
    Recorded with my new Fatboy 2x12 with a G12H 75 creamback and a V30 in it.
    In this profile only the V30 was miked.

    Check it - rate it - comment on it!

    Next up probably more mid-rangy profiles... stay tuned.


    Its a taste thing but most times i prefer the edge between cap an cone straight miced with a single sm57.

    Thank you for your opinion. That of cause is the reason why I'm checking in on the community. Why bother putting rigs up on the exchange, when it's only me who likes them.

    And yes, it's a taste thing. And a lot of high gain profiles are too bright for my taste. I don't use the rig exchange as a testbed. I only upload the stuff I personally like. Meaning the profiles are as intended to be.
    Keep in mind that the guitar used and the monitoring situation may be vastly different and have a ginormous impact on your experience.

    Every feedback is welcome. Keep it coming...


    How many of you are interested in more Archon profiles. I was actually planning some upgrades regarding cabinet, mic and mixer.
    If there were a serious number of interessted members, I would go for it.
    So, speak up or rate the once on the exchange and I will go for it.
    Also: what are you looking for in an Archon profile. High gain, brown, 80s, clean?

    No Problem Hannes. We all get so much great stuff from each other. It's the least I can do. Try to contribute.
    Is there anywhere a community at least near as productive as the Kemper camp. How great is this to be a part of it.

    One favor to ask, though. There is that one star guy hard at work again. If you guys like it - rate it! Thanks!!!

    Have a great Sunday

    Well, I would love to. Then again, my current setup isn't ideal since I'm profiling in the same room.
    That leaves me with a lot of time consuming trial and error.
    That is also why I usually fall back to single mic profiling. So far I was't able to get a decent profile with two mics.
    At least not to my taste. I quite rigorously delete everything I don't immediately like or at least am interested in
    When you say 7-7.5, is that on a 10 units dial? So somewhere around 2 o'clock on a watch? Just to make sure...