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    I guess the 1 star out of 5 is universal bad but it's still a Star! Lol we used have this joke in my old band when someone was suckin or being wack they got a "green sticker" ( the use them on cars to be towed on the interstate here) and if someone was doing good they got a "Gold Star".

    Ibot39 I see what you mean but after many years I hardly even look at it and when I do I think of it in terms of "likes" like you suggested instead of a rating system like a movie on rotten tomatoes lol. If I see one star that to me that means at least 1 like, it means to me in my head someone(s) cared enough to go through the annoying process of clicking buttons to give an A for effort. If it was a true +/- rating system then we could give rigs a negative (-5) star rating. If I see 5 stars it means probably a lot of people liked it a whole whole lot like heart and care reacts. I mean they are stars and not a thumbs up or thumbs down. 1 star is still 1 more star than the ones that have Zero. Yes, I understand it's an average, but I choose to look at it this way because I Know the rating doesn't mean there is a bad rig. It would just suggest to me that maybe there is a better one of that setup. If I wanted a Mesa with an Orange cab and there was a 100 profiles I might just grab the top 10 but I might also go by newest to date. Who wants old profiles? Me, sometimes and other times not. Sometimes I purposely choose a low rating because I wanna see how bad or good it really is because I Know the rating is irrelevant to my taste till I try it.

    Sure, I can say I've downloaded a Mesa profile that had 5 stars over others but I've also downloaded plenty of profiles that had 2, 3, or ZERO stars too. Anywho, just my $1.05

    Trying to think what could get you there and I'm pretty much at a loss. After all a TS is a pretty distinctive stomp, and if you like that sound, there really is no other way to get it, unless you try to do it with an EQ in the post section and try to approximate it. That might cause all kinds of other tonal issues there, such as a loss of low end or honky mids.

    When all else fails, I'd suggest you just try some other profiles that have the sound you want. In my case, I have some profiles where the TS stomp comes in handy, and in others its not really necessary.

    This is the way I think. I captured a profile on the cortex and tweaked it and then profiled it and got where I wanted to be, abouts. I have also tried some other ones.

    I’m upping this post because it’s the best advice ever given for the kemper. :-)

    as Styvok said, it just solves the « amp not in the room » thing.

    Any user should try it!

    Thanxs !

    'Preciate the kind words. Maybe one day they will just add a treble boost in the cab section. :/:D

    I'm a bit curious as to what you find missing from profiles without boosting or EQing. Could it be some kind of option paralysis?

    I mean, if you profile a tube screamer when profiling, I can't imagine why you feel like you were getting better results by adding another tube screamer in the profiler.

    Also, have you tried the cabinet shift (was that what it's called) parameter, or any of the other cabinet section tweaks? That might help you get more of the sound you are looking for.

    It could be a reaction thing, or a string attack reaction as things cascade in real time?

    I have used the shifts and character knob a lot before. I used to be a stronger advocate of turning the character knob all the way up to hear the cabinet better and to hear the amp snarl and sizzle. I only use the shifts a little these days and don't mess with the character as much.

    As far as "what's missing?" I seem to often end up boosting and/ or pre eq, and then either a boost and/or post eq. It's that low end mid gurgle that sometimes gets in the way or i want the top end to roar and sizzle a certain way or both.

    Headphones and monitors or a kab or regular cab, I'm usually trying to make something better somewhere and it costs me blocks.

    If dist stomps had gates built into them and we had a parametric eq in the cab or amp section I could go down to just one block for shaping. A generic boost in the amp section and a para eq in the cab section would potentially get me down to zero with the front input gate. I think CK talked about maybe giving the option to choose the type of gate for the front input at some point too.

    Of course, I also could just get close and deal with it ^^

    It's not like it's not tight and sizzly at all just want that extra little zazz. And compared to some un tweaked and unboosted real amp tones of them past that were muddy as all hell, we are doing pretty good these days lol

    But why do you want a tighter sound than a hw amp? What guitar/pickups do you use?

    I want the sound of a tightly boosted high gain amp without having to use any stomps or extra eq's because I often feel the low end and low mids aren't clear enough and I like a little extra high mid and top sizzle. I currently use LTD/fishmans, Ibanez/emgX's, Schecter/Lundgren, and whatever pickups are in this Sterling 7 string I just got.

    Thanks! I think the eq render button could also be a great addition for profiling, imagine profiling and there is a part of the frequency range that refining does not get exactly then you could just use eq render to add a low cut for example to get even closer ... and when i think about it "render to cab" and "render to Amp" would be a great addition too, just in case of Direct profiles to get it absolutely right everytime

    Exactly! I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the last time I did a profile, and I can't remember if it was before or after, in the menu where you can adjust the eq, I scrolled over and found I could adjust the eq of the profile and compare it to the reference amp and those adjustments where rendered in. I was like hmmm I wonder, and to my surprise the eq was all set at zero with the adjustments I had made baked in.

    Most high gain profiles are very compressed, more compressed than the real amp(s) . I find I need to to loosen up the definition most of the time and then use a pedal if the profiles don't have it baked in. There are tons of profiles with a baked in tube screamer or similar pedals you can use. Honestly I believe your problem is not the kemper nor the profiles. It is your playing you're not satisfied with and you try to compensate for that by tweaking and tweaking and still not satisfied. If you ever have listened to raw multitracks from commercial songs most of them sounds dull, and some even thin but in in the mix, fantastic.

    So you reduce the definition to get it tighter ? And either use an external pedal or aim for boosted profiles? Interesting, I would've never thought that lowering the definition would get a tighter boosted sound in any context. Thanks I'll give it a try.

    I'm wondering if anyone has struggles with this...

    I can get all the great sounds for tight boosted high gain tones but it always comes at the expense or either a stomp and gate and/or a pre and/or post eq. This often leaves me with almost half my effects blocks used up just for boosting and tightening profiles.

    I've seen profiles where people have added a tube screamer or similar to the signal chain before profiling and I've done this myself but I find myself never feeling like its there and end up trying to eq and/or boost anyways.

    I've gotten pretty close just using the front gate and tweaking the amp and cab profile. But it just isn't the same.

    So I'm wondering if any of yall got any tricks I haven't tried yet. I've set the eq to pre, changed the definition, clarity, high and low shift, pure cab, dist sense, tube bias, pick, compressor. Name it and I've probably tried it. What do yall do?


    How about a pre or post eq in the cab section Maybe?

    I know there is high and low shift but maybe cramming some sort of multiband or parametric eq in the cab section with the ability to select pre or post cab would do the trick.

    Yep, I agree. I started out practicing to a lot of gain. Then I started practicing to full mixes and now, what I call high -gain, is using a stomp at 0.3 gain and the rig at about 4.3. First thing I do when I see a rig with a gain over 6 is =O then I turn it back to 0 and gradually increase while noodling for the proper amount.

    And I used to always go to 10... not no more. 8)

    4.4 to 4.6 and a stomp is quite nice I do particularly care for this sound set up.

    This also opens up the question of taking down the gain on profiles in the 6.5 region to tighten up and then boost it or bring a profile in the 2.5 to 3.1 area and increase the gain a bit then boost it. I tested this recently and I don't remember what I liked more. Wait, now I do hahaha I was trying to figure out which level of a gain is better to start with if i wanted to morph from totally clean to high gain and I think it was in the 4.5 neighborhood.

    This is a very interesting approach. Never would've thought of this, thanks!