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    These are great!

    I just played around with using the Kemper EQ in the Pre posistion to tighten/shape/sorta boost instead of using the Kemper Drive. Now I have an extra block!!! Hello Wah octave pedal pitch whammy delay lol

    Wild guess

    They button up the od and distortion bits,

    Maybe add a synth or two,

    Some other things like the freq out,

    And whatever else I can't think of.

    Then drop some teasers for something really big and new for Summer NAMM to release the full trailer for NAMM 2022.

    Merge = separating the exact cab part from a studio profile to match the CORRESPONDING direct amp profile.

    You make a studio profile, than you make a direct amp profile without cab (using di box, cab still connected) of the SAME amp with SAME settings. Then you copy the cab of the studio profile to the CORRESPONDING direct amp profile. NOW merge does match / "calculate" the exact proportion of the cab part. Result: You get a merged profile, where amp part and cab part are separated more realistic.

    If you just merge any cab with any amp part the result is nothing but random anything ;)

    That's kinda true, I just use my ears. If it's good it's good right? 8o

    Cab switching is so vital, it can not be understated. Sometimes I would change the cab on a high gain profile to a cab from a profile that was shot with a clean tone and vice versa.

    For this reason I tend to aim for DI profiles and then add whatever cab. DON'T FORGET TO HIT THE MERGE BUTTON!!!

    For a very long time I didn't hit the merge button becuase I didn't think it mattered till one day I did and the sound was a big noticeable difference.

    I guess I was also scared that merging meant it would change forever or something but you can press it again and un-merge it or swap it back out later even after you save it.

    I will 2nd the notion that a lot can be done with cab section. I used to always crank the character knob all the way up Every time to hear and feel the profile better in the headphones. These days I try not to tweak so much.

    Having run an axe fx into the kemper for just cab portion, I will also say that I think the profiled cab is the money shot. Trying different cabs from clean or distorted profiles has been eye opening (Or eye opening lol).

    But, playing with IR's is fun too! Especially with the quality of amount that exhist in the world these days. Adjust cab parameters of them an also be fun but don't forget to save a couple of go-to's so you can just plug a play instead of endless tweaking. ;)


    Oooh and some Devin Townsend.

    This pack is really good for me, it again shows that great sounds can be really different with your playing style, riffs, and minor tweaks.

    Does Carlos Santana Djent? No but his preset now does 8o

    ckemper thanks for the new ODs.

    My feature request would be a Kemper Octavia Drive, which would be just a Kemper Drive+Recti Shaper in the same stomp. This way we save stomp slots.

    I'm a big big supporter of doubling up on permissible algorithm doubling. In fact so much so that it dawned on me that I think the move would be to make a "choose your own double stack" algorithm that gives you the option to combine two algorithms in a single stomp or effect granted it stays within a margin of dsp usage. I accept PayPal and Venmo, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


    "Wouldn t be easier to inform the KPA "You re going to profile without the amp" so "please create a profile with NO AMP Module" ?!?"

    It really isn't any more or less easier, if it's flat solid state amp it's not gonna work harder and even after it's done you could just turn the amp block off and save it that way too. So regardless it's the difference of merely pressing one button.

    Even if you could plug the Kemper directly into a cab and mic it to profile them it would still have to go through the same process.

    if the amp is solid state and is flat, there is no sonic character being profiled that would get mixed or mashed. Only studio profiles will have some of the power amp character in the cab section if its a tube amp.

    "Anyway You should have to put an amp (I Also mean Buy a linear solid state amp) than profile it, then save the cab portion as a new cab. Right?" This is correct.

    You can also switch the amp block module out for any other amp block module from any profile.

    So you could profile the solid state flat amp with cab and mic, save that. Then press and hold the cab button, press the store button, then press the soft button that says cab module and now that cab and mic only is stored as a cab preset you can turn the browse knob while in the cab section to find under presets.

    Or, make the profile, save it, the long press the amp button, then turn browse knob and select any amp from any other profile.

    You could also lock the cab button and scroll through all the profiles to audition the cab with other profiles. Cheers!

    I don't think I've got You clearly: If you do a profile with a flat solid-state AMP + a miced CAB the Kemper will create a Studio Profile with an AMP module and a CAB module. . then the 'Cab Driver' will extimate whitch part is what.

    What I ask is: as far as KPA is Able to Get a Profile Without a CAB portion (flagging this option Before profiling) Would it be Possible to Create a profile Without the AMP portion?

    Let's say Creating an IR...

    I think you you're missing it, if you profile with a flat amp you are basically profiling just the cab and mic. You would then save that cab block as a preset and add that to any other profile.

    This makes me wonder though.

    Changing cabs from clean profiles verses distorted profiles I feel have been very different.

    Like the distorted one has the info to be distorted and the clean one doesn't and always seems more loud and less compressed compared to the distorted one. This also works in reverse. What y'all think?