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    Just bought a Quad Cortex. And yes… it would be great to have a Kemper which performs like the Quad Cortex.

    Kemper does many things better, but so does QC.

    If there would be a Kemper 2 with “best of both worlds” I wold be very happy !!

    Imagine a Kemper with the processing power and accuracy of the QC but with all the advantages of the Kemper Universe…. Great !!

    Just got back from showing my friend how the cortex can sound when running into the front of a kemper and using the profiles of tube power amps and then switching to different amp parameters and cabs. Used a gate and soft shaper in the stomp slots and delay and reverb in the effects section. He used his axe iii and we got to share some tones. Pretty awesome, we must say.

    wonder if they could do something really interesting like an ability to take 2 profiles and algorithmically merge them together to create a unique dynamic and sound structure that doesn't and can't exist in the real world. Like merging a revv and a marshall with characistics of both but doesn't really sound like either type of thing? I dunno, just got back from the gym, good morning from Nashville lol

    ok I got one that if done in their style would be a knockout I think

    Pickup and dirt box profiling that can satisfy fuzz nerds

    Integrate their Virus synth, maybe not full scale and maybe with the addition of unconvential emulated instruments sounds and in a way that doesn't need a special midi pickup or develop an optical midi pickup (I dunno Something like that)

    More effects, dual cabs and or amps blah blah

    Something Something touch screen, wireless Bluetooth built in stereo poweramp etc. Etc.

    Sure it could be pricey but if it can crush everything else then surely people would buy it or figure out how to save up for one even if it was only a couple hundred more than lets say an axe 3 turbo plus footswitch

    If I use a Dual Delay with it's Modulation and Chorus Parameters on Zero then the Tremolo effect gets more pronounced. You can even hear the Tremolo effect in the noise when the strings come to rest after a strum before the noise gate closes. I'm wearing isolating headphones and have them cranked up a bit so I'm sure I'm not picking up the standard tuned string sounds.

    I'm using public beta 8.7.13

    Have you only experienced this in the new beta? I've been noticing some pitch and note beating for some time now. Depends on what exaclty but inseem to remember have troubles with the chromatic pitch and transpose for some time

    agreed. cK has said repeatedly that there is plenty of life left in the current system to last many years into the future. I am much more excited to see what crazy ideas he and the team come up with to enhance the current KPA without asking existing users to pay anything extra. It is amazing the upgrade we have already had and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon.

    The more effects they can cram into nooks and cranies the better. That and any post profiling enhancements would be fine with me. Not to say that some bonkers mega upgrade as a mark 2 hardware wouldn't be welcomed but I understand if they don't. Would be a lot cooler if they did tho 8)^^

    ... and I think that those things would be reasonable for a KPA2. Not as sure about the 2 cabs and 2 imprints though. Starts to get away from the KPA philosophy of simplicity I think. YMMV.

    I'm definitely starting to think that my real need is just to be able to bounce back and forth from a simple one amp one cab sound to multiple amps and cabs sound. Which isn't really a need it's a want that I feel I need to have sometimes.

    After exploring two and three sounds blended together I get tired of build such presets and go back to my one amp and cab sound for preset building simplicity until I get the urge to go back to more complex builds. This usually happens whenever me and my friends talk about tones or I hear a band and find they used multiple amps and cabs for 1 tone each. When i hear Gojira I say to myself all I need is one amp and one cab and then I listen to Periphery and or something like that and then I start wondering how many sounds I can get at once. I do understand that lots of sounds are double or quad tracked and there's usually more than one guitar player. So I wouldn't be surprised if Kemper continued with the simplicity route. Stacking lots of distortion tones is a long process that sometimes leads people to go back to keeping it simple. The axe fx is a great example for this. By the time I spend hours getting one tone and liking it when I go to build another preset I sometimes will just skip the rabbit hole that is 2 or three drives, 2 amps, 4 cabs and all the deep parameters that comes with them. Simplicity is pretty golden but complexity can be really fun sometimes and it's own reward. For many, playing is the fun part so whatever will get you playing faster and tweaking less is better. For some of us, the fun is tweaking and tweaking and tweaking to see what's out there, what kinds of new sounds are capable, even if all that is to show for it is a complex and subtle nuance that is only for us. The mileage that's varied is the Journey lol

