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    i worked a lot with both machines (Lexicon 224 and 480L), but i have no idea what you mean with "quirks and artifacts".

    Reduced bandwidth, downsampling (Lexicon 224 was 12 bit?), old converters. I'm sure there are some resources out there on how early reverb technology differs from today's.

    It would be cool to have an old school digital reverb inspired by the likes of Lexicon 224 or 480L with all the quirks and artefacts of digital reverbs at its infancy. There's a variety of plugins available that does these kinds of early reverbs really well, but it would be super cool to have an alternative in the KPA.

    Would be interesting to hear other experiences from comparing SPDIF to analog. Maybe I'll record some stuff and see if anyone can tell the difference.

    I just ran my own test just to see what comes of it. Recorded something with both SPDIF and a pair of balanaced jacks. The noise floor is higher with analog, that was expected. Latency was about 1ms faster with analog than SPDIF. So the RME's converts are a tiny bit slower, but shouldn't be noticable. But in regards to sound I can't tell the difference between the two, at all.

    Edit: I don't know what kind of SPDIF cable I have, but it's not a super cheap one.

    Edit 2: Doing it again with fresh ears, I can tell the difference. Must have something to do with the preamps and the cable.

    I've heard some say that different SPDIF cables matter? I thought SPDIF was supposed to sound the same no matter what cables you use, they're just transmitting 0's and 1's right?

    The biggest benefit I see would be the ability to run multiple amps at once.

    Me too.

    The Kemper is a very well thought out device. As a user since 2014 I'm still super impressed with the sounds I can get out of this thing. The delays and reverbs will be hard to give up, they are to my ears on par with expensive studio hardware.

    The QC gets the form factor right, and as mentioned the possibilty to run several amps at once. I have done this by reamping mulitple times with the Kemper up to this point. The UI is also interesting. I would really miss SPDIF functionality. I think that's a no brainer with a digital device.

    QC seems impressive. Not sure if I can give up the delays and reverbs in the Kemper though. Maybe this will inspire some healthy competition in the amp modelling world.

    Almost all the synth is DX7. The snare is a Linndrum ^^ Would love to try an old Prophet 5 sometime, it's like my favorite synth I've never tried. The new ones are pretty cool too.

    Great stuff Torstein... very versatile and entertaining with all the different parts and the overall great vibe. Very nice 80s sounds in it. I like the keyboards quite a lot. Good old DX7 under them? Cool stuff, thanks for sharing :thumbup:8)

    Thanks! It's an old DX7 that's currenly residing under my couch. Great synth:thumbup:

    Jupp, totally makes sense. Despite I wouldn´t use it, I´m still wondering why they didn´t add it :?:. I know that they tried hard to reduce buttons, ports (or let´s say: holes in the chassis) as much as they could (that´s even the reason why there´s a capacitive touch on/off switch instead of a "haptic" button), but I/Os are no joke...

    I've head something about there not being enough space to add SPDIF, but I don't know if it's true...