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    Trails or some kind automated mix settings to fade the mono and stereo effects loop when switching off.
    I use out board reverb sometimes and when i turn off the effect block its an instant cut and does not make for a good transition between parts.


    Does anyone have experience with the Eventide/Kemper combo in a live application with the ability to switch between rigs and the Eventide patches associated with those rigs?

    I was just going to open a new post about this exact same thing.
    Love the sounds i get from the H9 MAX and i want to incorporate midi (FBC1010) but i know nothing about programming or midi signal flow.
    Any help much appreciated.

    Great thread going on here.
    If anyone knows how to do this in Protools I would be grateful for any help.
    Patch changes are easy but i have been trying to figure out how to program #CC into Protools with no luck.

    Hands down, unequivocally the KPA is THE #1 pre amp unit created by man.
    No doubt, i will never buy another amplifier that is not a KPA ever again.

    Where the social taboo comes into play , is that although my supreme love for the KPA and what it can do for both live and recorded sounds....
    I do not believe that i will ever be happy with the limitations of the effects.

    What i am so boldly asking today, is what effects units there are that will surpass the KPA for effects alone?
    Again, I am in love with the profiles, so no need for any mention of amp modeling from other units, just effects alone.

    I am strongly considering the purchase of an Axe Fx 2XL or the Axe Fx 8 floorboard though the cost is so steep and the waiting list is rather unbearable. I have previously owned several Boss-Gt units and have found a ton of successful sounds from the GT-8 and GT-100.
    I am not a fan of any Digitech multieffects every one i have ever owned was so full of digital artifacts and just overall poor quality.
    I have done some research into the Eventide 4 though again it is right up there with the cost of a Fractal unit, and it is from what i have seen so out dated, not to mention the reviews on the pc based editor makes it look like a total night mare.
    Pod HD500X, I have zero experience with so anyone who has one please speak up.

    I wouldnt have such a huge beef with the KPA's effects if i could stack them in any order i choose or have multiple complex delay's.
    I just feel so restrained when it comes to effects with the KPA. That and the simple fact that i can only slap an outboard effects signal before the reverb and delay is another really huge a downer. So any help or suggestions on how to hook up an external effect unit with the KPA would be more than appreciated.

    I want to purchase another KPA for a backup, because well, Shit happens. Though i would like to get my effects in place before that happens.

    Just to give an idea of what im looking for effects/feature wise:

    An open free to place anywhere i want effects chain.
    Pitch shifting after a delay (every time the delay feedback hits the pitch increases/decreases)
    Custom Arpeggiation and patterns (sp?)
    Reverse delay
    Simple Pc effects chain editor
    Synth with adjustable bit depth

    I cant be alone in my concerns with effects limitations of the KPA, so please, any and all comments are welcome.

    The most comfortable 8 string i have EVER played, period.
    My woman gave me one for my birthday. A slim neck, 28" scale length, locking tuners, glow in the dark side markers, Hipshot bridge, the works.
    Im not a fan of EMG pickups and the action seems to need to be a tad higher than im used to in order to compensate for how the lower strings move.
    Minor issues aside, an excellent erg.

    My main concern is the way this thing interacts with my KPA.
    I have spent many many hours trying to dial in a distorted tone that allows the extended range to chord clearly.
    I have been using the profiles that i made before i received the 8 and have found that the direct mix helps push the clarity with chords but there is still a sloppy harshness to the distortion.
    It is well within my plans to purchase a Nazgul for the bridge and a Sentient for the neck. I thought before i do it wouldnt hurt to ask if I should just reprofile the amps with the 8?
    Would that even help? Has anyone had these issues with their 8's? Are there any profiles that have been made with an 8 string in the RM that im too dumb to find?
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    So after troubleshooting this with a friend of mine for quite some time yesterday it would appear as though there is some nasty power coming from outside the house.
    I live in a tightly packed community and my friend thinks that one of my neighbors is using some kind of equipment that is broadcasting the noise through the power lines.
    Not even going to pretend like i know what is going on, but the noise seems to come and go as it pleases throughout the day.

    So i guess i need something to prevent it from effecting my equipment, but i dont have the first clue as to what because it would appear that my power conditioner isnt the answer.

    Any ideas?