    After playing my quad cortex mostly for months and occasionally my fm9, I decided to play my Stage after watching one of the newest jhs videos. And now that I've revisited playing around with different tones and trying extreme settings with various dist stomps and unorthodox effects chains I've come to the conclusion that all I would really want from a Kemper 2 at the very least is more effects really.

    I like stacking dist stomps and eq. And I like using the exclusive or unusual effects along side my usual effects chains and I just can't do that unless I run 2 kempers together which would be defeating the purpose of just having the one thing you take to the gig or session that has all things I want.

    Sure I could take any 1 of the digital devices I have or, build a pedal board or use a modeler and a Kemper. But I really just wanna take my stereo modded toaster and some kabinets with the remote or my stage, the kabinets and my carvin mach 100.

    In addition I would also want 2 cabs and 2 imprints because I like blended sounds together to create 1 tone. Since the cab is really big part of the tone, I would choose that over 2 amps but I wouldn't mind having that as well too. Cheerio

    One easy way to change it up is to play with other people. I played a riff I've had lying around for years for the first time with a friend who is a drummer.

    I played it my way, which was usually in isolation. I'd just used it to horse around. He added a groove that not only altered the tempo, but it changed the way I felt the riff myself. Instead of saying " it *this* way...." I sank into his groove. What was a straight-as-an-arrow riff suddenly had a ton of swing in it.

    It was awesome.

    Sometimes when I'm auditioning new tones with a drummer i will take my riff and just make it fit to whatever drums they're playing. One time I had a quirky fast punk riff but he was playing thrash and black metal blasts. It definitely sounded better this way and when I tried to show him how it originally went so he can make it fit to that we both got off track. So yeah, I definitely feel that

    *Not for those who are and have been happy with their tones that tend to stick with what they love.*

    I get bored sometimes and I will try all kinds of things to see if I can get new and exciting tones.

    What kind of things have you found that are different from the usual tight boosted high gain, overdriven edge of breakup, lightly compressed cleans, stacked overdives and fuzzes?

    Tube bias?

    Tube shape?

    Other amp parameters?


    Cab character?

    It's not overkill for recording, but live (in my opinion) it'd be absolutely ridiculous. So much work in set up and so much real estate needed for so little benefit. All that tweaking and attention to detail is often (usually?) wasted by the room you're in.

    For sure its overkill for live but I could run the cortex into the front and it fits in my toaster bag so not too much tonworry there but if i wanted to add the remote and or use the fm9 too it would a lot to deal with. So many cool fun sounds tho... and some seriously slappin toans for dayzzz... lol

    Separation of pre and power amp profiling. This I can do with 2 kempers but would be nice to be able to do with 1. Lately I've been using my powered toaster as a fancy tube power amp and cab simulator with the stereo power mod and using pedals or other digital devices as my preamp base plus effects before and after the preamp. In this way I have more control over my sound and plenty of slots on all my devices.

    At this point in think I only really want more effects so I plugged my fm9 with cab and poweramp sim off into the front of my kemper using a poweramp profile and cab and mic sim. Was getting lovely sounds and then plugged the quad cortex into the front and it was pretty much the same. I know it's overkill and would be a lot to take to a gig with and when everyone from every camp would ask why wouldn't I just use 1, all I could say is that I could but then i wouldn't be able to adjust the sound every step of the way.

    I also sometimes think that I like the way the kemper profiles cabs and the it feels and sounds. I like treating it as a core amp function in a digital way and then having my extended range of effects slots to host my effects and pre amp tones. Cheers.