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    There is a thread on here about that exact problem with IEM's and an M1, just do a search. I run mine from the in mono from the KPA XLR out to FOH. I receive the FOH send into my transmitter and normally have the sound man adjust the EQ with and roll back the high end. Been like that for a year and will never go back to a FRFR cab.

    I know I am not going to get that huge fat sound out of my IEM's like I do through the FOH. I always tell the soundman to roll back the highs and flatten it out as mush as possible so I can get a sound I can work with for the night. The clean always sounds good but like everyone else its the higher gain sounds that sound this or fizzy if you don't EQ. Before I turn on my IEM's I always listen to my guitar through the FOH first to make sure it sounds good and I don't think I have ever been disappointed.

    But reading the threads on the forum everyone at some point has or had sound issues with their speaker cab, FRFR or IEM until they worked it out. I am luck enough to have my KPA always hooked up to a PA at home so I know exactly what the FOH sound is and when I audition other profiles. I test out my IEM's by adjusting the monitor send EQ until I get a sound that is pleasing. But again I always seem to have to tell the soundman to cut back the high end every time.

    Since I have had my KPA I have always used a single XLR out feeding the FOH. It always sounds so big out front and almost every time I play someone comes up tp me and asks what I am playing out of because of the huge sound. I will admit stereo does add to the sound through my monitors but its hard to duplicate the sound coming out of some big PA speakers.

    That's a nice solution. may be heavy but at least you have casters to roll it. When I used a FRFR I had it in a 6 space rack with a power conditioner and set it on an amp stand. The next decision was where am I going to put my FRFR speaker. In front of me, on the side, under the amp stand pointing up. Your solution takes up minimal space and gets the FRFR up in the air for you to hear better. I have since went IEM's and wouldn't trade it for anything now.

    For me its just to hard to justify the cost of the remote and the additional 2 Mission pedals I would need. Although the volume pedal is not that great on the FCB I don't use it very much and I am happy with the sound of the Wah using the FCM pedal. The FCB with the Uno chip is plug and play and I have the midi cables tied together so running one or two cables doesn't matter to me. I guess its all in what you are using it for. I really just need to it to change patches. If the remote ever came down in price I may consider it.

    Since it was used I would just do a factory reset on the KPA and restore everything to out of box.

    • Turn the unit off.
    • Turn it on and press/hold the system key while it reboots.

    Really the chip takes like 10 minutes to install and most of the time is spent removing and putting the screws back in. Pull the old EPROM out carefully insert the new one press it firmly in place and done. You can order the chip from here.

    Once installed there are different modes that you can select on how you want to use the pedal, I have mine with the 5 performance slots using pedals 1-5. It was plug and play. Been using it going on 3 years and have no desire for the expensive Kemper remote after you add on the mission pedals, almost $800 with 2 mission pedals. FCB1010+Uno4kemoper EPROM $185. The pedals are not as good as the mission pedals but I use it mostly for WAH and pitch.

    I would start with a factory reset on the FCB.

    Behringer FCB1010 Factory Reset HOWTO

    • Keep footswitches 1 and 6 pressed while switching on the unit.
    • The display will show 09 with flashing decimal points, and then count down slowly to 00. At this point all the patches etc. are reset to factory defaults.

    After factory reset the default is:

    1-5 Rig Select
    6 Stomp A
    7 Stomp B
    8 Stomp C
    9 Stomp X
    10 Tap tempo
    Wah Left expr.
    Volume Right expr.

    This is the configuration I use live.


    The monitor output on my KPA is around -15, in live situations the level on my DXR10 is around -8. I have zero hiss and if I have to turn it up I can without any hiss. At 700W I don't need much volume. So at sound check I will sit the DXR upright so I can easily adjust the volume, when I get it where I need it and lay it on the side facing me.

    I went from a EV ZLX12P to a DXR10, with the DXR10 I find I have to do no tweaking from venue to venue and the sound to me is consistent with the FOH sound. After experimenting I prefer the DXR in an upright position off the floor. During sound check I leave the DXP off so I can hear what is coming out of the FOH then will power it on for my stage volume. I have never heard any of my bandmates say they can't hear me, volume wise I am usually in the same ballpark anywhere we play. I have a pair of the DXR's and we also use them for band practice mains, I just run the XLR out into the board and the sound is good. In addition the DXR is lightweight and has a nice handle for carrying. I have heard good things about the Bose but cannot comment on that since I haven't used one.

    Thanks Raoul, that is exactly what I needed to know. Like I said I know some that carry a 4 or 6 channel mixer Axe Efx and monitor is run through that. They like because they have control over all the volume for the IEM. Your way makes sense can have the ability to use the Space parameter without coloring the FOH sound. Thank you so much.

    Thanks for the response Raoul. So just to make sure I am clear on this, run the monitor out to FOH so not to color FOH sound with space effect.

    KPA Monitor Out>FOH Channel for FOH sound Got that.

    Then not sure exactly where you are going from KPA Out. You have a personal mixer then to FOH? How do you exactly hook up out of the KPA to the input on the IEM receiver. Please clarify. This is why I am lost. I know someone who uses an Axe Efx has his own personal mixer he routes everything through including his IEM's.


    I am finally going to purchase some IEM's and wanted to ask how the best way to connect them so I can hear what I want to hear from them plus getting a good sound through them. Like my headphones in order for them to sound great I have to adjust the Space parameter. I know that can be linked to the mail outs but just wanted to see how everyone else using them routes it. I just want to makes sure that my guitar does not sound fuzzy through them. BTW the IEM's that I am purchasing are 1964's V6 which are made for vocals and guitar with 6 drivers. Thank You!!

    I think for most of us "gig volume" is more than you would play at home alone. I know for me after I dial in a tone I like I turn it up to listen to hear it. For the most part I use an FRFR and know in live use the volume is mostly at a certain setting. Gig volume depends on where you play and how loud you play.