    Here is a small recording of the issue im having. NOISE.mp3?dl=0
    What you'll hear is the KPA into my interface then plugging and unplugging the instrument cable then some chords.

    Same, problem with the alt input. Which makes me wonder about my power conditioner....
    But that dosent make sense to me why the noise would stop after removing the instrument cable.

    The ground lift is out, and after changing the cables from the KPA to the powered monitor the problem persists.

    Ive checked all my input settings on the KPA and everything is where it should be.

    The issue only seems to appear when there is an instrument cable connected to the front input with or without an instrument connected.

    So, After owning the rack KPA for a few months (since april this year) it has developed a noise symptom.
    It has lived in its rack from day one and I have only plugged it into a regular power outlet without a conditioner once over the summer.

    Here is a quick description:

    KPA main outs into either powered wedge monitor or into my recording interface with cable and no instrument tons and tons of noise.
    Guitar or bass plugged in and every patch (low or high gain) has the noise under the tone of the instrument.
    Unplugging the instrument cable from the KPA and the noise is gone.
    No idea what went wrong, i thought it was my instrument cable that went bad, but i exchanged it for a new one and the problem persists.
    It was never this way before. Even while switching instruments in the past, NEVER had a noise issue until now.

    Any ideas?

    lol Thats right, let me drag you down to my level, dickbag. Im done with this conversation.

    Perhaps for people like JasperEADs (surprised you don't have a profiler and also that you don't want one because you feel that the Kemper might get shut down over some sort of copyright infringement), it's just hard to grasp why "the community" sees this as unsavoury behaviour.

    I do own a KPA, I dont feel comfortable with how this "community" is being run nor with how far Kemper Amps has distanced themselves from this issue.
    It's not hard to grasp why people would be pissed over the actions of a common thief though I have yet to hear of anyone who make commercial profiles paying dividends to the original amp manufactures either. After all, if those amps didnt have "that sound" you wanted, then what would be the point of profiling one in the first place?
    I know that dont own the physical amps that my KPA has "snapshots" of. So guess who's loosing money?
    In the end there is no right in this because someone is getting fucked outta cash either way but assholes like yourself like to jump on bandwagons, point, stare and criticize without knowing what your really talking about.

    I on the other hand like to play the devils advocate once and a while because you can learn new things when all the right buttons are pushed.
    What i have learned so far: 1) It sounds like there isnt a solid consensus among this "community" as to whether or not its illegal, but people like to act pissed and be fucktards when they can hide behind a pseudonym. 2) Im not the only asshole who likes to play devils advocate am I viabcroce?

    The legal ambiguity of the KPA is making me leery of owning one.

    Class action lawsuits creep up on shit like this and I dont want to be involved, seems like reason enough to hold a discussion to me.
    Keep in mind that there is no ONE point of origin of amp models across the globe and a possible reason none of the manufactures have not taken action yet just might be due to international laws. The amp manufactures could just be biding their time to act allowing a huge collection to be built up on the KPA side and for time to pass showing a decline of sales of their collective products all to which they could point to the KPA's capabilities.

    Not to mention that Kemper has distanced themselves from the selling of profiles even on these boards. "Commercial rigs and profiles" "Kemper Amps is not affiliated with content offered in this sub forum."Seems very disconcerting to me.

    This isn't protecting the sound as property. It's protecting Sound Engineers for their time in making Profiles as a product you buy.

    This would be exactly like copying Swart's amps and selling them AS Swart's amps without his permission.

    Pretty sure you already know that trying to claim the guy in question was selling as 8k vendors is bullshit.

    Im confused, it sounds like this thread is saying that a sound can be copy-written when in several previous threads, its the other way around especially when you mention C.K or his product in the same sentence.

    Is there an actual legal document that can be cited stating that what this dickhole did was against the law?

    Im not sure it can be looked at differently then a garage sale/thrift store. A third party making $$$ off of another persons "hard" work is kinda just how the world works.
    Sure some people (original sellers) can have their emotional reaction but most IMHO are just bitching to be on the social bandwagon.
    Not sure performing an e-witchhunt is any more legal or morally righteous then what this twat has done.

    All i can do is laugh now.
    I tryed the lg-FCB editor and it wouldn't register that the FCB was even connected.
    Went back to the FCB1010 MIDI Editor version 2.99-2 and it recognized it right away.

    The KFC sure would be nice right about now lol.