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    I really like being able to do all sorts of interesting things to profiles afterwards like add more gain, pick, definition, tube bias, tube shape etc. I'd love to see more of an expansion on that to really take tone shaping to a new and interesting place that's not overly as in depth as an axe fx but more than what we have now. Maybe some fun new cabinet parameters to really explore some new sounds.

    I think the chromatic pitch could use some work. Currently I feel using the pitch delays with zero feedback and zero milliseconds has better tracking with less warble and chorusing than the chromatic pitch does.

    I have gone backwards many times by first finding a cab sound that I like, even if I have an amp type or sound in mind. Cab and mic can be argued about exact percentages but the range seems to be somewhere between 50 to 80% of your tone will be from the cab and mic section. So I start there as best as I can, then lock the cab section and flip through either whole presets or the Amp block only. I also save a few cabs in the "from presets" section of browse menu of the cab section.

    I'd like to see more combined effects like dual pedal blocks

    Gate and dist/fuzz (friedman be od would be lit, jus sayin also)

    Dirt and eq

    Boosts and gates

    Maybe a 3 in one?

    Compressor and eq

    Eq and Boosts

    Some kind of double mods

    More and new shaping options in the Amp, eq and cab sections

    Pitch fuzz?

    Front gate: type switchable

    well... none of that worked :D:D:D:D:D:D

    i also tried something i remembered i thought of long ago. I moved the eq knobs on the target tone while in the 3rd phase of profiling, which i was pretty sure is the cabinet resonance portion(?) it didnt really make a big difference that i could tell which I think is kinda weird but maybe not.

    I'm gonna try to lower the pickup volume knob and then play with this "attitude" and see what happens. My guess it's gonna produce a tighter and clearer sound. I can't remember if I tried this before, I think I did. As I'm typing this it has occurred to me that I could engage or disengage a pedal in front of the Amp being profiled or an eq in the effects of the Amp and it would for sure change the refining outcome. I do remember I did something hella goofy one time in the refining process where I added a distortion pedal and it got all mangled sounded and then I changed the gain of the Amp or something and I could hear the kemper trying to play catch up most noticeably in the noise or static region of the tone (upper mids, high trebles areas), a gargling or an un gargling. Hope this inspires. Chairs.

    This speaker has been gaining popularity for an alternative to v30's (mostly for metal and rock) and can see it becoming a standard and maybe even a classic someday. Would be great to have something fresh like this in the speaker imprints soon. I've been using profiles and ir's of this speaker (in my other devices) pretty much non stop.

    I was told that you can redline the input and it's fine. I had a fuzz pedal with no knobs and it always just stayed red unless I lowered clean sense to minus 12. I stopped using it because I didn't want to have to lower clean sense that much for a pedal I only used sometimes. I don't have it anymore but I used this as an example when I asked about it and CK told me it was fine.

    the studio and merged would be tough and at the expense of soley using the Favorites, you could select favorite for all your DI profiles. At some point the lines between merged and studio kind of blur for me. To me it seems at least that merged is a more versatile profile than studio ones but studio profiles are more preferred for well, the studio lol.

    But because of this typically I will gravitate towards DI and merged profiles when I download packs. This keeps me a little more organized and if I feel I really want or need a studio profile or I'm just curious or the maker just has something specific I want, I'll then go that route but most of the time I stick to merged and DI.

    I wonder if that industrial velcro would work. Even still I'd be a little hesitant.

    If there's someway to easily install some swivel sticks that could work.

    To paint a picture, it would look like the kabinet has rabbit ears that can be swiveled around when the toaster isn't on top. Lol