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    I experienced the exact same issue (including the short noise instead of the pop when switching off). The line-outs were unaffected.

    When i touched one of the wires which go to the power-amp circuit (pcb-board), the volume suddenly was back on full level. So it just was a bad contact. I even don‘t know if this wire/plug is the audio-line-feed to the power-amp circuit?

    WARNING: It‘s dangerous to work with electric devices when you don‘t have the skills and knowledge to do so.

    I just moved this plug a little bit back and forth and my power-head is working again with no issue.



    to a dress the delay-time with NRPN, you have to send 4 Control-Change-Messages.

    1. CC#99 Value 50 (for Stomp A), Val. 51 (for Stomp B), 52 for C, 53 for D, 56 for X, 58 for MOD, 60 for DELAY, 75 for REV

    2. CC#98 Value 71 for Delay-Time 1 or Value 72 for Delay-Time 2

    3. and 4. is a combination for the value (delay-time)

    so for the smallest Delay-time, send:

    3. CC#06, Val0

    4. CC#38, Val 0

    for the longest delay-time send:

    3. CC#06 val 127

    4. CC#38 val 127

    Which value you have to choose in 1. (cc#99) depends, in which slot your delay-effect is.

    Some delay-types have two delay-times, some only one (so which you choose is set in 2. CC98 val 71 or 72)

    hope this helps.


    I switched to the KPA Remote nearly 2 years ago i think.
    But i will look what files and images I have from my DIY-Project. I´ll pm you.

    Where are you from?

    Do you want to buy my self-made Controller? ;-)

    Basically its a foot-controller with 18 Switches (6x3) with 18 RGB-LEDs, wired to an Arduino mega. With 2 7seg-Displays (each 4 digits). One extra LED for tempo (also rgb) and 3 LEDs (red green red) for tuner-info.
    it has inputs for 2 expression-pedals an 2 buttons (i used one for tap tempo).
    it has 2 Midi-Ins, one for KPA (bi-directional Midi) and i used the second for my iPad.. i switched presets with my iPad when i changed to the next lead-sheet.

    I could sell it without ANY support at cost (material).
    You could use my Arduino sketch, but i really don't think it will work for you, because it is fitted so specially for my needs...


    The KPA Tempo definitely jumps around, when receiving a constant MIDI-Clock! I posted this some time ago and its easy to blame it on the sending-device!
    I checked the Midi-Clock, which is sent by my Macbook pro (RME Fireface, Logic). It was exactly constant and smooth (checked it with a midi-monitor), all devices i own received it correctly. The Tempo in the KPA jumped around between 118 and 122 all the time when set to 120 and some peaks between 80 and 130.

    When using delays, you always hear these tempo-changes.

    This way I can´t use the Midi-Clock to set the KPA-Tempo.

    By the way: Tapping Tempo with the remote also don´t work correctly and reliable - in performance mode.

    I opened a ticket and posted this (video included):
    Tap Tempo not working correctly

    No answer or fix till now :-(


    I noticed this last week in my InEars..
    Same thing: With stereo at 0 it´s in the center. with stereo at 100% its slightly off center.

    Don´t even know why there is a stereo-parameter in the single-delay. I thought even the modulation is in mono (in the single delay).
    Maby i´m wrong..



    I used to play in browse-mode and never had issues with the tempo i tapped for a song. But recently I went over to use the performance-mode with one performance for each song.. with tempo set correctly.
    Last gig we did a spontaneous song.. for this case i have an "default" perfomance with my basic sounds. The song was 160bpm and i tapped it a few times. While playing i thougth, i messed up something with 3/16 delays and 4/16 delays settings.
    After the song i checked the kemper: All delay-times set correctly but the performance-tempo said 145 bpm. My first thought: oh shit, tapped way out of tempo :-).

    But then i tried it again: tapping constantly in 160bpm and watching the performance tempo: Sometimes its around 160 (+-3 bpm which really wouldn´t matter in live situation). But many times it jumped to something at 140 ... or sometimes to something close to 180. one time even at 200-something.

    tried this at the button on the remote AND the button on the kemper - and i tried it at two kempers: at that one at the venue and at my own at home. Same behaviour everywhere.
    both on 5.0.3 release.

    In browse-mode this works very well... but in performance mode it feels like the kemper is so busy, that it doesn´t handle the taps correctly.
    It sometimes is way of tempo when just tapping 2 times.

    anyone observed something similar?


    maby the Waves-Plugin "NX Virtual Mix Room over Headphones" is a way to get some realistic room-feeling in your Headphones? All I heard about this plugin is that it must be awesome!

    You have to use a plugin-host and you have to check if there´s too much latency...

    Didn´t try it, it´s just a thought.
    (A friend of mine tried this plugin for mixing and finaly got up form his chair and forgot, that he was still wearing his headphones. Cable broke..)


    don´t know if all of you know this (I use it for two years now):

    You can plug a standard USB Keyboard in the USB Plug of the KPA and use it to edit Rig- and Performance names.
    You can easily navigate through tags with the cursor, hit enter to edit them and so on...

    Sorry, if thats an old one :-)


    I understand you totally!
    That´s the reason i built my own Midi-Controller... I can choose between a set of Rigs (amps) without changing delays (delays are locked) AND i can choose between a set of Delay-Types (no amp is changing). And I always have one Exp-Pedal for delay-Mix (between about 40% and about 90% - the amount of Delay-mix also always stays at the level set by the pedal).

    Lately i use the KPA remote more often - it has some other advantages for me (so many new different delay-types, that you can't handle all of them with midi)..

    With the remote I set up one delay-Type in Slot "MOD" and one other Delay-Type in Slot "DELAY". With one Effect-button of the remote i toggle between the MOD and the Delay-Slots and with one exp-pedal i can morph the delay-mix between 0% and about 90%. (both delays)

    This way i have always at least 2 delay-Types... i switch them "off" by setting the morph pedal to 0.

    But: When changing the rig, it always switches to the "first" delay type and Mix 0% ...

    maybe it helps you get closer to what you want.. ?