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    The HX Stomp has a room/space-parameter built into the cab-section. But it's not functional on IR's if I remember correctly. Rumour is that there's gonna be a overhaul of the cab-section in the HX 3.2, wonder what it will be.

    Bert doesn't mention the power amp as far as I can see - Cabs/drivers include a Marshall 1960 quadbox with 4x12 Greenbacks, another (Mars) 4x12 with Blackbacks, a 1x12 with a Creamback H (Bert's cab), a Jackson Newcastle 30 cab and a Bogner 2x12 with V30s. So most of these will be familiar from previous profiling extravaganzas - IOW the usual suspects from Bert's earlier packs.

    Looks like the most comprehensive MP-1 pack so far. Looking forward to using these.


    I have promised the owner of the profiled equipment to never ever tell anyone what was used or who owns the gear. I intend to keep that promise.
    But if you like the profiles and have fun playing them, the rest is sort of irrelevant.


    Mats N

    How about the other Dumble packs? There's certain speakers/mics I like and dislike, and I tend to buy profiles where that's states specifically.

    Well, if you're into the D*mble type of sounds, I have two other packs that you may like. The ODS-style pack (profiles of a Bludo-Drive like the one Larry Carlton has) and the SSS-style pack (profiles of a Bludo clone of a Steel String Singer which is my absolute favourite). CHeck out the audio demos on my web site.


    Mats N

    Is the Black Goop back a real ODS? What kind of cabs/speakers/mics are used for the profiles? Thanks :)

    Great write-up Ingolf. I'm holding out on the QC, waiting for more amp models and a more finished product. The form factor is great as well as the rotary knobs. Some day maybe.

    Great stuff, man.

    Coincidentally, I recently posted asking if anyone here was doing New Age music or if that was just the realm of keyboardists. Clearly it's not, although I guess these days it goes by ambient since New Age is probably a dated term.

    Very cool, hope it does well for you!

    Thanks! I'm not super knowledgeable about the genre, or if this is even considered ambient, but the Kemper is very useful when going for these types of guitar sounds.

    Released an album today with a friend, a guitar/synth duo playing ambient/electronic music. Everything was recorded live in the studio with the Kemper and mostly improvised. Making good use of delays/reverbs.

    i worked a lot with both machines (Lexicon 224 and 480L), but i have no idea what you mean with "quirks and artifacts".

    Reduced bandwidth, downsampling (Lexicon 224 was 12 bit?), old converters. I'm sure there are some resources out there on how early reverb technology differs from today's.